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      Java Training in Chennai

      4.9 / 5

      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Java Training in Chennai at SLA Institute equips the learners to develop desktop, web, mobile, and gaming applications and it is the topmost choice of global professionals. Java is OOPs-based, a high-level programming language that can be learned easily by beginners to kick-start their career in application development. We provide industry-standard coaching in our Java Training Institute in Chennai to enhance the development skills of IT aspirants worldwide.

      Upcoming Batches

      05 - August - 2023

      Weekdays Regular

      08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches

      (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

      11 - August - 2023

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      08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches

      (Class 1Hr - 1:30Hrs) / Per Session

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      (Class 3hr - 3:30Hrs) / Per Session

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      (Class 4:30Hr - 5:00Hrs) / Per Session

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      Finding Your Right Courses

      Best Java Training in Chennai

      SLA’s all-inclusive curriculum enables students to get acquainted with essential concepts that would make them employable and successful. Our program also provides hands-on exposure in advanced Java frameworks such as; Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Microservices etc. Java is a classic technology and it is one of the strongest programming languages. There is an overabundance of usage of this technology in the IT market and it has been creating a revolution. Time and again, SLA has proved that it is the best Java Training Institute in Chennai, to learn all core and advanced Java concepts clearly and thoroughly.

      We are the leading Java Training in Chennai who provide the best learning platform for the students to learn in their convenient learning hours. Our Java Coursework is designed as per the current industry needs along with hands-on exposure on real-time projects. SLA Institute meticulously handles classes by the expert trainers with the small size of the batch to care for every student who enrolled in our Java Training Institute Center in Chennai.

      Java Programming language is valuable and versatile for developers and it offers promising career growth with a continuous learning process. Our Java Trainers are well-versed and experienced in the field of application development and they will deliver professional and quality classes with good interaction skills. We have spacious and air-conditioned class and lab rooms for providing the best learning environment in the city. Learn the Best Java Training in Chennai at SLA Institute.

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      Highpoints of Our Java Course in Chennai

      Java is the most popular programming language and it is the uppermost choice of global developers. Companies are hiring certified and skilled professionals in the Java platform to deliver applications quickly and efficiently. As it is a high-performed programming language, it is used to implement a wide range of applications for desktop, web, mobile, and gaming purposes. Learn the best Java Training in Chennai at SLA Institute with an industry-valued certificate and placement support.

      • The Java Course syllabus, with the required Java modules, have been designed by industry experts.
      • SLA’s java certification is of real worth as every part of the syllabus is structured and designed based on Corporate and Global standards
      • Our trainers are highly proficient and Experienced in Real- time projects
      • Our Elaborate and full- fledged Java Training Certification makes you more industry ready
      • Interactive, Instructor-lead, online and Offline training sessions
      • Daily recap of previous day’s classes with the designated trainers
      • We have a very dedicated Placement Cell, which works round the clock to help SLA students land in their dream jobs. Excellent classroom and lab facilities
      • Java certification course fee at SLA, is very affordable and viable, with easy instalments, pay later options and loan options too
      • The batch timings are very flexible and convenient for both Offline and Online participants. There are comfortable time slots for working professionals, and these slots can be made available for them, as per their schedules.
      • SLA provides 100% Placement assistance to all students, who complete the course successfully with adherence to our placement training protocols
      • We are connected with more than 1000+ clients for placement opportunities for our students
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      career support

      Enjoy Free and Lifetime Placement Assistance

      Our placement team helps you identify your right jobs through extensive industry connect

      Prerequisites for learning Java Training in Chennai

      Prior knowledge for learning Java is not required, however, fundamental knowledge of C and C++ or any other object-oriented language will be helpful. Anyone from a Computer science background can easily learn Java. It is very suitable for BE/BTech/ ME / MTech graduates (any discipline) too.

      Who should attend our Java Training Institute in Chennai?

      Students interested in coding, IT professionals who want to gain immense knowledge in Java and, increase their growth prospects, Web developers who want to develop powerful applications, can all go for this course.

