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      Machine Learning Course in Chennai

      4.9 / 5

      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai equips the interested learners with computer algorithms to make machines mimic the way of the human. As it is an important field of data science, we offer comprehensive coaching with hands-on exposure to be hired easily by top employers. Learn how machine learning methods are implementing in data analytics and analytical developments by enrolling in our leading Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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      Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai

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      Finding Your Right Courses

      Machine learning is one of the buzzwords recently and this can be attributed to its predictive behavior. SLA Institute is one of the Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai.

      Machine Learning It refers to how a computer is taught to solve complex problems without any explicit programming. The key is that it works in an optimum manner from experience. Machine learning is associated with computational statistics that concentrate on making a prediction with the help of computers. Machine learning is an essential part of data science and algorithms form its core. At SLA Institute, you will gain a holistic understanding of Machine Learning algorithms.

      Why Machine Learning?

      Machine Learning cannot be just regarded as a niche subset of computer science technology. It is gaining popularity now. Smart algorithms are being applied everywhere ranging from mobile apps to marketing campaigns. If you are looking for the most sought after and the most exciting career opportunities, then Machine Learning will definitely fit into that.

      • Learning this trending technology brings in great career opportunities
      • Machine Learning engineers earn a handsome package
      • There is a lack of machine learning skills nowadays. The demand is more but the supply is less. In order to fill this gap, students should take up this course. Once they get into this course, they will reap benefits.
      • SLA Institute makes you understand the importance of this cutting-edge technology and makes you shine in the crowd.
      • In several companies, a machine learning engineer often co-ordinate with a data scientist for optimum value.

      Objectives of Machine Learning Course

      • To make the students familiar with the fundamental and advanced concepts and techniques of Machine Learning
      • To help the candidate gain experience of performing independent study and research
      • To enhance skills of applying recent machine learning software for fixing practical issues
      • To assist the students get total knowledge with regard to theoretical and practical concepts.
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      Enjoy Free and Lifetime Placement Assistance

      Our placement team helps you identify your right jobs through extensive industry connect

      Prerequisites to Learn Machine Learning Course in Chennai

      There is no prior knowledge required for freshers as we offer Machine Learning Training in Chennai from scratch. The learners can choose any other programming language for the dual certification and coding expertise along with Machine Learning Training in Chennai at SLA. Working professionals are suggested to have the following fundamental skills to learn the important machine learning concepts with satisfying hands-on experience.

      • Fundamental knowledge of python and statistics
      • Goodknowledge of basic Linear Algebra and matrix
      • Knowledge ofprobability models.

      Who can take up Machine Learning Course?

      Jobs for freshers in data science and machine learning are seeing a raise day by day. Besides, professionals who are working on the following fields can take up Machine Learning Training institute in Chennai.

      • Software Developers                            
      • Software Testers
      • Data Analysts
      • Software Engineers
      • Software Architects
      • Business Analysts
      • Game Developers
      • Hadoop Professionals
      • System Administrators
      • Network Administrators
      • devops Engineers
      • Analytics Managers
      • Analytics Experts

      Job Profiles of Machine Learning

      Upon the completion of our Machine Learning Course at SLA, we guide you to reach your career goal in the Machine Learning field through our Machine Learning Training and Placement Institute in Chennai. We have dedicated and updated placement faculties to get placed in the following popular Machine Learning profiles with the required technical and interview skills.

