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      Software Testing Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Testing has been in the favorite list of trending courses for over some time. Students always want to shine in their field of profession and approach the Best Software Testing Training in Chennai with enthusiasm. If you are a candidate who has rational assessment and logical thinking, has good communication skills, is highly motivated, and has some programming skills, then we will mould you into the best potential candidate for software testing. Even if you think you lack in these, don’t worry. We will impart the needed knowledge to you.

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      Finding Your Right Courses

      Best Software Testing Training in Chennai

      Want to get career-oriented Software Testing Training in Chennai Then think about SLA Institute that offers certification and placement assistance on both manual and automation testing training. We train you on the important automation testing tool Selenium. Through our personal, interactive and practical training in Chennai, you can rest assured that you can get the value for your money.

      Manual Testing Training

      Manual testing is a form of testing that is carried out manually by the tester whose main goal is to identify the bugs and other unpredictable performance. It does not consist of implementation of any tool. The different stages in manual testing are unit testing, system testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing.

      Automation Testing

      Test automation is implemented by the tester to test the software by deploying tools including Selenium. This is generally taken up to re-run the test cases or test scripts that are carried out in a regular manner, in a faster amount of time.

      All you want to know about Software Testing Course in Chennai

      The age-old saying it is human to err applies to the IT field too. The goal of any organization is that the final product should not have any flaws. All organizations work for user experience, and when that is not up to the mark, the organization’s reputation is at stake.

      The developers may build products with great earnestness but still there might be some mistakes in the product. This calls for efficient testing from the side of software testers. Software testing can be classified into two types namely, manual testing and automation testing.

      The essence should be that both should work in complement with each other. While manual testing involves the intervention of humans to find errors and bugs in the software, automation testing comprises the usage of testing tools to find the errors.

      Those that can be automated can be performed through automation testing tools like Selenium, and those that need the critical eye of humans can be done with manual testing. The big debate of whether automation testing will take over manual testing is best answered by the sheer fact that we cannot assume that test automation will carry out all the work effortlessly of a tester.

      The Best software testing course in Chennai is very well cognizant of this and strives to hone your skills. For those who want to enter the challenging world of manual testing, we give them enough guidance, and the same goes for those who want to shine in the world of automation testing. We know the never-say-die spirit of those who approach us and who don’t want to settle with only automation that makes their lives easy.

      We also know the great role of an automation tester who should have sufficient knowledge of programming languages, good decision-making skills and the persistence of paying attention to even small details. Hence, you can contact us for a bright career in testing.

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      Objectives of Software Testing Training in Chennai

      We aim to provide an in-depth understanding of software testing in our Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai to qualify the learners for performing from day one in the industries. Our main objective of the Software Testing Course in Chennai is to enhance our students with the ability to implement software testing methods, required technologies, and appropriate tools for identifying and logging errors and bugs in developed software applications. 

      The major objectives of the Software Testing Training in Chennai are:

      • To teach the software testing concepts with commitment so that the students are not left in the dark even after the completion of the course.
      • To make the candidate industry-ready by sharpening both their technical and life skills.
      • To give the candidate sufficient placement assistance so that they reach their career goals.
      • To impart the needed software training knowledge to every student and assess their skills throughout the course duration.
      • To guide the student in every possible way including provision of mock interviews, helping with resume preparation, sufficient assignments, aptitude tests etc.
      career support

      Enjoy Free and Lifetime Placement Assistance

      Our placement team helps you identify your right jobs through extensive industry connect

      Prerequisites for learning Software Testing Training in Chennai

      The good news is that you needn’t have any prerequisites to learn from the Best Software Testing Training in Chennai. But basic knowledge of programming languages will be an added advantage.

      It is appreciated that working professionals have some fundamental coding knowledge in any programming language like C, C++, Python, Java, or Dot Net. It helps them to complete Software Testing Course in Chennai efficiently with satisfying hands-on practices. Our trainers have framed the software testing course syllabus in advanced level and that can be personalized as per the job requirements of learners.

      Who can attend our Software Testing Course in Chennai

      We at SLA Institute intend to provide the Software Testing Training in Chennai for all the aspirants irrespective of their educational and experience background. Our trainers will equip freshers and students from a scratch with a comprehensive curriculum that covers fundamental to advanced concepts. Working professionals who want to upgrade their skills can learn with a customized Software Testing Curriculum as per the learning requirements.

      Following candidates can join our Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai to start their career in the Software Testing field.

