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      Ab Initio Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Ab Initio Training in Chennai is the popular Business Intelligence tool used to build business applications such as operational systems, distributed application integration, and complex event processing. The aspirants from global locations can gain acquaintances in data warehousing and data quality management systems with complete hands-on exposure and conceptual understanding through our AB Initio Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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      05 - August - 2023

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      08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches

      (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

      11 - August - 2023

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      08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches

      (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

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      Best Ab Initio Training in Chennai

      Ab Initio – A Trending Business Intelligence Tool.

      We can assess your interest in technology since you have landed on this page. You would want to learn about trending technologies or want to migrate to different platforms in your workspace. Whatever it is, by now you would understand that in today’s scenario, information is significant for the IT domain. Any business thrives by the pertinent information for carrying out business decisions. But don’t think that the need is for taking effective business decisions only. You can also control sales activities and even forecast future needs. For this very purpose, a business intelligence software is used. There are various BI tools present in the market and Ab Initio (which means starting from the beginning) is one such BI software.

      Are you an aspiring candidate who is keen on building your career in business intelligence? Are you planning to dive into the ETL platform? Why are you waiting? Call the educational counselors of our Ab Initio Training Institute in Chennai, SLA and gain some insight into this trending tool.

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      Salient features of Ab Initio tool

      • Ab Initio’s parallel processing is a special feature that makes it shine.
      • This tool is used to Extract, Transform and Load data.
      • Ab Initio has a graphical user interface.
      • Ab Initio works with the client-server model perspective.
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      Prerequisites for learning Ab Initio Training in Chennai

      There is no prior knowledge required for freshers to learn AB Initio Training in Chennai as we provide comprehensive coaching from scratch. We have customized AB Initio Curriculum to train the students as per their skill level and experience. Hence, working professionals can upgrade their skills for their career development in the AB Initio platform through the fast-track mode of the AB Initio Course in Chennai. We suggest they have the following skills to enjoy fulfilled hands-on exposure in the AB Initio platform.

      • The aspiring candidate should possess a fair knowledge of SQL.
      • Basic understanding of Unix Shell scripting will be an added advantage.

      Who can attend our Ab Initio Training Course in Chennai?

      Our Ab Initio Training in Chennai is offered for all the IT aspirants to showcase their ETL skills in top companies. We have regular mode, weekend mode, fast-track mode, and instructor-led live online mode of classes in our Ab Initio Training Institute in Chennai. The students from the global region can be benefited from their flexible learning hours and the following are the eligibility criteria to attend our AB Initio Course in Chennai at SLA Institute.

      • Aspiring candidates who come from a computer science background
      • Boost your resume by getting a certification in Ab Initio. With this knowledge, you can solve difficult data integration issues.

      Contact our help desk for career support; you can talk about the career opportunities pertaining to training courses.

      Job Profiles of Ab Initio Training

      The learning of the Ab Initio Course in Chennai paves the way for the learners to work for various profiles such as gather, merge, interleave, and lookup data. They must have technical expertise in mapping specification, HLD, LLD, and code development and testing. AB Initio is used in the industries such as insurance, banking, stock market, finance, telecommunication, and retail marketing.

      Following are the profiles that can be obtained through our AB Initio Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

      • Ab Initio Specialist
      • Ab Initio Consultant
      • Ab Initio Developer
      • Principal AB Initio Developer
      • ETL developer with AB Initio
      • Technical Analyst
      • Data Engineer with AB Initio
      • Ab Initio Architect
      • Senior Manager – AB Initio

      Ab Initio Training Course Syllabus

      Ab Initio Course will be taken from the basic to advanced level concepts like ETL Concepts, ETL Architecture, DW/BI Lifecycle in depth, and Ab Initio tool Implementation with detailed real-time hands-on experiences. After the course completion, one can able to have the appropriate understanding of Ab Inito tools along with the placement guidance through repetitive and updated Ab Initio Interview Questions. Our Ab Initio Syllabus covers the following comprehensive concepts in our Ab Initio Training Center in Chennai.

      Ab Initio Course Introductions

      • Introduction To Abinitio
      • Abinitio Architecture
      • Graph Programming
      • Introduction To .Dat And .Dml Files

      Partition Components

      • Braod Cast
      • Partition By Expression
      • Partition By Range
      • Partition By Community
      • Partition By Percentage
      • Partition By Round Robin

      Departition Components

      • Concatenate
      • Gather
      • Interleave
      • Merge
      • Multifile System(MFS)
      • Types Of Parallelism
      • Layouts

      Sort Components

      • Sort
      • Sort With In Groups
      • Sample
      • Partition By Key And Sort

      Transform Components

      • Functions
      • Filter By Expression
      • Aggregate
      • Scan
      • Rollup
      • Denormalize Sorted
      • Normalize
      • Reformat
      • Match Sorted
      • Dedup Sorted
      • Working With Databases

      Database Components

      • Run SQL
      • Input Table
      • Output Table
      • Truncate Table
      • Update Table
      • Phase And Check Points

      Miscellaneous Component

      • Gather Logs
      • Run Program
      • Redefine Format
      • Trash
      • Replicate

      Dataset Components

      • Input File
      • Output File
      • Lookup File
      • Intermediate File

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Ab Initio Training

      Project 1

      QR Code Generation using Python

      Create a program for QR Code (Quick Response Code) with the capacity of storing lots of data for immediate access of users.

