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    Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

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    Learn the distributed database management system for handling large amounts of data across multiple datacenters and the cloud through our Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai. It is an open-source distributed DBMS designed for storing and managing data for big organizations like Facebook and Netflix. We provide a simplified learning path to gain expertise in distributed database management with hands-on exposure in our Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai.

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    Best Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

    SLA Institute’s Apache Cassandra Course teaches you from the fundamental of Cassandra to the advanced concepts such as Data models, architecture, configuration, reading and writing data, integrating data, and technology implementation along with complete practical exposure.

    Our Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai offers the platform to learn how and where to use Cassandra to drive the database, how to use the fault-tolerant features of Cassandra, clear understanding of Cassandra Architecture, complex inner workings like gossip protocols, identifying requirements for creating Cassandra data model, and integrating Cassandra with Hadoop technologies.

    Join us to explore the wide range of uses in our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

    Scope of Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

    Apache Cassandra is the new-gen and futuristic technology trusted and used by thousands of top companies for its scalable and flexible features in a distributed database management system. It is an open-source NoSQL DBMS for handling large amounts of data across commodity servers with high availability without any single failure. Learn how to implement and utilize this technology in companies through our Best Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai.

    There are numerous features in Apache Cassandra that can be adopted by companies and all of them are updated regularly as per the demand of global businesses. Apache Cassandra is distributed, supports replication, supports multi-datacenter replication, scalable, fault-tolerant, tunable consistency, MapReduce support, query language, and eventual consistency. Gain expertise in various database management systems in our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

    Apache Cassandra is used by top companies like Uber, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Spotify, Instacart, Reddit, KAVAK, and 500+ reputed firms for its efficient use of handling the massive amount of data. It creates tremendous opportunities for the learners with promising career growth and salary hikes. We equip our candidates to handle heavy workloads in the field of data science in our Apache Cassandra. Read More

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    Prerequisites for learning Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

    There is no special requirement for learning Apache Cassandra Training Course in Chennai at SLA. We provide comprehensive coaching from scratch for freshers to begin their careers and a customized learning curriculum for experienced and working professionals for upgrading their profiles. However, we suggest the learners have the following knowledge to enjoy the maximum hands-on exposure through our Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai.

    • Basic knowledge of Linux Command Line
    • Basic knowledge of Java programming language
    • Basic knowledge of database and data warehouse concepts.

    Who should attend our Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai?

    This Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai at SLA is useful for freshers to start their career in distributed database management system field. It will be beneficial for working professionals who are working with large volume websites and who are designing fault-tolerant database systems. The learners who want to shine in the DBMS field can also join our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

    Following are the course eligibility to learn Apache Cassandra at SLA Institute.

    • Freshers with a degree in B.Sc/M.Sc CS/IT, BCA, MCA, B.Tech IT, BE (all specializations)
    • Working professionals with the experience in IT or Non-IT domain.
    • Students who are pursuing their degree related to the computer science field.

    Job Profiles of Apache Cassandra Training

    The main responsibility of professionals who are certified in Apache Cassandra technology is planning, coordinating, and administrating database management systems. Their role includes the duties like base definition, structuring, documenting, requirement analyzing, operational guidelines and protection making, and configuring Cassandra cluster with multi-data centers.

    Enroll at SLA for learning the best Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai to work in the following profiles.

    • Cassandra Developers
    • Cassandra Database Administrator
    • Data Architect in Cassandra
    • Cassandra Solution Architect
    • Performance Tester
    • Data Engineer
    • Functional Tester

    Apache Cassandra Course Syllabus

    Our Apache Cassandra Course Syllabus covers the important concepts such as advantages and limitations of NoSQL, RDBMS, Cassandra fundamentals, installation and configuration of Cassandra, Cassandra data model, Cassandra Ring Architecture, additional components, Cassandra query language, cluster configuration, performance tuning, cluster management, cluster monitoring, application development, and integration of Cassandra with Hadoop and Spark.

    We provide Cassandra Training in Chennai at SLA with complete hands-on exposure to make you master distributed database management systems.

    Introduction to NoSQL

    • NoSQL Basics
    • Cassandra Basics and Terminology

    Casaandra Installation

    • Prerequisites
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Cluster Setup

    Cassandra Architecture

    • Architecture of Cassandra
    • Cassandra Data Model
    • Data Replication
    • Write Operation
    • Read Operation
    • Data Compaction
    • Tunable Data Consistency
    • Gossip Protocol
    • Failure Detection
    • HintedHandoffs
    • Bloom Filters

    Cassandra Data Modeling and CRUD

    • Data Modeling Basics
    • Cassandra Data Modeling
    • Cassandra Column Types
    • Cassandra Keyspace
    • Cassandra Tables
    • Cassandra Index
    • Triggers
    • Materialized Views


    • CQL Basics
    • Identifiers and keywords
    • Shell Commands
    • CQL Data Manipulation
    • CQL Datatypes
    • Functions
    • User Defined Functions
    • Collections
    • User Defined Datatypes
    • Security and Roles