      • Freshers who are keen on beginning their career as a software testing professional in a top MNC can learn the Software Testing Course in Chennai at SLA Institute. Preferably, computer science should be the academic background of the software tester. For eg., if you are a BTech/B.E, MCA, BSc. Computer Science, BCA graduate then you will get a software testing job easily. Moreover, you will able to grasp the concepts well. Even if you are from a different academic background then also we teach you from the basics in a comprehensive manner.
      • Experienced professionals who are already having their career in manual testing and need to develop their career can adopt Software Testing Training in Chennai at SLA Institute. You can talk to our technical counselor to comprehend the importance of software testing and eventually take your career to the next level.
      • Professionals operating in BPO, KPO or any other non-IT based jobs who are searching for software testing courses in Chennai with placement can get enrolled for this course.
      • Developers who should comprehend and ace software testing can also ponder over taking up software testing training from SLA Institute.

      Job Profiles of Software Testing

      SLA provides the best-in-class coaching with the non-technical and technical skills for the global learners to get better placement in the software testing field. Our Software Testing Training in Chennai is useful for new graduates and experienced professionals to get the right path to becoming Software testers, Quality Analysts, and Testing engineers.

      The profile you take up after the Software Testing Training in Chennai depends on the nature of the organization. Here we list down some of the common software testing job profiles:

      • QA Engineer
      • Test Manager
      • Test Automation Engineer
      • Test Analyst

      Software Testing Engineer Roles and Salaries in Top Companies

      Here is the list of popular companies that hire software testing engineers frequently along with their profiles, current requirements, and salaries they offer for the present employees. We equip our learners with the right skills required for top companies in our Software Testing Training in Chennai.


      Infosys is a global leader that has clients across 50+ countries to navigate their digital transformation with AI-powered solutions. Employees ensure a positive environment and the average Test Engineer Salary in Infosys is ₹3,96,091 per annum. It is the salary based on 1871 Infosys Test Engineer as per the report of Glassdoor.com. 

      Tata Consultancy Services

      TCS is the global leader in IT services, digital, and business solutions that serve 46 countries with 5,92,195 employees for various profiles. The top profiles of TCS for the software testing engineer field are Test Engineer, Software Test Engineer, and Test Analyst. The average salary of the testing engineer is around ₹5,33,592 per year and it is based on the report of 2035+ employees.

      Cognizant Technology Solutions

      Cognizant is one of the leading professional service companies in the world that help global clients evolve into modern businesses with data-enabled and data-driven solutions. QA testing engineer is the popular job profile in Cognizant and the average salary of the Software Testing Engineer is around ₹5,31,945. It is based on 3037 Software Test Engineer Salaries as per the report of Glassdoor.


      Wipro is an Indian multinational company that offers IT and Business Solutions. It offers innovation-led strategy, technology, and business consulting services for about 67 countries with 230,000+ employees. The average salary of the Software Testing Engineer is around ₹4,41,030 per year and it is the average pay details of 2047 employees.


      Capgemini is a global leader to transform and managing the business of their clients through accelerated technology solutions. It provides an inclusive and sustainable future for its employees and it has 270,000 employees in nearly 50 countries. The average salary of a software test engineer in Capgemini is around ₹4,51,855 per year and it is based on 1080 employees’ pay details. 

      The syllabus of the Software Testing Training in Chennai is formed according to the industry standards and is updated frequently. We work with the mission of providing relevant and challenging content to the students so that they are ready to face the live situation with confidence.

      We offer the Best Software Testing Course in Chennai that covers fundamental to advanced concepts of Manual Testing and Automation Testing. It consists of in-depth training on required tools and technologies involved in these skills to become experts in respective fields. Our Software Testing Training in Chennai equips the learners with required technical and job-related placement skills through hands-on practice on real-time projects.

