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      Advanced Excel Course Syllabus

      Advance Excel Training Syllabus

      Learn how to utilize dynamic formulas effectively in worksheets through our Advanced Excel Course Syllabus framed by experts of SLA Institute. Get trained on specialized tools and templates from scratch with hands-on exercises to perform well in the industries.

      Our Advanced Excel Course Curriculum covers VBA IDE, Macros, VBA language fundamentals, Control Flow and Loops Statements, VBA functions in worksheets, dialogue box and form objects in worksheets, and error handling.

      VBA IDE

      • opening the excel vba ide
      • menu bar
      • toolbar
      • project window
      • code window
      • immediate window
      • customizing the vbe

      Getting Started With Macro

      • recording the macro
      • examining the macro
      • saving workbooks that contain macros

      Fundamentals Of VBA Language

      • variable & constants
      • keywords
      • data types
      • procedures: sub and function
      • arguments
      • local vs global variable declaration
      • procedures: public or private
      • comments

      Control Flow & Loops Statements

      • relational and logical operators
      • if….then
      • if….then….else
      • if….then….elseif….else
      • select case ( with to and with is)
      • do while….loop
      • doloop….while
      • do until….loop
      • doloop….until
      • for….next
      • for each….next
      • while….wend
      • the exit statement

      Using VBA And Worksheet Functions

      • vb functions
      • excel functions
      • the workbooks collection
      • the sheets collection
      • activate and select
      • range property
      • cells property
      • offset property
      • resize property
      • currentregion property
      • columns and rows properties
      • referencing ranges in other sheets
      • using the union and intersect methods
      • using the isempty function
      • using the areas collection
      • transferring values between arrays and ranges

      Working With Dialog Boxes And Form Objects

      • using labels
      • using text boxes
      • using the command button control
      • using list boxes
      • using combo boxes
      • using check boxes
      • using radio buttons
      • using toggle buttons
      • using frames
      • using message boxes
      • taking input using input boxes
      • tabstrip
      • using a scrollbar as a slider to select values
      • adding help tips to controls
      • tab order
      • colouring the active control
      • transparent forms
      • working with menus and toolbars
      • creating menus and toolbars

      Handling Errors

      • types of errors in vba
      • using the on error goto statement
      • using the resume statement
      • working with the err object


      SLA Institute helps the professionals to empower their fundamental excel skills in our Advanced Excel Training in Chennai. Our Advanced Excel Course Syllabus equips you to perform complicated calculations and data analysis easily and efficiently.