      • Machine Learning Engineer: They are responsible for performing statistical analytics, fine-tuned test results, train and retrain systems, frameworks development, machine learning experiments, and deep learning system developments. They should have complete knowledge on implementing suitable AI or ML algorithms to the system that meet the client’s needs. Discover how to perform effectively in this position by learning in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.
      • Machine Learning AI Developer: They are responsible for creating an Artificial Intelligence model with Machine Learning Algorithms and Processes. They have to design, develop, implement, and enhance AI solutions as per the requirements of customers along with cloud computing skills. Learn the exact concepts to work in this profile by enrolling in our Machine Learning Training Center in Chennai.
      • Data Scientist with ML Skills: They should have any programming knowledge with data mining skills and natural language processing skills to perform in this profile efficiently. They have to create data models and organize structured and unstructured data to interpret ML solutions for the exact problems. Develop your analytical skills by learning our Machine Learning Course in Chennai.
      • AI Engineer: They are responsible for performing well with neural networks, algorithms, and associated technologies for resolving issues of businesses. They have to bridge the gap between software developers and field scientists. They should know programming and computer vision along with scriptwriting. Get certified with the necessary skills in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.
      • Cloud Engineer with ML Skills: They are responsible for utilizing machine learning and AI solutions for addressing business problems with customized cloud solutions. They have to develop data models for creating very large datasets with the knowledge of cloud service providers such as AWS and Azure. Learn machine learning and data labeling concepts through our Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai.
      • Lead ML Scientist: They are responsible for working closely with ML engineers, developers, and data engineers for developing scalable solutions for a particular business. They have to design and develop new-gen machine learning tools and technologies for providing a competitive advantage for industries. Upgrade with mandatory ML skills through detailed hands-on experience by our Machine Learning Training in Chennai.
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      Machine Learning Course Syllabus

      The Machine Learning course syllabus by SLA Institute as been framed by experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence . We constantly update Machine Learning with R Syllabus Machine Learning with Python Syllabus to stay in tune with the latest AI upgrades and algorithms. We ascertain that you will get the latest and best ML technology.

      Machine Learning Language Environment

      • Object Oriented
      • Platform Independent
      • Automatic Memory Management
      • Compiled / Interpreted Approach
      • Robust
      • Secure
      • Dynamic Linking
      • Multi Threaded
      • Built-In Networking

      Machine Learning Fundamentals

      • Data Types
      • Operators
      • Control Statements
      • Arrays
      • Enhanced For-Loop
      • Enumerated Types
      • Static Import
      • Auto Boxing
      • C-Style Formatted I/O
      • Variable Arguments

      Essentials Of Object-Oriented Programming

      • Object And Class Definition
      • Using Encapsulation To Combine Methods And Data In A Single Class
      • Inheritance And Polymorphism

      Writing Machine Learning Classes

      • Encapsulation
      • Polymorphism
      • Inheritance
      • OOP In Machine Learning
      • Class Fundamentals
      • Using Objects
      • Constructor
      • Garbage Collection
      • Method Overloading
      • Method Overriding
      • Static Members
      • Understanding Interface
      • Using Interfaces Class


      • Why Packages
      • Understanding Classpath
      • Access Modifiers And Their Scope

      Exception Handling

      • Importance Of Exception Handling
      • Exception Propagation
      • Exception Types
      • Using Try And Catch
      • Throw, Throws, Finally
      • Writing User Defined Exceptions

      I/O Operations In Machine Learning

      • Byte Oriented Streams
      • File Handling
      • Readers And Writers

      Multi Threaded Programming

      • Introduction To Multi-Threading
      • Understanding Threads And Its States
      • Machine Learning Threading Model
      • Thread Class And Runnable Interface
      • Thread Priorities
      • Thread Synchronization
      • Inter Thread Communication
      • Preventing Deadlocks

      Developing Machine Learning APPS

      • Defining A Solution Without Writing Code
      • Organizing A Concept Solution
      • Creating A Program Skeleton
      • Defining Error Checking Requirements
      • Introduction To Application Security

      Network Programming

      • Introduction To Networking
      • Inet Address
      • URL
      • TCP Socket And Server Socket
      • UDP Socket
      • Developing A Chat Application

      Machine Learning Util Package / Collections Framework

      • Collection And Iterator Interface
      • Enumeration
      • List And ArrayList
      • Vector
      • Comparator
      • Set Interface And SortedSet
      • Hashtable
      • Properties


      • Introduction To Generics
      • Using Built-In Generics Collections
      • Writing Simple Generic Class
      • Bounded Generics
      • Wild Card Generics