      Manual Testing

      • Software Engineering
      • SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) Models
      • Testing Requirments

      Testing Levels & Techniques

      • Unit Testing
      • Integration Testing
      • Top Down & Bottom Up Approach
      • System Testing, User Acceptance Testing

      White Box, Black Box – Testing Types

      • Module Testing, Functional Testing
      • Mutation Testing, Regression Testing
      • Security Testing
      • Load/Performance Testing
      • Smoke Testing
      • Live Testing
      • Gorilla Testing
      • Verification & Validation
      • V Model
      • Types Of Reviews

      Quality Assurance

      • Quality Standards
      • ISO 9000 Standards
      • CMM & TQM
      • Quality Process Implementation
      • Canon Or Cook Book
      • Pareto Analysis
      • Test Strategy
      • Testing Methodology
      • Test Plans
      • Test Scanario
      • Use Case
      • Real Time Test Cases
      • Real Time Bug Report Generation

      Selenium Automation Tool

      • Selenium Features And IDE Overview
      • Record And Run
      • Understand IDE
      • Command, Target, Value
      • Verifing Page Elements Assertion Or
      • Verification Matching Text Patterns Locating Elementd
      • Installing & Uisng Fire Bug To Inspect Elements
      • Understand ID, Name, X Path, CSS
      • Attribute, Text And Dynamic Object
      • JAVA
      • FireBug
      • Firepath
      • Eclipse And Jenkins
      • Locators
      • Javascript
      • Cucumber
      • JUnit
      • Maven
      • JMeter
      • TestNG
      • ANT
      • XML
      • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
      • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
      • Complete Web Driver
      • Selenium Grid
      • Real Time
      • Framework
      • Database Testing
      • Live Selenium Project

      Introduction To QTP

      • QTP IDE
      • Basic Components In QTP
      • Addin Manager
      • How Does QTP Works/Object
      • Recognition Concept
      • Record A Sample Test
      • Understand The Script
      • Execution Of A Test
      • Enhancement Of Recorded Script

      Framework In QTP

      • What Is Framework
      • Types Of Framework
      • Linear Scripting
      • Structured Scripting
      • Data Driven
      • Keyword Driven
      • Modular Driven
      • Hybrid

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Software Testing Training

      Project 1
      Blending Automation and Manual Testing

      The students will know the difference between manual and automation testing processes through this project. They will know how to perform manual testing without using any scripts. 

      Project 3
      Software Testing in IoT

      This project makes the students understand of performance testing required for IoT to be done at Network and Gateway levels like HTTP, CoAp, or MQTT, System levels like Database, Processing, and Analysis, and Application Level. 

      Project 2
      Automated Network Security Testing Tool

      This Project help the students to work efficiently with the process of scanning  App for vulnerabilities using automation tools. To understanding of preventing vulnerabilities & unknown accesses by hackers. 

      Project 4
      Machine Learning and AI Testing

      Artificial Intelligent Process and Machine Learning Algorithms are used to effectively test a software product. This Project help to understand the significance of AI-based testing to make the testing process smarter & effective.

      Key Features of the Software Testing Training in Chennai

      While manual testing is sufficient for small processes, for larger systems testing tools are generally used to automate activities. And manual testing can be used in exploratory, adhoc, and usability testing. You will learn all about these from the Best Software Testing Course in Chennai . The batch sizes are consciously maintained small so that every student gets the necessary knowledge. We don’t overload the students with theoretical knowledge but ensure that they are also good in practical sessions. We even offer discounts and EMI options that will be beneficial to the students.

      Online Training for Software Testing Training in Chennai

      With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a shift to online training globally. SLA Institute had been providing online training even before the pandemic, keeping in mind the convenience of the students. We allow them to learn at their own pace and give them the freedom to explore different opportunities. The virtual classes are also on par with the classroom sessions in terms of course materials, nature of teaching, and placement assistance. Whenever needed, we provide the students with recorded lectures.

      Why SLA Institute for Software Testing Training in Chennai?

      At SLA Insitute we have tie-ups with several IT companies. We ensure that all our students attend lot of interviews until they are placed successfully. There is a blend of both theory and practicals in our teaching and this eventually instills the needed confidence in the students to solve the real-time applications.

      SLA Institute is well aware that all the organizations do not just look for only academic scores at the time of placement. They need a certification course from an established training center as SLA Institute. Hence having a certificate from SLA Institute which is the best Software Testing Training Center in Chennai will make you stand in the crowd.

      All our trainers have great proficiency in software testing with sufficient knowledge in real-time applications . They ensure that all the students get the much needed exposure as per the present IT requirements.

      SLA Insitute has a variety of courses and the students can gain a lot from them. For example the student can select the advanced version of automation testing if they already have an insight into manual testing. Suppose you are a fresher and are seeking a stronger basis in manual testing then look no further than SLA Institute.

      SLA Institute has expert trainers who do not push several students in a single batch. Our goal is to ensure that everyone gets personal attention.

      We give the students the flexibility to come up with the pace at which they want their classes. They can opt for either fast track class if they already have a fair idea regarding the basics . On the other hand, they can choose the normal pace thereby encompassing the basics.

