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About PHP Training

Being a language for general purposes, PHP can develop both static and dynamic websites. For the uninitiated, the purpose of the language is to let web developers to come up with dynamically produced pages in a rapid and convenient manner. PHP training in Chennai from SLA will give the student an edge over others.

PHP is one of the most commonly used languages for server-side scripting. Well, what does PHP refer to? It stands for Hypertext Pre-processor. When you have to do web development then PHP is deployed.

PHP lets you to gather, process and use data to gain the desired output. PHP deploys databases including MySQL so as to function with various extensions that are present for creating different applications.

Class Room Training

Our classroom training facility provides you the opportunity to interact with our instructors.

Online Training

Our classroom training facility provides you the opportunity to interact with our instructors.

Project Handaling

Our classroom training facility provides you the opportunity to interact with our instructors.

Scope of PHP Training

With its wide application in mobile, desktops, microcontrollers etc. PHP is found in almost every corner of technology. When you compare PHP with other courses including JSP, Python, PERL, PHP is considered to be a potential contender in the market. Due to the powerful features of PHP equipped with its user friendliness, it has turned out to a preferred choice for web application developers.

Significance of PHP

The PHP scripting language is used to develop a plethora of websites and applications. It is an amazing thing that PHP has now turned out to be one of the topmost and highly recognized web-application development technology. Just think of its power!- it is even the nucleus of WordPress. Facebook also uses PHP scripting and this only demonstrates the latter’s profoundness.

PHP development has several purposes and its enhanced security lets it shine in the crowd. Security is a primary element for any webmaster and the total structure of PHP offers widened security features. From this we can infer that PHP is a preferred language as far as custom web development is concerned.

PHP offers sufficient assistance for object-oriented programming. The flexibility and affordability of this language is the icing on the cake. This can be attributed to the open-source existence of the language. The core community of PHP is one of its strengths which cannot be ignored.

The user-friendliness of PHP can be regarded as one of its greatest strengths. The best PHP training in Chennai gives you the required experience for skilled execution. PHP training course in Chennai with placement supports you in developing any application from the scratch. Since PHP is one of the eminent user-friendly programming languages in the industry, there is a wide scope for it. Its flexibility is also good.

Are you contemplating in building complex, powerful and user-friendly web applications? Then PHP training in Chennai will take your career in the right direction.

Career opportunities

Those who wish to take up a career in PHP can learn from the best PHP training course. SLA prepares you in such a way that there is an infusion of practical coaching. There are several opportunities for PHP programmers in the contemporary world.

The aspiring candidate wants to get the job according to his/her choice. Best PHP Institute helps to hone the skills of the candidates.

As per the job functions, PHP developers may be divided into software developers or web developers. PHP developers are found in web design companies, software companies, etc. They deal with object oriented programming, troubleshooting, web application development etc.

PHP web development tool is an essential tool in the current web design scenario. Make the utmost use of it from the best PHP Institute. Beginners should pursue an efficient PHP training to gain a good head-start in their profession.

Who should attend?

  • The good news is that PHP course in Chennai lets beginners to imbibe the skills with ease and speed. In fact, the fresher can treat it as the first server language.
  • The professional programmer can also benefit from its advanced features.
  • An aspiring candidate with great coding abilities.

Our PHP Training Syllabus

Intro to Programming

  • Language and the Logic of Programming
  • Types of Programming Languages and Vocabulary
  • What is PHP
  • Why use PHP

PHP Language Basics

  • Syntax
  • Quotes
  • Comments
  • Special Characters
  • Data Types
  • Precedence
  • Symbols

PHP Identifiers

  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Arrays

PHP Control Flow Basics

  • Operators
  • Conditionals

PHP Functional Basics

  • Functions
  • Function Design Tools
  • File Systems (Handling)

File System Basics

  • Constants
  • Commonly Used File Functions
  • File System Performance

PHP Web Concepts

  • Client/Server Communications
  • How to embed PHP into HTML
  • How to embed HTML into PHP
  • Cookies
  • Sessions
  • $_GET and $_POST

PHP Database Basics

  • Introduction to Relationship Databases
  • Keywords and Statements in SQL
  • Using PHP Functions with the MySQL Data Engine

Developing PHP Apps

  • Defining a Solution without Writing Code
  • Organizing a Concept Solution
  • Creating a Program Skeleton
  • Defining Error Checking Requirements
  • Introduction to Application Security

Challenge Project

  • Coding an Order Inquiry application


There is no prior skills required for learning PHP. However,

  • Some understanding of HTML, CSS, JS
  • Some comprehension of how the web functions added advantage.

Why SLA for PHP Training

SLA has a huge infrastructure and the student is provided with the benefit of flexible timings. Soft skills training is also given to the candidate to attend the interview with confidence. The candidate gets a course completion certificate after completing it successfully.

Our Valuable Certificate

A course completion certificate is a proof of your knowledge and would scale up your career. On completion of the PHP certification, the student will receive a course completion certificate.

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