      • Students interested in coding
      • IT professionals who want to gain immense knowledge in Java
      • Web developers who want to develop powerful applications

      Job Profiles for Java Training in Chennai

      Java professionals are expected to design, develop, and manage Java-based applications and we equip the learned with required industry skills such as Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Web Frameworks, Service-Oriented Architecture, Web Services, Web Technologies, Markup Languages, and JSON along with OOPs concepts and patterns in our Java Training Institute in Chennai. Following are the popular job profiles that can be obtained through our Java Course in Chennai.

      • Software Engineer
      • Java Developer
      • Associate Software Engineer
      • Project Manager
      • Java Full Stack Developer
      • Software Developer

      Java Course Syllabus

      Java is the most desired technology in this era. The Java Course syllabus at SLA, the Best IT Training Centre in Chennai, has a consistently updated syllabus, keeping in line with the contemporary technology. The changing needs of client organisations are constantly updated in SLA’s Java syllabus from basics to advanced frameworks and modules.

      Introduction To Java

      • Why Java
      • Diff B/W Java & Other (C,C++)
      • Java History
      • Java Features
      • Java programming format

      OOPS (Object Oriented Programming & Systems)

      • Introduction
      • Object
      • Constructors
      • This KeyWord
      • Inheritance
      • Super KeyWord
      • Polymorphism (Over Loading & Over Riding)
      • Abstraction
      • Interface
      • Encapsulation
      • Introduction to all predefined packages
      • User Defined Packages
      • Access Specifiers

      Essentials Of Object-Oriented Programming

      • Introduction
      • Variables
      • Data types
      • Numbers
      • Strings
      • Lists, tuples & Dictionary
      • Exercise

      Writing Java Classes

      • Encapsulation
      • Polymorphism
      • Inheritance
      • OOP in Java
      • Class Fundamentals
      • Using Objects
      • Constructor
      • Garbage Collection
      • Method Overloading
      • Method Overriding
      • Static Members
      • Understanding Interface
      • Using Interfaces class


      • Why packages
      • Understanding Classpath
      • Access modifiers and their Scope

      Exception Handling

      • Importance of Exception Handling
      • Exception Propagation
      • Exception Types
      • Using try and catch
      • throw, throws, finally
      • Writing User defined Exceptions

      I/O Operations In Java

      • Byte Oriented Streams
      • File Handling
      • Readers and Writers

      Multi Threaded Programming

      • Introduction to Multi-Threading
      • Understanding Threads and its States
      • Java Threading Model
      • Thread class and Runnable Interface
      • Thread Priorities
      • Thread Synchronization
      • Inter thread Communication
      • Preventing Deadlocks

      Developing Java APPS

      • Introduction to Multi-Threading
      • Understanding Threads and its States
      • Java Threading Model
      • Thread class and Runnable Interface
      • Thread Priorities
      • Thread Synchronization
      • Inter thread Communication
      • Preventing Deadlocks

      Network Programming

      • Introduction to Networking
      • InetAddress
      • URL
      • TCP Socket and ServerSocket
      • UDP Socket
      • Developing a Chat Application

      Java Util Package / Collections Framework

      • Collection and Iterator Interface
      • Enumeration
      • List and ArrayList
      • Vector
      • Comparator
      • Set Interface and SortedSet
      • Hashtable
      • Properties


      • Introduction to Generics
      • Using Built-in Generics Collections
      • Writing Simple Generic Class
      • Bounded Generics
      • Wild Card Generics

      Inner Classes

      • Nested Top Level Classes
      • Member Classes
      • Local Classes
      • Anonymous Classes

      Abstract Window Toolkit

      • Graphics
      • Color and Font
      • AWT Components/Controls
      • Event Handling and Layouts

      Swing Programming

      • Introduction to Swing and MVC Architecture
      • Light Weight Component
      • Swing Hierarchy
      • Atomic Components e.g. JButton, JList and more
      • Intermediate Container e.g. JPanel, JSplitPane and more
      • Top-Level Container e.g. JFrame and JApplet
      • Swing Related Events

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Java Programming

      Project 1

      Login Management System using Java Programming

      Effective management and monitoring of various Student Registration Processes in Dynamic web Projects

      Project 2

      Arithmetic Operation Using Switch Case

      Using switch cases to choose from different arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division etc to get desired outputs

      Project 3

      E-commerce website Creation using Java and HTML

      Modules included would be; Registration Module, Product Browse Module, Payment Module, Database Module

      Project 4

      Automated Teller Machine Project (ATM)

      This is a core Java Project, which creates an automated system using the basic customer details (withdrawing and depositing cash, balance enquiry etc).