      Inner Classes

      • Nested Top Level Classes
      • Member Classes
      • Local Classes
      • Anonymous Classes

      Abstract Window Toolkit

      • Graphics
      • Color And Font
      • AWT Components/Controls
      • Event Handling And Layouts

      Swing Programming

      • Introduction To Swing And MVC Architecture
      • Light Weight Component
      • Swing Hierarchy
      • Atomic Components E.G. JButton, JList And More
      • Intermediate Container E.G. JPanel, JSplitPane And More
      • Top-Level Container E.G. JFrame And JApplet
      • Swing Related Events

      Regular Expressions

      • Introduction
      • Match function
      • Search function
      • Grouping
      • Matching at Beginning or End
      • Match Objects
      • Flags
      • Exercise

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project Practices on Machine Learning

      Project 1

      House Price Prediction

      Create a project for predicting house prices using area, bedrooms, and utilities that are available in the housing dataset of ML.

      Project 3

      Breast Cancer Classification

      Create a project with a breast cancer classification dataset to distinguish them for obtaining practice of machine learning skills.

      Project 2

      Diabetes Prediction System

      Create a project using Prima Indian Diabetes Dataset for predicting patient diabetes based on diagnostic measurements with ML.

      Project 4

      Wildlife Object Detection

      Create a project to help wild-animal sightings along with the implementation of object analysis for identifying animals.

      Benefits of Machine Learning

      • Allows medical diagnosis and predictions
      • Has a great impact on financial models and rules
      • Enhances predictive maintenance in the manufacturing industry
      • Long-lasting value protection
      • Suggests the ideal product for your requirements
      • Easy spam detection
      • Enhances time-consuming documentation in data entry
      • Ascertains accurate forecasts
      • Makes product marketing easy
      • Machine Learning algorithms function at fast levels
      • Rapid processing
      • Assists in forecasting customer behavior

      The Placement Process at SLA Institute

      • To Foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      1,081 Ratings


      AI Engineer
      The Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA provides grand explanations of the important concepts through expert trainers and comprehensive modules. They have structured the course with case studies, assessments, practical implementations, and project practices. I have got placement assistance from wonderful faculty who is very serious about placing me. I really admired the services of SLA and I will surely recommend this institute to everyone I know.


      Lead ML Scientist
      SLA has a balanced course structure of theory and practice to gain expertise in the machine learning process. I have joined here with zero knowledge of the ML process and now I know what is most needed for working in various ML profiles. This is a good place with professional values and metrics that enhance the fundamental skills for upgrading my career in the Machine Learning field. They provide good placement support with many interview arrangements.

      Mercy Williams

      ML AI Developer
      I have joined in Machine Learning Online Training in Chennai at SLA as the course syllabus offered great insights. The trainers are skilled and wonderful in proving an excellent learning experience along with an updated and well-framed ML Course Structure. They have a performance tracker to improve the field of what is lacking in us and provide assistance on both technical areas and interview progress. I thank the people of SLA for providing me such great support for my career.

      Poorani Rajan

      ML AI Developer
      I am Poorani studies Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA in 2020. After the completion of the Machine Learning course, I have got selected in Cognizant as an ML analyst. It was really a nice and useful experience in learning at SLA as they helped in technical advancements and interview preparations. They offer a good service for what we pay for career development. They have a lot of courses to learn with quality training and placement support. Thanks a lot, SLA.

      Gopalan Chandru

      Cloud Enginner
      SLA is a good place to learn Machine Learning Course in Chennai. The instructors are very friendly and provide the best learning support along with great explanations of ML concepts. I have learned an ML course with Python to gain dual certification for my career. They have supported me to begin my career in this successful field with comprehensive course material and hands-on practice. I am happy about learning at SLA as they served better than any other Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.

      Did You Like Our Reviews?

