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    Hardware and Networking Course Syllabus

    Hardware and Networking Training Syllabus

    The syllabus is devised according to the industry requirements and is updated regularly.


    Basic Hardware and Networking Content

      • Basic Introduction About (Hardware & Software)
      • Os installation (Windows & Linux)

    Ms-Dos command & Basic Unix command

    • Hardware device (SMPS, RAM & ROM, Hard Disk, Mother Board, Processor)
    • Hardware Troubleshooting
    • System Assembling & Assembling
    • Mail configuration & Mail Backup
    • System Image Backup & Types of Data Backup
    • RAID Configuration
    A+ Course Content
    • Operating Systems (Edition, Requirement, Types of Installation, Driver Installation)
    • Dual OS installation, Dos Command, Backup and Restore, User Control, Control Panel
    • Computer Peripherals – (Input and Output Devices, Primary Component, Computers Language, Serial and parallel Communication, SMPS)
    • Motherboard (Type, form factor, BUS, IRQ, Chipset, I/O Ports and Connectors, CMOS)
    • Memory (Type, Memory Modules, Development of RAM
    • Comparison of RAM, Virtual Memory, BIOS, POST)
    • Hard Disc (Type, Port, File systems, jumper Setting, Disk Type, Components)
    • Processor (Type, ZIF and SEC, Supports, Virtual Support, Cache, Cores information)
    • External Drives (CD and DVD Drive, Blue-ray, Floppy Disk, Modem, and Printers)
    • Ubuntu (H/W Requirement, basic Command, installation)
    • Assembling and Dis-assembling components, Component upgrade
    • Troubleshooting
    N+ Course Content
    • Introduction (Types of Network, Topology, protocols, and Ports)
    • Networking devices (Routers, Switches, Hub, Repeater, NIC Cards, Bridge)
    • Networking Media (Wire, Wireless, Cables, Crimping, UTP)
    • Networking Layers (OSI, TCP/IP)
    • IP Addresses (Version, Classes, Types)
    • Subnetting (VLSM, FLSM, CIDR, Super netting)
    CCNA Course Syllabus
    • Introduction (Certification, Routing, Routing Components)
    • Booting Process, Ports, Simulators, Basic Commands
    • Networking Functions (Static, and Default Routing, Password)
    • Basic Network Troubleshooting
    • Dynamic Routing 1 (RIP1, RIP2, Troubleshooting Commands)
    • Dynamic Routing 2 (IGRP, EIGRP, and OSPF)
    • Routing Security (Standard, Extended, Named ACL)
    • Switching 1 (Types, Command, Password, VLAN, and Commands)
    • Switching 2 (Inter VLAN and Commands, Trunking Protocol, VTP, STP)
    • WAN Security (Static Dynamic, and PAT NAT)
    • Implementing and Verifying EIGRP
    • Advanced DHCP, VOIP
    • IOS Backup and Restore
    • WAN Technology (PPP, HDLC, ISDN, Frame Relay)
    MCSE Course Syllabus
    • Introduction (About, Version, Edition, Requirement, Basic Security)
    • Server Roles (Server Manager, Functions, Features, Installation and uninstallation, Workgroup)
    • Domain (Installation and Configuration of Domain, User Creation, login, Basic Security)
    • Domain Objects (User, OU, Group, shares, User Profile)
    • Domain Security (GPO, Local Administrative Policy, Bit locker, RSOP, Windows Firewall)
    • File Service (FSRM, DFS, VSS, Offline Files, IIS)
    • File Service (FSRM, DFS, VSS, Offline Files, IIS)
    • Domain Structure (Sites, Tree, Forest, Child Domain, Trust, ADRMS)
    • Windows Services (WDS, WSUS, Software Deployment)
    • Advanced Concept (NAT, VPN, RRAS, Advanced DHCP, Advanced DNS)
    • Backup (Types, System State, BMR, Restore, Snapshot)
    • Virtualization (Hyper-V, Virtual machine)
    • Load Balance, Clustering, Migration, Core OS
    • Server Monitoring Tools (ACS, Event Viewer, Ping, Remote Desktop, Telnet)
    • ITIL (HAM, SAM, CM, SACM, SLA, Service Desk)
    • VMWARE (Snapshot, Templates, Clone, Cold and Hot Migration, DRS and DPM, V- Motion)

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