      Our Java Trainer Profile

      SLA Institute has the talented and experienced Java Trainers to offer the best-in-class Java Training in Chennai. They are professional developers, designers, architectures, android developers, and Java EE developers and they have 15+ years of experience in the development field. They have a great passion for equipping the students for next-gen global competition and they will update their knowledge as per the current industry skills on application development.

      Our trainers of Java Training Institute in Chennai are proficient in the entire java concept and they will be allocated according to the flexible learning hours of students globally. Individual care, subject-matter knowledge, hardworking, dedication, professionalism, and quality delivery are the key values of our trainers and they are very friendly to clear your course-related doubts on the spot. Join our best Java Training in Chennai and learn from industry experts of SLA.

      • Our trainers focus on imparting both theoretical and practical knowledge to students
      • Training is provided by tutors with industry specific skills, that are relevant to students to fetch a job
      • Our trainers are experts in varied Software Development verticals
      • Hands-on training In Core java and Advanced Java topics are made real by our expert trainers.
      • Industry appropriate practices are taught and students are upskilled through the value additions made by our trainers
      • Our trainers encourage every student to learn technical concepts, with its real time application
      • Students are also been guided skilfully by our trainers in helping them present tasks and projects at interviews
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      Key Features of our Java Training in Chennai

      Java is a general-purpose programming language used widely in application development to game development. Unlike C++, Java has a simple and easy learning curve as it is more dependant on OOPs concepts. Our Java Training in Chennai molds the students with industry-based development skills through hands-on implementations, case studies, assignments, and project practices. Following are the features that prove Java is powerful in application development.

      • Java is the platform-independent programming language (Write Once Run Anywhere).
      • Java is a simple and secure platform for developers.
      • Java is used to develop highly efficient and modern applications.
      • Java is a versatile and flexible programming language.
      • Java is the topmost priority of global employers (26,000 Job Openings as of 2021).
      • Java has a huge and supportive community with 1.4M repositories.
      • Java is very friendly for newbies and fresh graduates.
      • Java brings bright career scope with impressive salary hikes.

      Begin your career journey by enrolling in our Java Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance. We help job-seekers, fresh graduates, and working professionals to gain field expertise to obtain the best job in the application development field with Java knowledge.

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      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      Special Features of Java Course in Chennai

      • Mentored in knowledge and transformed in skills – Our faculty are zealous in sharing their knowledge and professional experience with students
      • Giving a feel of making you work in LIVE Projects – Our LIVE projects make you literally feel like you are one among those IT professionals working on client projects. This increases your chance of getting hired.
      • Java Certification – Among various Java certifications available in the market, our certification program is one of the best and most recognised by all IT employers in the industry. Our certified Java students are strongly equipped to clear Global Certifications.
      • Reasonable Fees – Our fee is very pocket friendly and is worth the price you pay. We also provide you group discounts, Instalment options, Pay later options and Student loan options.
      • Classes are scheduled based on your Convenience – Be it online or offline training, classes and sessions are made available as per your choice and liking. Since we do not believe in the concept of huge batches, we easily work out numerous small sized batches to suit your convenient time.
      • Placement Support and Pre placement training – We provide you with interview opportunities until you get placed in a reputed firm. Our pre- placement preparatory classes start right from the beginning of your course, and hence your confidence level to face interviews is at a pinnacle by the end of the course. For this very reason, among all the Java Training Institutes in Chennai, SLA is the best Institute for Java training, with complete placement support.

      Career Opportunities Post Completion of Java Training at SLA

      Java is one best option and the best career choice of any IT aspirant. Based on certain latest research reports, Java ranks first among the primarily used programming languages among developers. Reports also indicate that, 125+ million TV sets and more than 3 billion Mobile phone applications are developed using Java Technology.