    Cassandra Configuration

    • Configuring Cassandra

    Cassandra Performance Tuning

    • Observation Tools
    • Compression
    • JVM Tuning
    • System Tuning
    • Tuning Guidelines

    Cassandra Maintenance

    • Snitch
    • Adding, Replacing, Moving and Removing nodes
    • Compaction
    • Change Data Capture
    • Monitoring and Metrics
    • Security

    Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

    customized syllabus

    Project practices on Apache Cassandra Training

    Project 1


    Gain hands-on exposure on storing and extracting data quickly with multiple database architectures using Cassandra

    Project 3

    Campaign Monitor

    Get experience with Cassandra in shifting to new database technology for the strategic operational database platform

    Project 2

    Data Cloud for Oil and Gas

    Get hands-on exposure on access availability of oil and gas industry data through SOAP and XML integrated with Cassandra

    Project 4

    Bazaar Voice

    Gain expertise with the application to store and retrieve data through Cassandra and JSON technologies for listeners

    Trainer Profile of Our Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai

    SLA Institute has skilled and proficient trainers to provide the best Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai for the aspirants who want to shine in the database management system. They are well-versed with the updated concepts used to create marketing strategies efficiently through Apache Cassandra. Our trainers have 20+ years of experience in the database management field and they were working on 150+ projects with various DBMS applications.

    Their unique skill Apache Cassandra makes professionals understand and implement the concepts wisely to bring the productivity of companies they are working for. They are good at explaining the concepts and making candidates experts with performance trackers. Their dedication towards candidates is very special and they guide them until placement. Learn the best Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai from dedicated and expert trainers in the field.

    The Placement Process at SLA Institute

    • To Foster the employability skills among the students
    • Making the students future-ready
    • Career counseling as and when needed
    • Provide equal chances to all students
    • Providing placement help even after completing the course

    We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

    2,567 Ratings

    Ragavan. R

    It is a very good course structure designed at SLA for Apache Cassandra Training. Technical and placement trainers are skilled and experienced to provide job-based coaching that equips the learner from scratch. Even though I am electrical engineering background and have no prior knowledge of IT they have provided wonderful training with complete hands-on practices. I thank SLA and the team for offering such a best platform for the students

    Mathivanan. L

    SLA has a fantastic institute providing the best Apache Cassandra Course. The course curriculum was awesome and beneficial for the learners to understand and follow. Their course structure has various modules, case studies, and assignments. The project practices and placement guidance were also helpful. I recommend SLA for my fellow friends. Thanks a lot, SLA


    The course lessons of Apache Cassandra is an easy and numerous efficient program to work out. The trainers provide quality training with more real-time examples that are simple to understand the core and advanced concepts of Apache Cassandra. The placement trainer Ms.Janani helped me in various ways and she encouraged me a lot to get placement in our desired profile. Thank you, SLA.

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    Career Growth in Apache Cassandra Course in Chennai

    Apache Cassandra has a 6.69% market share in the NoSQL database market and it competes with 17 competitor tools in this category. It is the topmost choice of professionals to work with database management systems for big data processing, machine learning processing, and artificial intelligence. Nearly 4500 companies are using Apache Cassandra and it is the 47% of complete database tool users worldwide. Learn the best Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai with 100% placement assistance at SLA Institute.

    Big giants such as Paypal, Atos, Velotio technologies, the federal services, collective, and yugabyte are using Apache Cassandra and they are hiring professionals with skilled and certification. It is used by 10000+ professionals globally for creating target sales and marketing campaigns effectively. Apache Cassandra can be easily implemented for cloud computing, consulting, Internet of Things, data science, security applications, DevOps, retail, analytics, software development, and business intelligence.

    There will be promising career growth if the professionals continually upgrade their skill set according to the updates of current industry requirements. Accelerate your career in our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

    Why SLA for Apache Cassandra Training in Chennai?

    At SLA, the students can enjoy the following learning benefits by enrolling in our Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

    • Personalized Apache Cassandra Course curriculum
    • One-on-one training sessions on Apache Cassandra Training Course
    • Expert and experienced faculty who are techies in the Apache Cassandra field
    • An equal learning experience for both regular and online modes of Apache Cassandra classes.
    • Satisfying hands-on exposure that meets Apache Cassandra skills to ace the technical rounds of RDBMS interviews
    • Skilled and friendly training faculties to clear the Apache Cassandra course-related doubts on the spot along with continuous support for jobs and projects.
    • Apache Cassandra coursework that includes 50+ case studies and 20+ assignments along with a minimum of 2 real-time industry projects.
    • Combo courses if you want to get dual certification along with Apache Cassandra technology.
    • Dedicated placement team to provide lifetime career support free of cost along with the Apache Cassandra Training Course in Chennai.

    Register for a free demo class to check out our training infrastructure at the Apache Cassandra Training Institute in Chennai.

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    Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

    The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

    • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
    • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
    • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
    • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
    • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
    • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
    • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
    • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
    • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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