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      Informatica Course Syllabus

      Informatica Training Syllabus

      Informatica is a powerful data processing tool that is deployed in the business intelligence domain. You can become an analytics professional or a software developer after learning Informatica from SLA Institute. Benefit from the well-structured Informatica course syllabus!

      Introduction To Informatica

      • Basic Definitions
      • Informatica Products
      • Informatica Architecture
      • Tools and their roles
      • Folders -sub Folders
      • Power Center I Power Malt
      • Introduction to designer

      Informatica Designer -Introduction

      • Designer interfaces
      • Designer tools
      • Defining Sources
      • (i) Database as a source
      • (ii) Rat Flies sources
      • Defining Targets
      • Importing from database
      • Creating a new target
      • Creating target database objects
      • Mapping Introduction
      Informatica Designer
      • Source Qualifier
      • Ports
      • Mapping -Table to Table
      • Mapping flat File to Table
      • Connected/Unconnected Transformations
      • Active and Passive Transformation
      • Source Qualifier Transformation
      • SQl Override-Source Qualifier Transformation
      Mapping Source Qualifier As Filter
      • Source qualifier to join Data
      • Filter Transformation
      • Expression Transformation
      • Sequence Generator Transformation
      • Rank Transformation
      • Router Transformation
      • Aggregator Transformation
      • Joiner Transformation
      • Stored procedure Transformation (Connected & Unconnected)
      • Union Transformation
      • XMl Transformation
      • Mapping Wizards
      • Implementing Type-I, Type-II, Type-III
      • Mappings
      • Workflow Introduction

      There is a good career scope for those who learn Informatica. You can learn all the important concepts of Informatica from SLA Institute. Gain from the Informatica course syllabus that is regularly evaluated by experts!

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