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      Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      The Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai is a visionary in terms of thinking about providing the best training at affordable cost. Innovative ideas and profound vision are meaningless if not implemented. We dream big and want our students also to do the same. Our razor-sharp focus helps us in planning the career of the students diligently.

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      Best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai – Nothing Short of Excellence

      Though the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacted the IT industry too just like any other industry, there is also good news for them. The IT industry has handled the situation wisely. Hardware and networking is an essential aspect of IT industry. Software professionals rely on hardware components including laptops, continuous internet, and cloud storage. There can be work without any problems only when the hardware and networking are set up effectively without malfunction.

      The Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai is a visionary in terms of thinking about providing the best training at an affordable cost. Innovative ideas and profound vision are meaningless if not implemented. We dream big and want our students also to do the same. Our razor-sharp focus helps us in planning the career of the students diligently.

      Gist of the Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

      The hardware and networking industry was not given due importance in the earlier days, but now people have started realizing the significance of it. The steady increase in computer and other gadgets has paved the way for the popularity of this field. It has even become a lucrative career, and the Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai will help in taking your skills to the next level.

      There is no doubt that our dependence on computer networks in every aspects of life has seen a spike over the last decade, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Any element of life, whether it is leisure, profession, or even healthcare, depends a lot on the skills of computer networking professionals. You can take up the role of a network administrator or a systems engineer and catch up with the demand for hardware and networking professionals.

      Hardware and networking professionals generally deal with several hardware elements including chips, motherboards, circuit boards, modems etc. A hardware professional that possesses networking skills will always have opportunity. With a fair knowledge of mathematics, the aspiring student will be able to grasp the course content at the Best Hardware and Training Institute in Chennai.

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      Prerequisites for Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

      Fundamental knowledge of computers is adequate for hardware and networking course. However, this relates to the fields that the candidate is taking up. For example, if the candidate wishes to pursue CCNA Training in Chennai from SLA Institute, he/she should have reasonable understanding of networking and communications field also. For training, there should be sufficient comprehension of Windows environment. For N+ training, the candidate should possess fundamental grasp of networking system.

      Who can attend our Hardware and Networking Training Institute in Chennai?

      This program is designed for students and job seekers seeking a professional certificate in Hardware and Networking.

      • For students, anyone who has passed the 10th/12th standard is eligible for the training program.
      • Having fundamental knowledge about computers can be an added advantage.
      • For Students with BSc/MSc and other bachelor’s degrees in Computer are eligible for the training program.
      • Students or job seekers with computer knowledge looking to acquire new skills can also enroll in the training program.

      Job Profiles of Hardware and Networking

      The training program is developed with a focused intention of making you independent and skilled in Hardware and Networking. Further, our detailed and professional training course will make you eligible for different positions in the industry. Our certificates will add a beneficial advantage to your portfolio.

      Our Certifications are also useful if you are looking for a job change or acquiring a new position.
      • Server Support Specialist
      • Field Technician
      • Network Operations Analyst
      • Hardware Engineer
      • Network Support Technician
      • Network System Administrator
      • IT Network Manager

      Hardware and Networking Course Syllabus

      The syllabus is devised according to the industry requirements and is updated regularly.

      Basic Hardware and Networking Content

      • Basic Introduction About (Hardware & Software)
      • Os installation (Windows & Linux)
      • Ms-Dos command & Basic Unix command
      • Hardware device (SMPS, RAM & ROM, Hard Disk, Mother Board, Processor)
      • Hardware Troubleshooting
      • System Assembling & Assembling
      • Mail configuration & Mail Backup
      • System Image Backup & Types of Data Backup
      • RAID Configuration

      A+ Course Content

      • Operating Systems (Edition, Requirement, Types of Installation, Driver Installation)
      • Dual OS installation, Dos Command, Backup and Restore, User Control, Control Panel
      • Computer Peripherals – (Input and Output Devices, Primary Component, Computers Language, Serial and parallel Communication, SMPS)
      • Motherboard (Type, form factor, BUS, IRQ, Chipset, I/O Ports and Connectors, CMOS)
      • Memory (Type, Memory Modules, Development of RAM
      • Comparison of RAM, Virtual Memory, BIOS, POST)
      • Hard Disc (Type, Port, File systems, jumper Setting, Disk Type, Components)
      • Processor (Type, ZIF and SEC, Supports, Virtual Support, Cache, Cores information)
      • External Drives (CD and DVD Drive, Blue-ray, Floppy Disk, Modem, and Printers)
      • Ubuntu (H/W Requirement, basic Command, installation)
      • Assembling and Dis-assembling components, Component upgrade
      • Troubleshooting

