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      Linux Course Syllabus

      Linux Training Syllabus

      Our Linux Course Syllabus gives you comprehensive knowledge from scratch to work on the Linux platform efficiently. We have framed our Linux Course Curriculum with fundamental components, installation, and configuration of Linux OS, booting processes, and basic to advanced commands. We help you to obtain certifications through our best Linux Training in Chennai.

      Linux Components

      • Linux components
      • Comparing Linux distributions
      • Obtaining free software from the Internet
      • Designing a mission-critical server for use in a multi-vendor environment
      • Linux distributions
      • Selecting the hardware
      • Understanding your hardware
      • Installation planning

      Installing Linux

      • Designing the installation
      • Evaluating automated installations
      • Planning custom installations
      • Organizing disk layout
      • Selecting an installation method
      • Making the boot disk
      • Booting the installation program
      • Disk portioning
      • Defining mount points
      • Formatting partition
      • Installing the software
      Performing the Installation
      • Selecting internationalization settings
      • Choosing software packages
      • Monitoring the installation process
      • Post-installation tasks
      The Boot Process
      • Loading the boot sector
      • Loading the kernel with LILO
      • The Linux boot prompt
      • Hardware devise driver initialization
      • Loading Linux services
      • Start-up scripts
      • Loadable modules
      Basic Commands
      • Understanding shells
      • Understanding shell variables
      • Understanding processes

      Improve your skills to become a master in the Linux platform through our industry-standard Linux Course Syllabus. Gain expertise in system administration and scripting skills in our Linux Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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