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    DevOps Course Syllabus

    Devops Training Syllabus

    The DevOps syllabus is formed clearly with a focus on industry standards. It is periodically updated.

    Introduction To Devops

    • Define Devops
    • What Is Devops
    • SDLC Models,Lean,Agile
    • Why Devops?
    • History Of Devops
    • Devops Stakeholders
    • Devops Goals
    • Important Terminology
    • Devops Perspective
    • Devops And Agile
    • Devops Tools
    • Configuration Management
    • Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment And Continuous Delivery

    Introduction To Cloud Computing

    • What Is Cloud Computing
    • Characteristics Of Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Implementation Models
    • Cloud Service Models
    • Advantages Of Cloud Computing
    • Concerns Of Cloud Computing
    Introduction To Virtualization
    • What Is Virtualization?
    • History Of Virtualization
    • What Is Hypervisor?
    • Types Of Server Virtualization
    • Benefits Of Virtualization
    • Important Virtualization Products
    AWS Cloud Technical Essentials
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
    • Amazon Route 53
    • Amazon VPC
    • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
    • Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
    • Amazon Content Delivery Network (Amazon CloudFront)
    • Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)
    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • Amazon ElastiCache
    • Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS)
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • Amazon CloudTrail
    • Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)
    • AWS Identity And Access Management (IAM)
    • Amazon Command Line Interface API
    • S3-Browser
    GIT : Version Control
    • Version Control Systems
    • Local, Centralized And Distributed
    Installing Git
    • Installing On Linux
    • Installing On Windows
    • Initial Setup
    Git Essentials
    • Creating Repository
    • Cloning, Check-In And Committing
    • Fetch Pull And Remote
    • Branching
    Jenkins – Continuous Integration
    • Introduction To Jenkins
    • CI/CD Concepts
    • Continuous Integration And Continuous Delivery
    • Quiz: CI/CD Concepts
    • Installing And Configuring Jenkins
    • Prerequisites
    • Jenkins Install
    • The Dashboard
    • User Management And Security
    • Adding A Jenkins Slave
    • Setting Up GitHub
    • Plugin Manager
    • Exercise: Install A Jenkins Master And Prerequisites
    • Exercise: Configuring Matrix-Based Security
    • Exercise: Add A Jenkins Slave
    • Exercise: Working With The Plugin Manager
    • Quiz: Installing And Configuring Jenkins
    • Projects
    • Freestyle Project Configuration
    • Source Code Management And The Git Plugin
    • Git Hooks And Other Build Triggers
    • Workspace Environment Variables
    • Parameterized Projects
    • Upstream/Downstream Projects And The Parameterized Trigger Plugin
    • Folders
    • Views
    • Exercise: Configure A Parameterized Freestyle Project?
    • Hands-On Labs: Configure A Jenkins Freestyle Project
    • Hands-On Labs: Jenkins Upstream And Downstream Projects With The Parameterized Trigger Plugin
    • Quiz: Projects
    • Pipelines
    • Our Java Pipeline Project
    • Docker Install
    • Installing And Configuring Ant
    • The Jenkinsfile
    • Configuring And Running A Pipeline
    • Artifacts And Fingerprints
    • Exercise: Build A Simple Pipeline Without SCM
    • Hands-On Labs: Configure A Jenkins Pipeline
    • Quiz: Pipelines
    • Testing With Jenkins
    • About Testing
    • Unit Testing With JUnit And Ant
    • Deploying To Apache
    • Functional Testing
    • Quiz: Testing With Jenkins
    • Pipeline Enhancements
    • Multibranch Pipelines And Code Promotion
    • Tagging
    • Notifications
    • Shared Pipeline Libraries
    • Exercise: Configure Notifications In A Pipeline
    • Hands-On Labs: Configure A Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline
    • Quiz: Pipeline Enhancements
    • Advanced Jenkins Administration
    • The Jenkins CLI
    • The Jenkins REST API
    • Setting Up A Jenkins Master With Docker
    • Exercise: Using The Jenkins CLI
    • Exercise: Using The Jenkins REST API
    • Quiz: Advanced Jenkins Administration
    Linux Administration
    • A Linux Introduction
    • Open Source Philosophy
    • Distributions
    • Embedded Systems
    • Command Line Basics
    • Basic Shell
    • Command Line Syntax – Ls
    • Command Line Syntax – $PATH, Case Sensitivity
    • Command Line Syntax – Basic Commands
    • Command Line Syntax – Uname
    • Command Line Syntax – Command History, Command Completion
    • Command Line Syntax – Cd And Pwd
    • Shell Configuration Files
    • Variables – Environment / System Variables
    • Variables – User Defined
    • Globbing
    • Quoting
    • Formatting Commands
    • Working With Options
    • Using The Command Line To Get Help
    • Man
    • Info
    • Locate, Find, Whereis, And Using /Usr/Share/Doc/
    • Exercise: Man Page Walkthrough
    • Exercise: Basic Command Line
    • Using Directories And Listing Files
    • The Linux File System
    • Files, Directories
    • Hidden Files And Directories
    • Home
    • Absolute And Relative Paths
    • Exercise: Maneuvering The Linux File System
    • Creating, Moving And Deleting Files
    • Files And Directories
    • Case Sensitivity
    • Simple Globbing And Quoting
    • The Power Of The Command Line
    • Archiving Files On The Command Line
    • Files, Directories
    • Archives, Compression
    • Searching And Extracting Data From Files
    • Commands (Revisited)
    • Command Line Pipes
    • I/O Redirection
    • Regular Expressions
    • Exercise: Practicing With Pipes And Grep
    • Turning Commands Into A Script
    • Basic Text Editing
    • Basic Shell Scripting
    • Basic Shell Scripting, Continued
    • Exercise: Using The Vi Text Editor
    • Available
    • The Linux Operating System
    • Choosing An Operating System
    • Windows, Mac, And Linux Differences
    • Distribution Life Cycle Management
    • Understanding Computer Hardware
    • Hardware
    • Where Data Is Stored
    • Kernel
    • Processes
    • Syslog, Klog, Dmesg
    • /Lib, /Usr/Lib, /Etc, /Var/Log
    • Your Computer On The Network
    • Internet, Network, Routers
    • Domain Name Service And The Default Gateway (Network Router)
    • Network Configuration
    • Security And File Permissions
    • Basic Security And Identifying User Types
    • Root And Standard Users
    • System Users
    • Creating Users And Groups
    • User IDs
    • User Commands
    • Group Commands
    • Exercise: Managing User Accounts
    • Exercise: Creating User Groups
    • Managing File Permissions And Ownership
    • File/Directory Permissions And Owners
    • Special Directories And Files
    • Symbolic Links
    • System Files, Special Files, And Sticky Bits
    Docker (Containers) – Inroduction
    • What Is A Docker
    • Use Case Of Docker
    • Platforms For Docker
    • Dockers Vs Virtualization
    • Docker Architecture.
    • Important Docker Components
    • Understanding The Docker Components
    • Installing Docker On Linux.
    • Understanding Installation Of Docker On Windows.
    • Some Docker Commands.
    • Docker Hub.
    • Downloading Docker Images.
    • Running Docker Images
    • Running Commands In Container.
    • Running Multiple Containers.
    Custom Images
    • Creating A Custom Image.
    • Running A Container From The Custom Image.
    • Publishing The Custom Image.
    Docker Networking
    • Accessing Containers
    • Linking Containers
    • Exposing Container Ports
    • Container Routing
    • Introduction To Ansible
    • Ansible Agentless Architecture
    • Installation
    • Ansible Inventories
    • Ansible Modules
    • Ansible Playbooks

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