      N+ Course Content

      • Introduction (Types of Network, Topology, protocols, and Ports)
      • Networking devices (Routers, Switches, Hub, Repeater, NIC Cards, Bridge)
      • Networking Media (Wire, Wireless, Cables, Crimping, UTP)
      • Networking Layers (OSI, TCP/IP)
      • IP Addresses (Version, Classes, Types)
      • Subnetting (VLSM, FLSM, CIDR, Super netting)

      CCNA Course Syllabus

      • Introduction (Certification, Routing, Routing Components)
      • Booting Process, Ports, Simulators, Basic Commands
      • Networking Functions (Static, and Default Routing, Password)
      • Basic Network Troubleshooting
      • Dynamic Routing 1 (RIP1, RIP2, Troubleshooting Commands)
      • Dynamic Routing 2 (IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF)
      • Routing Security (Standard, Extended, Named ACL)
      • Switching 1 (Types, Command, Password, VLAN, and Commands)
      • Switching 2 (Inter VLAN and Commands, Trunking Protocol, VTP, STP)
      • WAN Security (Static Dynamic, and PAT NAT)
      • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
      • Advanced DHCP, VOIP
      • IOS Backup and Restore
      • WAN Technology (PPP, HDLC, ISDN, Frame Relay)

      MCSE Course Syllabus

      • Introduction (About, Version, Edition, Requirement, Basic Security)
      • Server Roles (Server Manager, Functions, Features, Installation and uninstallation, Workgroup)
      • DNS, DHCP, RRAS
      • Domain (Installation and Configuration of Domain, User Creation, login, Basic Security)
      • Domain Objects (User, OU, Group, shares, User Profile)
      • Domain Security (GPO, Local Administrative Policy, Bit locker, RSOP, Windows Firewall)
      • File Service (FSRM, DFS, VSS, Offline Files, IIS)
      • File Service (FSRM, DFS, VSS, Offline Files, IIS)
      • Domain Structure (Sites, Tree, Forest, Child Domain, Trust, ADRMS)
      • Windows Services (WDS, WSUS, Software Deployment)
      • Advanced Concept (NAT, VPN, RRAS, Advanced DHCP, Advanced DNS)
      • Backup (Types, System State, BMR, Restore, Snapshot)
      • Virtualization (Hyper-V, Virtual machine)
      • Load Balance, Clustering, Migration, Core OS
      • Server Monitoring Tools (ACS, Event Viewer, Ping, Remote Desktop, Telnet)
      • ITIL (HAM, SAM, CM, SACM, SLA, Service Desk)
      • VMWARE (Snapshot, Templates, Clone, Cold and Hot Migration, DRS and DPM, V- Motion)

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Hardware and Networking

      Project 1

      Congestion-free router networking

      Create a program for QR Code (Quick Response Code) with the capacity of storing lots of data for immediate access of users.

      Project 3

      Mobile-based LAN monitoring

      The objective of this project is to execute a wireless application through which the total LAN network.

      Project 2

      Data leakage detection

      This project deals with data assignment approaches that enhance the probability of finding out leakages.

      Project 4

      Credit card fraud detection system

      The objective of this project understands user behavior and does location scrutiny to investigate unusual patterns.

      Highlights of the Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

      IT hardware and networking has seen a steady progress with time. Earlier while only physical server stations were relied upon, now hardware and engineering is making its presence felt through virtualization and storage.

      A+ Training: The CompTIA A+ course can be the foundation for those wanting to adopt IT as their profession. This certificate is prominent globally as the standard certificate for fresh computer technicians. Mastery of computer and mobile hardware setup and troubleshooting can be easy with this course. SLA Institute is the perfect gateway for this important certification.

      N+ Training: The CompTIA N+ certification course boosts your present expertise and experience with personal computer operating systems and networks. This certification gauges your fundamental skills that you have to implement in the job scenario. The CompTIA A+ certification can be the perfect gateway for being prepared for the CompTIA network+ certification.