      Project 3

      Dice Rolling Simulator

      This project is about generating a random number of dices and repeats it as long as they want but with limited guesses

      Project 2

      Number Guessing

      This project is about making the computer chooses the number randomly and gives user hints to guess that number exactly.

      Project 4

      Website Blocker

      This is to create a project to block unwanted websites from showing up and it helps the students to know about SM distractions.

      Future Scope of Ab Initio Course in Chennai

      Ab Initio tool is used to extract, transform, and load by extracting data from various resources and transforming them into business solutions, and loading them in different destinations. It is used in technology, financial services, retail, consumer, e-commerce, healthcare, pharma, government, media, entertainment, insurance, education, industrial, manufacturing, telecommunications, and energy sectors for various purposes.

      Learn the best Ab Initio Training in Chennai to gain expertise in ETL processing for top companies.

      Following are the reasons to prove the learning of the AB Initio tool creates a great future for the learners of our AB Initio Training Institute in Chennai.

      • One-step solution for a wide range of data processing such as GDE, EME, and Metadata hub.
      • Performance is high to handle distributed processing for real-time data.
      • Reliable customer base to used widely in various industries
      • Less development time in handling errors
      • Efficient tool to sort and process quickly with built-in components.
      • Excellent product support with detailed tool-related information
      • Easy maintenance with advanced level updates
      • Easy to debug with high effectiveness
      • Flexible with no limitation for converting data into pipelines.

      Enroll in our Ab Initio Training Institute in Chennai to gain expertise in extracting, transforming, and loading data for data quality in data analytics.

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      The Placement Process at SLA Institute

      • To Foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      1,567 Ratings


      My previous Ab Initio training at another institute did not end well, so I looked out for a better trainer. I came to know Softlogic Academy has the Best Ab Initio Training in Chennai. Enrolled here for online training and believe me, this is the training center to do all your training courses if you are in Chennai! During the training, I learned so many new things which were very useful for a professional like me! Wonderful trainers and superb classes during the entire training program! Thanks, SLA!

      Kalai Venthan

      For the Best AB Initio Training in Chennai, I would strongly recommend SLA. I never have believed in training institutions, until I took up the AB Initio Certification program at Softlogic! I was completely in awe of the training provided by SLA instructors! They rely on practical training to let us relate to real-time scenarios. For future IT courses, I am going to always choose SLA!


      I am extremely delighted to write this testimonial about the Ab Initio course that I took up at SLA Institute. Though I had many doubts initially about this place, I have thoroughly liked every learning experience encountered here. The materials provided, the infrastructure, and most importantly- the coaching is given by eminent trainers, have made me a full-fledged data warehouse adept

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      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Career Development in AB Initio Training in Chennai

      AB Initio is a popular and high-performance data platform that is developed for automation and self-service. It is used to solve the toughest data processing and data management challenges in global business. Banking, financial services, insurance, retail, telecom, transport, and logistic industries are used the AB Initio platform widely for various purposes. Following are the possibilities of improving career-based skills in our Ab Initio Training Institute in Chennai

      • Graphical Development
      • Metadata-driven engine
      • Performance and flexibility
      • Parallel processing
      • Distributed processing
      • In-memory processing
      • Platform independence
      • Batch and real-time services
      • Robustness and steaming
      • Metadata and a data catalog

      Learn the all-inclusive MVC Training in Chennai at SLA with satisfying hands-on exposure to develop quality software applications faster and efficiently. We also provide combo courses with dual certification to learn MVC along with .Net and JavaScript for developing applications and user interfaces.

      Join us to explore how MVC helps programmers to develop applications quickly with the separation of interconnected units such as Model, View, and Controller.

      Why SLA for the best Ab Initio Course in Chennai?

      SLA’s uniqueness lies in providing practical training. We don’t bore the candidates with just theory. Ab Initio Certification Course in Chennai from SLA means that you are moving towards a bright future. Wondering how? We also offer placement assistance to the deserving candidates. For attending the interview, we prepare the candidates thoroughly through personality development and soft skills classes by exclusive team at our Ab Initio Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. The batch sizes are small ensuring that individual attention is given to every candidate. SLA offers flexible timings to the students and working professionals by understanding the work pressure in services. SLA’s lab support is very good

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      Job-Centered Approach
      Convenient Hrs
      Online & Classroom

      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
      • 0% EMI Loan Facilities
      • FREE Softskill & Placement Training
      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
      • Course Completion Certificate
      • Training with Real Time Projects
      • Industry-Based Coaching By MNC IT Professionals
      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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