      Then why are you waiting? Start your journey learning and write your career story

      Best Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai

      At SLA Institute, we provide profound knowledge to our students through our machine learning course. Ours is a career-oriented course with project-based training. Regular assignments are provided by proficient professionals. Machine Learning Training in Chennai from SLA Institute introduces theoretical knowledge and practical skills. This will surely make the candidates industry ready and cope up with complicated situations when they dive into the IT sector.

      In the given duration, the student will not only obtain theoretical knowledge of machine learning but also gain insight into business perspectives and industry best practices. This is achieved through assignments, projects, group discussions, etc. This lets the candidate to develop portfolio of presentable work.

      • Proficient machine learning trainers will teach the basic and advanced concepts of machine learning. They clear the doubts immediately and ensure that the candidates are made industry ready.
      • Through this Machine Learning Training in Chennai you will gain hands-on experience in several industry-based projects and case studies.
      • We have good classroom and lab facilities.
      • Our machine learning training module is prepared by industry professionals keeping in mind all the updated machine learning techniques applied in the industries. It consists of all the topics pertinent to the industry standards.
      • We don’t stop with just providing training for machine learning. We also make you ready for job interviews by conducting mock interview sessions.

      You will be rewarded a course completion certificate which will assist you in showcasing your machine learning expertise and skills to your employer. It also gives you an advantage over non-certified peers.

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      Career Opportunities of Machine Learning Course in Chennai

      Machine Learning jobs are projected to 75% of increase that worth $31 million by 2024 according to a recent report of popular job portals. Machine Learning Training in Chennai focuses on data and algorithms to allow machines to learn a task with minimal human interaction. Machine learning implementation empowers products like self-driving cars, Netflix recommendations, fraud detection, speech recognition, online service chat boxes, and so on. The learning of the Machine Learning Training in Chennai offers the opportunities to work with global companies in the development and deployment of ML-powered applications and products. Following is the comprehensive career path in the Machine Learning field.

      Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and IoT device development are the recent technologies that create tremendous job opportunities for freshers and working professionals and it is expected to create 97 million new jobs by 2025. Machine Learning Training and Placement Institute in Chennai equips the learners to become ML engineers and makes them obtain numerous positions in big companies.

      Machine Learning Engineer

      ML Engineer will be proficient in programming languages like Python, Scala, or Java to execute projects and experiments with proper machine learning libraries. As this position is a tech-based business performance that can be implemented for many industries like financial services, government sectors, healthcare, retail, transportation, and oil and gas industries. Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai is useful for the candidates to start their career as Machine Learning Engineers for global companies. Following is the career path to becoming a machine learning engineer.

      • Undergraduate degree in mathematics, data science, computer science, computer programming, physics, or statistics along with allied knowledge in business studies.
      • Entry-level careers as a software developer, software programmer, software engineer, application developer, data scientist, application tester, or computer scientist is useful for entering the Machine Learning field.
      • A Master’s degree or Ph.D. is useful as it aims to receive comprehensive knowledge in data science, software engineering, machine learning, or computer science.
      • Continuous learning according to the technology updates and introduction of new technologies is important to grow rapidly in the Machine Learning field.

      To become a machine learning engineer, it is important to have comprehensive knowledge and hands-on exposure by joining one of the leading Machine Learning Training Institutes in Chennai, SLA Institute. We equip learners with the following skills required to become Machine Learning Engineer

      • Programming Knowledge
      • Probability and Statics Knowledge
      • Data Modeling Methods
      • Machine Learning Algorithms and Libraries
      • System Designing and Business Processes
      • UX Designing Skills
      • Understanding of Big Data
      • Deep Learning and NLP

      Enroll at SLA Institute to gain industry-oriented knowledge and skills required for Machine Learning jobs. Our Machine Learning Course in Chennai is offered with hands-on exposure to real-time industry projects along with a course completion certificate and placement assistance. We have expert and experienced trainers to provide the Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai for helping candidates around the world. We offer classroom training and instructor-led online training for the benefit of global candidates through our Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai.