      CCNA Training: CCNA is the short form of Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is offered by Cisco, a prominent company in the networking field. There are five accreditation levels in this certificate. You cannot ignore the value of this certificate.

      MCSE Training: The Microsoft Certified Solution Expert course helps organizations to shift to the much-in-demand cloud. The professional who takes up this course from the best MCSE Training in Chennai has the competency to solve difficult issues with regard to deploying and optimizing Microsoft-based systems.

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      The placement process at SLA Institute

      • To foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      Our Placement Opportunities for Hardware and Networking

      Computer hardware and networking professionals are much in demand. You can even get a job easily after getting trained from the Best Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai. We believe in the overall progress of the candidates and work in tandem with them until they are placed in a good job. The Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai doesn’t take your career easily, and we possess the noble vision of giving employment to our candidates through referring to good companies. Our well-framed course not only offer lucrative jobs in the hardware and networking field but it also gives a boost to your experience and give you exposure.

      Hardware and Networking online training in Chennai

      Today’s training methodology is focusing on online methods. The COVID-19 pandemic has advanced this trend, and now students are progressing towards it. The success for any online training is the evaluation of your expertise and how many chances you are given to perform practical exercises. Enroll in the Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai, that takes care of everything to assess student learning.

      For simpler lab sessions, we give the facility of lab versions that can be performed at home safely. Online simulations and videos resources are also used. Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai also fosters communication and reasoning skills amidst online and remote labs. Face-to-face lectures as well as recorded lectures are taken up.

      1,983 Ratings

      Ajith Kumar

      Hardware & Nerworking
      I had the interest to learn hardware and networking since I completed my school. I was looking for the ideal institute, and my friend referred me to SLA Institute. I am happy that I joined SLA Institute because the trainer is highly knowledgeable.


      Hardware & Nerworking
      The main thing about SLA Institute is that they are very much focused on preparing us for the job. The training sessions are not overloaded with students, and every student was given due attention.


      Hardware & Nerworking
      I joined SLA Institute for hardware and networking course when I was not sure about my future. But the gladdening aspect is that the trainer is has thorough knowledge in the subject and patiently answered all my queries. I even got placed in a good company after doing the course. Now I have no worries about my job.

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      Trainer’s Profile of Hardware and Networking Course

      The trainer, who is proficient in networking technology, has over 9 years of experience and trained over 65000+ students. He possesses strong technical acumen. Both his practical and theoretical knowledge is exemplary. He is totally accustomed to real-world industry scenario and can guide the students efficiently. He has ventured in several roles of networking and is well-versed with penetration testing and vulnerability assessment.

      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Key Features of the Hardware and Networking Course in Chennai

      Once you join the Best Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai, you will have the chance to be updated with the details of the field. You also get sound experience during this real-time training. Your communication skills will be enhanced, and you will be confident enough to attend the interviews.

      Hardware and Networking Course FAQ's
      Will I work on any project?

      Once the training is over, you will be allotted a project that is akin to one that you will face in real time. While working on the project, you can demonstrate your knowledge and know how it is to be in the real scenario.

      What is bandwidth? Is it same as internet speed?

      Bandwidth can be defined as the maximum amount of data transferred over an internet connection in a specific period. It cannot be used interchangeably with internet speed though they are interrelated. Network speed gauges the transfer rate of data from the origin system to the destination system.

      What is the difference between a firewall and antivirus?

      Both are ways through which security is provided to the system. However, while a firewall assists in managing network traffic in the system by limiting incoming traffic, antivirus safeguards system against internal attacks by identifying harmful viruses.

      Tell me something about the training instructors.

      All our trainers have thorough knowledge in their subjects and have vast relevant experience in their respective domains including big data, python, networking etc. SLA Institute screens them rigorously.

      Give me one valid reason to trust SLA Institute for online training.

      You can go through our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Contacting us through email or in person is also fine. Our professional counselors will offer you the needed help.

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      Job-Centered Approach
      Convenient Hrs
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      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
      • 0% EMI Loan Facilities
      • FREE Softskill & Placement Training
      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
      • Course Completion Certificate
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      • Industry-Based Coaching By MNC IT Professionals
      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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