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      IOS Course Syllabus

      IOS Training Syllabus

      iOS apps have been prominent for quite some time. They have a well-formed user interface and thus leads to user-friendliness. Learn everything related to iOS app development from SLA Institute and benefit from the well-defined iOS course syllabus.

      Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder

      • Mac versions –Features
      • iOS versions -Features
      • Introduction to Xcode tool and Compilers

      Introduction to Objective-C

      • Creating Objective C classes and Methods
      • Creating Properties and methods
      • OOPS in Objective C
      • Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
      • Arrays,set,Dictionaries
      • Categories and protocols
      • Application Lifecycle
      • Xib, StoryBoard and Interface builder
      • Creating and building simple applications
      • UIState Preservation
      • View application sandbox and CrashLogs of Application
      Cocoa Design patterns
      • What is MVC?
      • Model, View and Controller Classes
      • Delegate and Datasource
      • Singleton Pattern
      • Observer pattern
      • Target-Action
      • Cocoa coding standards
      Memory Management
      • Introduction (alloc init, retain Release )
      • Auto release pool
      Objective – C ARC
      • Migrating your application to ARC
      • Basic Interaction with UIControls
      • Button,label,Textfields
      • switch,slider,progress bar
      • Alerts ∧ Action sheet
      • Table views
      • Scrollview, Web view, maps
      • SearchBar, popovers
      • Picker, Date picker, Imageview, Image picker controller
      • Gestures, Mouse events
      • Mail, Message, Phone call
      Orientation and iPhone sensors
      • The iPhone Accelerometer
      • Detecting shakes
      • Determining orientation
      • Responding to the accelerometer
      • UITableViewController
      • Working with multiple TableViews
      • UITableViewCell
      • TableView practices
      • CustomCell creation.
      Multi -View Applications
      • view to view (Present model view controller )
      • Navigation controller
      • Tabbar controller
      • Pageview controller
      • Split view controller
      CoreGraphics and QuartzCore
      • UIKit and view lifeCycle
      • Draw lines and transforms.
      • Alpha ,Opaque ,hidden
      • Create PDF files
      • Merge Images
      • SplashView and Basic animation
      • Adding Views with animation
      Maps SDK
      • Introduction to MapKit Framework
      • Showing a simple Map
      • Update User Location
      • Background location updates of the user.
      REST and SOAP services, XML and JSON Parsing
      • Asynchronous and synchronous request
      • Soap service
      • Rest service
      • XML and JSON Parsing
      • KeyValue coding and Nested JSON objects
      • Error handling
      • Lazy loading
      Multitasking in iOS
      • NSThread and management of multiple threads
      • Synchronous and Asynchronous
      • Introduction to NSTimers
      • GCD in iOS
      • NSOperation and NSOperationQueue
      Database Persistence
      • User Defaults
      • Plist
      • SQLite
      • Core Data
      Media interaction
      • audio player
      • MediaPlayer
      • MPMovie player
      • Local notifications
      • App-level Notifications
      • Push Notifications
      Social Network Integration
      • FaceBook
      • Twitter
      • Google +
      Testing And Deployment
      • Debugging application in the device.
      • iOS5,iOS6,iOS7 features and differences
      • App Store Submission

      The iOS app has a powerful brand value, and the customer experience is enhanced. Gain from the training from SLA Institute and learn the thorough iOS course syllabus.

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