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      ETL Testing Course Syllabus

      ETL Testing Training Syllabus

      SLA Institute has framed ETL Testing Course Syllabus to help the students in the data extraction process from the various source system and load them into a single depository effectively. Our ETL Testing Course Curriculum contains important topics such as comparison ETL testing with manual testing, data warehousing with ETL testing, SQL implementation in ETL Testing, Unix integration with ETL Testing, ETL testing specification, and documentation. 

      ETL Testing VS Manual Testing

      • Similarities and Differences
      • Advantages of ETL testing
      • Requirement of ETL tester
      • Responsibility of ETL tester
      • ETL testing methodology in Industry

      Datawarehousing and ETL in Testing perspective

      • Datawarehousing concepts
      • ETL(Informatica) concepts
      • Datawarehousing testing
      • ETL testing
      SQL in ETL Testing perspective
      • SQL concepts Advantages of ETL testing
      • Special SQL commands for ETL testing Responsibility of ETL tester
      • Special SQL queries for ETL testing
      • SQL query tuning
      Unix in ETL Testing perspective
      • Unix concepts
      • Unix commands for ETL testing
      • Using Unix for ETL testing
      • BR document
      • SR document
      • DA specification document
      • Test plan preparation
      • Test Bed preparation
      • Test summary and Status Report
      ETL testing specifications
      • Test data creation strategy
      • Test case Design
        • 1. Column Level
        • 2. Scenario Based
        • 3. Code Integration related test cases
        • 4. Functionality based test cases
        • 5. Extract based test cases
      • Extract Testing
      • Load testing
      • RTM creation
      • Purpose of Training
      • Types of Testing
      • Unit Testing
      • System Testing
      • Unit Acceptance Testing
      • Production Testing
      • Regression Testing
      • White Box Testing
      • Black Box Testing
      • Manual Testing
      • Automation Testing

      Gain expertise in five stages of ETL testing through our ETL Testing Course Syllabus in our ETL Testing Training Institute in Chennai. SLA Institute provides the best coaching on ETL testing by industry experts.