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      Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India

      Machine Learning is a promising field that gives exponential career growth for professionals who are upskilling according to the Machine Learning Training in Chennai to gain expertise on complete ML concepts with hands-on exposure. Following are the popular ML jobs along with salary options.

      • The salary range of a Machine Learning Engineer is around $69,000 to $150,000 as per the experience and expertise.
      • The salary range of a Data Scientist is around $87,000 to $150,000 depending on the experience.
      • The salary range of a Machine Learning Designer is around $69,000 to $125,000 as per the skills.
      • The salary range of a Computational Linguist is around $81,000 to $106,000 depending on the expertise. The salary range of a Software Developer with ML skills is around $58,000 to $120,000 as per the experience level and updated skills.

      We offer job-centric Machine Learning Training in Chennai at SLA Institute to become certified ML professionals and they can become Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Designer, Computational linguists, or Software Developer. Enroll in the Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai to explore a wide range of opportunities in the ML field.

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      Why Join SLA Institute for Machine Learning Training?

      SLA Institute is the leading provider of Machine Learning courses in Chennai and we are offering job-based training for the aspirants to choose their desired career path wisely. We have a well-framed Machine Learning Course Curriculum and it can be personalized according to the skill level of learners to kick-start their career in the Machine Learning domain. Our ML trainers are experienced with updated ML skills for equipping learners with the required technical knowledge to bridge the skill gap in the global industries. Enrolling in our Machine Learning Training institute in Chennai at SLA provides the following learning benefits for students around the world.

      • Well-equipped class and lab rooms
      • Comprehensive course material with complete hands-on exposure
      • Excellent and experienced ML trainers
      • Flexible learning hours with a small-sized batch
      • Easy Instalment facilities with EMI options
      • Peerless placement assistance with individual care
      • Industry-accredited course completion certificate
      • Lifetime learning assistance for upskilling

      Contact us to book a free demo class to visit our institute infrastructure for enrolling in our Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA Institute.

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      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Have Queries? Ask our Experts

      +91 88707 67784 Available 24x7 for your queries

      100% Assistance
      Job-Centered Approach
      Convenient Hrs
      Online & Classroom

      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
      • 0% EMI Loan Facilities
      • FREE Softskill & Placement Training
      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
      • Course Completion Certificate
      • Training with Real Time Projects
      • Industry-Based Coaching By MNC IT Professionals
      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

      For Online & Offline Training

      Have Queries? Ask our Experts

      +91 88707 67784 Available 24x7 for your queries

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        Machine Learning Course in Chennai- FAQs
        Why should I learn the Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA Institute?

        SLA Institute is the top provider of Machine Learning Course in Chennai as the demand for data scientists are increasing exponentially. The learning Machine Learning Course helps aspirants to discover the wide range of opportunities to develop cutting-edge applications for trending areas like cybersecurity, medicine, face recognition, and image recognition. We provide a Machine Learning Course in Chennai with flexible EMI options and we offer the best coaching with 60+ classroom sessions on a comprehensive Machine Learning Course Curriculum along with hands-on practices on real-time industry projects, case studies, assignments, and placement assistance. Learn the Best Machine Learning Training in Chennai at SLA Institute for a promising future in the data science field.

        Does SLA support me with placements after the Machine Learning Training in Chennai?

        Yes. SLA Institute has a dedicated team to provide placement-related support after the successful completion of the Machine Learning Training in Chennai. They will equip learners with job-ready skills such as aptitude skills, communication skills, collaboration skills, team management skills, time management skills, leadership skills, and attitude management skills. They also conduct mock interviews along with Machine Learning Course in Chennai to ace the main technical rounds easily. We update Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers on our Website for helping learners to practice thoroughly for the interviews with big companies. All we require from the learners is dedication and determination along with above 60% of class attendance. Learn the Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA Institute to obtain machine learning jobs easily.

        How to enroll in the Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA?

