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    Datastage Course Syllabus

    Datastage Training Syllabus

    SLA Institute offers the best coaching on DataStage Course Syllabus for the learners to gain expertise in ETL processes and implement business principles for a specific target. The learners will understand how to use the DataStage ETL tool from scratch as our DataStage Course Curriculum includes syntax, content creation, layout designing, borders, transforms, media queries, and script. Enroll at SLA to learn the best DataStage Course in Chennai with best practices.

    Introduction To Datastage:

    • Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Topics Covered
    • Accelerated Introduction To Datastage3
    • Datastage Syntax
    • Getting Started With Visual Studio
    • Examining The HTML Source
    • Adding Style To HTML
    • Simple Datastage3 Syntax


    • Introduction
    • Fonts
    • Text Shadow
    • : Font Face
    • Text Shadow
    • Selectors
    • Positional Selectors
    • Target Selector
    • Selection Selector
    • Styling Form Inputs
    • Stateful Selectors
    • Introduction
    • Layouts
    • Box Layout
    • Vendor Prefixes
    • Columns
    • Background
    • Multiple Image Background
    • Introduction
    • Opacity
    • Opacity
    • RGBA And HSLA
    • Alpha
    • CurrentColor
    • Colors
    • Gradients
    • Introduction
    • Resizable Borders
    • Rounded Corners
    • Borders
    • Shadowing
    • Complex Box Shadows
    • Introduction
    • Rotate
    • Skew
    • Scale
    • Translate
    • Transforms
    • Introduction
    • Animations
    • KeyFrames
    • KeyFrames And Animations
    • Animations
    • Transitions
    Media Queries:
    • Introduction
    • Brief Overview Of Responsive Design
    • Responding To Viewing Dimensions
    • Responding To Device Constraints
    • Site Before Changes
    • Applying Media Queries
    • Introduction
    • Managing Styles In Script
    • Supporting Multiple Browsers
    • Adding Scripts
    • Viewing With Multiple Browsers
    • Using Modernizr, No Support
    • Using Modernizr, Supported
    • Script For Feature Detection
    • Using JQuery To Change Style

    Learn the in-demand ETL processes such as extracting, transforming, and loading data from source to the target destination with our DataStage Course Syllabus. SLA provides the best DataStage Training in Chennai.


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