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      Selenium with Python Interview Questions and Answers

      Selenium with Python Interview Questions and Answers

      Selenium with Python Interview Questions and Answers

      Top Selenium Interview Questions and Answers

      Selenium WebDriver with Python is used for testing software applications and web applications. Python API enhances us to connect with the browser through Selenium. Selenium is a powerful tool for managing web browsers by programs and browser automation. It supports programming languages like Python, Java, C#, and so on. When the candidates are well-versed with Python and Selenium, they will be hired easily by top companies for testing various web applications. Here is the popular Selenium with Python Interview Questions and Answers for helping candidates to clear the technical rounds easily.

      Selenium with Python tricky Interview questions

      1. What are the uses of Python in Software Testing ?

      Python is the versatile programming language used to perform software testing by generating test data, parsing test results, generating test reports, and testing API calls. Python is used to extract needs from a word document and for testing tasks automation by setting up environments. Python is used with Selenium Web Driver for test automation and writing desktop applications. It is used in test data manipulation and to build a test environment.

      2. What are the python frameworks used in test automation ?

      The popular Python frameworks used in test automation are Web2Py, PAMIE, and py.test.

      3. Define unittest in Python

      Unittest is one of the unit testing frameworks of Python and it supports the sharing of setups, shutdown code for tests, automation testing, and aggregation of tests into collections.

      4. What are the commands used for downloading Selenium?

      Pip installs – U Selenium and Sudo pip install python are the commands used for downloading Selenium.

      5. What is the command used to check whether Python is installed properly?

      Pip – version is the command used to check about python is installed properly.

      6. Define Locator

      Locator is an element in the web page that the python script will interact with the Selenium WebDriver.

      7. List out the various locators used in Python

      Python is using various locators like Tag name, Class name, id, link text, partial link text, CSS selector, XPath, and Name.

      8. Define Selenium WebDriver

      Selenium WebDriver provides a tool to interact with various web browsers to control the operation of the script. For example, chromedriver, gecko, ledriver, etc.

      9. Explain explicit and implicit wait

      The explicit wait makes the browser wait for a particular duration if the condition is true it will throw a time exceeded exception. While implicit wait makes the browser wait for a particular time and the execution continues.

      10. What are alerts and how are they should handle?

      Alerts are the notifications that pop up in the windows for the users. It will be handled as follows

      To handle: alert_var = browser.switch_to_alert()

      To dismiss: alert_var.dismiss()

      To accept: alert_var_accept()

      11. Differentiate close() and quit() functions of the browser

      Browser.close() is used to close the current executing window and we can always switch to another window handles after closing the active one. Browser.quit() is used to close the complete browser with all the open windows. It makes sure the processes that are closed and terminated without memory leaks

      12. Define indentation in Python

      Python will not use braces to indicate the start and stop functions but it uses indentation also known as whitespaces to make the compiler understand the start and stop of function.

      13. How to write selenium scripts?

      Selenium scripts will be written using any scripting language like python.

      14. Explain the uses of automation testing, data-driven testing, and standalone application testing?

      Automation testing is used to reduce manpower and the time we spend on manual testing. Selenium uses data-driven testing for bypassing values as parameters during runtime. Selenium doesn’t support standalone application testing as it supports web driver applications.

      15. Why should we use Python for Selenium?

      Python is one of the easy-to-use programming languages and Python API allows testers to connect the browser through Selenium. It conveys normal python commands to various browsers for design.

      16. What is synchronization in Selenium and how does it work?

      Synchronization is performed in Selenium using Implicit wait and Explicit wait. The implicit wait is used to default waiting time and the explicit wait is used to halt the execution until the condition is true.

      17. What are the various ways of selecting the values in the dropdown?

      Following are the various ways for selecting the values in the dropdown

      • SelectByValue to select the option based on the option value
      • SelectByVisibleText to select the option based on visible text
      • SelectByIndex to select the option base on the index

      18. Explain the various navigation command in Selenium

      The navigation command is used to refresh the driver.refresh(), it is used to navigate back with the driver.back(), and it is used to move forward with the driver.forward().

      19. What are the various exceptions in Selenium?

      The various exceptions in selenium are

      • webDriver exception
      • noalertPresent exception
      • nosuchWindow exception
      • nosuchElement exception
      • timeoutexception

      20. How to handle multiple windows in Selenium?

      Selenium is having method known as “switch_to_window” to switch between the multiple windows and it will be sending the address of the window in the form of a string in the argument.

      21. What testing types will be supported by Selenium?

      Selenium supports functional testing and regression testing.

      22. Define Selenium IDE

      Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the easiest of all the test automation tools within the Selenium Package. It is used to record and playback feature that makes it easy to learn with minimal skills any programming language. Selenium IDE is an exceptional tool for naïve users.

      23. Differentiate Assert and Verify

      The assert is used to validate the result and if the test case fails, it will stop the execution of the test case to move the control to another test case. Verification is used to validate the result and if the test case fails, it will stop the execution of the test case.

      24. Write a program for the below pattern with one while loop
















      >a = 0

      bool = True


      If (a<0);


      If(a==5): bool = False

      If (bool): a = a+1

      Else a = a – 1

      Print (“*”*a)

      25. Explain Python unitTest default methods

      #it will execute before the execution of every test method

      def setUp(self):


      #it will execute once before it executes any test method

      def setUpClass(cls):


      #it will execute after the execution of each test method

      def teardown(self):


      #it will execute after it executes all the test methods

      def tearDownClass(cls):



      Selenium with Python helps in controlling web browsers by programs and automation. We hope the Selenium with Python Interview Questions and Answers framed here will be helpful for candidates to get increased confidence. Learn the best Selenium with Python Course in Chennai to gain expertise in web application testing.