        You can enroll in our Machine Learning Training in Chennai at SLA Institute even if you don’t have any prior knowledge of ML or AI concepts. We provide Machine Learning courses from a scratch for students and freshers and we also offer coaching with a customized Machine Learning Course Curriculum for experienced candidates. We at SLA Institute have numerous ways to get enrolled in our Machine Learning Course in Chennai. You can reach us through Chatbot on our website or the number displayed on the screen or by filling the quick inquiry form shown on the website for enrolling in our Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai at SLA.

        How old is SLA Institute and how many students have been trained by SLA so far?

        SLA Institute is the pioneering Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai that equips learners around the world for about two decades. Our 20+ years of field excellence have served 2,53,085+ students globally as we have 150+ industry-leading experts to instruct for the Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai. We have easy-to-access learning support and allow students to learn during their flexible learning hours through in-person classroom and instructor-led online training modes for Machine Learning Course in Chennai. Join SLA Institute to become the best ML Engineer through our job-focused Machine Learning Training in Chennai.

        Are you looking for exciting offers for Machine Learning Course at SLA?

        We have numerous exciting offers at SLA Institute for the global candidates to learn the Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai. The students and fresh graduates can avail of flexible payment aid with 0% EMI to begin the journey by learning the Top Machine Learning Training in Chennai at SLA. We offer convenient payment methods for students to pay their Machine Learning Course Fees in two installments. Avail of the best and exciting offers for learning the Best Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai at SLA Institute.

        Who is my trainer and how are they selected?

        SLA Institute has the industry-leading instructors to offer the Best Machine Learning Course in Chennai. We have 10+ expert Machine Learning Course Trainers who have got 15+ years of experience in the field of research studies, training faculty, application development, and data science. They are having experience in handling numerous industrial Machine Learning projects with sole responsibility and they also have experience in team projects. They are well-educated and proficient in Machine Learning Course Concepts and they will update their skills after every latest release of Machine Learning Technologies. Enjoy the unlimited learning experience by enrolling in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai.

        What are the different modes of training offered by the SLA Institute?

        We offer Machine Learning Training in Chennai in three different modes to reach the unreachable around the world. Our in-person classroom mode for the students who want to learn Machine Learning Course in Chennai in our institute-premises. Students from remote areas can learn in our instructor-led online mode of Machine Learning Training in Chennai with the same classroom experience. We are also offering Machine Learning Training Course to the corporate professionals to upskill their knowledge as per the current updates of machine learning technologies. Learn in your convenient learning mode in our Machine Learning Training Institute in Chennai with Job Assistance.

        What certification will I receive after course completion?

        SLA Institute offers the Best Machine Learning Certification Training in Chennai that adds value to your profile to become an excellent ML Engineer in top companies. We offer an industry-accredited course completion certificate after the successful completion of the Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA. Our certified Machine Learning candidates will be shortlisted in big companies and we have tied up with top clients to hire our candidates globally. Discover a wide range of job opportunities by joining our Machine Learning Certification Training Institute in Chennai.

        How about group discounts or corporate training for our team?

        We offer corporate training through our Machine Learning Course in Chennai for the companies to upgrade the skills of their employees to complete the Machine Learning projects with the knowledge of recent technologies like cybersecurity, natural language processing, image processing, voice recognition, neural networking, and so on. We provide seasonal offers for the students who learn individually and we offer group discounts for the corporate training for Machine Learning Course in Chennai at SLA Institute. Educate your whole team with the corporate model of Machine Learning Training in Chennai to enhance your organizational performance and employee productivity.

        What are the payment options for SLA Institute for Machine Learning Course in Chennai?

        We accept payment for Machine Learning Course in Chennai with Placement Assistance in three different options. If you pay Machine Learning Course Fees in a single payment, you will receive a discount offer as of the date you pay. The students can pay Machine Learning Course Fees in two installments. You can even start your learning journey by availing of 0% (No Cost) EMI on the Machine Learning Course in Chennai. We will accept payments through credit/debit cards, cash, or UPI payment modes for the Best Machine Learning Training Course in Chennai with Placement Assistance.