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      The placement process at SLA Institute

      • To foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      Trainer’s Profile

      The highlight of our trainers is that they help the students to learn at the own pace and come up with as many doubts as they have. The final outcome should be a fulfilling experience, and the trainers strive for that. The software testing trainer at SLA Institute has over 20 years of experience and trained more than 1000+ students per year. He has proficiency in both theoretical and practical knowledge. The trainer also knows the happenings in the industry and coach the students accordingly.

      1,989 Ratings


      QA Enginner
      As soon as I completed my graduation, I was thinking of taking up a trending course from a renowned institute. Then my friend referred me to SLA Institute. I discussed with the academic counselors regarding my career interest and finally, we decided that manual testing is the right choice for me. The training was very effective and the placement team also guided me thoroughly.
      A 1


      Test Managar
      I am glad that I took up the software testing training in Chennai. The trainer is really a subject matter expert and cleared all my doubts with confidence. Now I have the confidence to attend an interview. Thank you SLA Institute!


      Test Analyst
      I joined SLA Institute for software testing and the overall experience is good. I learned a lot in a short span and now am happy that I can implement them in the live scenario.


      Test Analyst
      I am happy that I learned Selenium automation testing from SLA Institute, The trainer is very patient and cleared my doubts with clarity. The placement team guided me with their inputs and I even attended sufficient mock interviews. I would definitely give five stars to them!

      Did You Like Our Reviews?

      Then why are you waiting? Start your journey learning and write your career story

      Our Placement Opportunities

      SLA Institute’s mission is to place as many candidates as possible in good organizations. For this, we make them industry-ready through practical sessions and interview preparation. We schedule adequate mock interviews for the candidates and arrange n number of interviews. We know that there is a great demand for SOA testers, security testers etc. and hence train the candidates accordingly.

      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Software Testing FAQ's

      Software Testing is the process of validating and verifying that a software product or application performs what is asked by the clients exactly. The benefits of hiring software testers are more and top companies are hiring certified and skilled software testing engineers to perform manual testing and automation testing with an in-depth knowledge of popular frameworks and tools.

      Here are the frequently asked questions that would be the answer to your queries. Contact our Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai for further queries.

      What are the various types of testing?

      The software testing will be breakdown into various common types like Accessibility Testing, Acceptance Testing, Black Box Testing, End to End Testing, Functional Testing, Interactive Testing, Integration Testing, Load Testing, Performance Testing, and so on. Learn the complete testing types in our Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai.

      Why testing is required?

      The testing is crucial for companies that help in discovering defects and bugs in the application or software to deliver a quality product to their clients. It makes the software easy to use and reliable as it ensures the high-performance of software products. Accelerate your skills by learning our Software Testing Course in Chennai

      What are the primary principles of software testing?

      The primary principles of Software Testing are practicability, reliability, validity, authenticity, and washback. Learn about the complete testing process comprehensively in our Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai with best practices.

      What are the levels of software testing?

      There are four major levels in software testing and they are unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing. Enroll in our Software Testing Training in Chennai at SLA to gain expertise in the complete software testing process.

      What are the profiles available in Software Testing?

      The popular and frequently required software testing profiles are Software Testers, QA Analysts, Acceptance Testers, Test Managers, Test Engineers, QA Testers, QA Testers, Test Analysts, and Senior Quality Analysts. Discover the wide range of opportunities in the Software Testing field by enrolling in our Software Testing Training and Placement Institute in Chennai at SLA.

      What is the main reason why I should take up software testing training in SLA Institute?
      There are many reasons for you to attend the course. The trainer is highly knowledgeable and will guide you with his expertise throughout the course. The course material is also framed keeping in mind the present industry standards. We provide sufficient practical learning exposure and give enough assignments to the students to practice. The batch sizes are also maintained small so there is one-to-one attention. Interview preparation is at its best and we assess the students thoroughly. We also provide lifetime support for all your queries related to software testing.
      What to do if I miss a session?
      Even if you miss a course, you can attend a backup session. You can clear all your doubts during these sessions and rest assured that you don’t lag.
      Is there 100% placement assistance?
      We will arrange n number of interviews for you. For this, we will ensure that you are imparted with the needed skills. Your ability and performance in the course sessions also play a major role besides the quality of our training.

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      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
      • 0% EMI Loan Facilities
      • FREE Softskill & Placement Training
      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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