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      Ab Initio Course Syllabus

      Ab-Initio Training Syllabus

      Learn the popularly deployed ETL tool for data processing Ab Initio from experts at SLA Institute today! The Ab Initio course syllabus is prepared after carefully monitoring the industry trends.

      Ab Initio Course Introductions

      Partition Components

      • Braod Cast
      • Partition By Expression
      • Partition By Range
      • Partition By Community
      • Partition By Percentage
      • Partition By Round Robin

      Departition Components

      Sort Components

      • Sort
      • Sort With In Groups
      • Sample
      • Partition By Key And Sort

      Transform Components

      • Functions
      • Filter By Expression
      • Aggregate
      • Scan
      • Rollup
      • Denormalize Sorted
      • Normalize
      • Reformat
      • Match Sorted
      • Dedup Sorted
      • Working With Databases

      Database Components

      • Run SQL
      • Input Table
      • Output Table
      • Truncate Table
      • Update Table
      • Phase And Check Points

      Miscellaneous Component

      • Gather Logs
      • Run Program
      • Redefine Format
      • Trash
      • Replicate

      Dataset Components

      • Input File
      • Output File
      • Lookup File
      • Intermediate File

      Develop a huge number of business applications after learning the Ab Initio tool from SLA Institute! The Ab Initio course in Chennai is monitored by experts and is revised periodically.