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    Devops Jenkins Course Syllabus

    Jenkins Training Syllabus

    Jenkins is a popular open-source continuous integration tool which is highly versatile; it can be deployed for several use cases. Join SLA Institute and get benefitted from the well-formed DevOps Jenkins course syllabus.

    Introducing Continuous Integration and Jenkins

    • Agile Development
    • Continuous Integration
    • History of Jenkins
    • State of the Jenkins community

    Installing and Running Jenkins

    • Running Jenkins from the jar file
    • Installing Jenkins in a servlet container
    • Setup Security
    • Email and Version Control
    • Master/slave configurations
    A Jenkins Job
    • Creating a job
    • Configure a job
    • Run a job manually
    • Run a job when source code is checked into version control
    • Run a job on a regular schedule
    Advanced Jenkins
    • Monitoring External jobs
    • Distributed builds
    • File fingerprint tracking
    • Using Jenkins for non-Java projects
    • Matrix projects
    • Splitting a big job into smaller jobs
    Jenkins Plugins
    • Change reporting
    • Code coverage
    • Static Analysis
    • Performance reporting
    • Style checking

    Jenkins is a robust application that enables continuous integration and continuous delivery seamlessly. Enroll in SLA Institute and learn the significance of it from the well-formed DevOps Jenkins course syllabus.