      Java is a highly independent and versatile programming language and hence it continues to be the most popular till date. In addition to this, SLA’s Java Training in Chennai helps candidates to keep up with the growing corporate requirements. SLA will simply be a boon for the budding Java developers, as it imparts the necessary professional skills that are required for Java Developers under the guidance of Experts.

      Java Developer Fresher & Experienced Salaries

      In India, on average as an entrant Java Developer, you can earn around Rs. 3,50,00 to Rs. 4,50,000 per annum. Java Developers with 3-5 years of experience can earn around Rs. 4,70,000 to Rs.6,00,000 per annum. Senior-level Java Developers receive around Rs 6,50,000 to Rs.8,00,000 yearly. Globally, a Java Developer earns around $102,245 per annum.

      5,024 Ratings

      Anjana Sankar

      Associate Software Engineer
      Our trainer was excellent and he is the best teacher I have ever encountered in my life. He was so humble while teaching as well as clearing doubts. Today I am able to confidently approach java programs and create java real time projects and all this is possible only because of his training. His way of teaching helps us understand real time examples very easily and this is extremely beneficial. Thank you so much Softlogic, this is undoubtedly the Best Java Training Institute in Chennai


      Junior Software Developer
      I strongly believe that Softlogic is a great platform to learn more about computer programming languages. They offer varied online and off- line IT related programs, which are job oriented and realistic. Our trainer taught us java and his teaching was very good. His clarity of teaching and clarification of doubts are very good and understandable. He was very patient and kind to all of us. Softlogic is genuinely the bestJava training center in Chennai

      Naveen Kumar

      Java Developer
      Our instructor Mr. Vasanth, for Java, was very friendly and interactive with students, which makes learning and grasping of concepts very easy. I'm 100% satisfied with the course and content too. Happy to be associated with a leading Java training institute like SLA, the best in Chennai


      Java Full Stack Developer
      I am studying Java in SLA. My trainer is Mr Vasanth. He is extremely good in taking classes. I have a break after my MCA Course, despite the break in my studies, I am still able to understand and study well because of his teaching. Great training centre in Chennai


      Java Developer
      This is an awesome place to improve your knowledge in IT. Trainer Mr. Vasanth teaches us well with real time applications. This is a very good encouraging and learning atmosphere. Overall SLA is a very good training institute at Chennai

      Did You Like Our Reviews?

      Then why are you waiting? Start your journey learning and write your career story

      Scope of Java Training Certification for IT freshers in Chennai

      Java has several open-source libraries that assist in the development process very rapidly and at an affordable cost. Once you have a sound technical knowledge and have also gained a certification, then proving your mettle in your career will be a cakewalk for you. You can also update your knowledge by taking up a  Java Certification Course in Chennai , from a reputed institute like SLA and can demonstrate the proof of your knowledge.

      Core Java, J2EE and Advanced Java Module training with a Professional Focus

      Our Java Course Certification is a typical example and demonstration of gaining extensive knowledge in Java programming and its applications. Our course guarantees real time exposure in LIVE and simulated corporate projects. Our certified course is a proof that the candidate has acquired the necessary skills to work as, a Software Developer. Our certification is a value addition that you do to your profile, opening up attractive opportunities in the IT industry.

      For the affordable Java certification cost that you pay, we provide you with the necessary skill sets that are required for a professional Java Developer, under the guidance of our Real-time professionals. Our training experts have more than 10 plus years of experience in the Software Development field and their skill-based training will help you elevate your career scope in the IT field.

      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Become a Java Pro with the Best Java Training in Chennai


      SLA has been building independent and creative thinkers for two decades. Get extensive skills in Core Java and fundamental knowledge of J2EE, Servlets, JSPs, Hibernate, Spring Boot, Restful APIs, and so on through SLA’s Best Java Training in Chennai. Learn how to utilize Java for developing mobile apps, cloud apps, chatbots, marketing tools, web apps, and support systems for AI & IoT devices. Industry-aligned Java Course Syllabus, Experienced Trainers, Satisfying Hands-on Exposure, IBM Certification, No Cost EMI, and 100% Placement Assistance are SLA’s features along with Java Course in Chennai.

      Learning Java expands your coding opportunities and is renowned for its adaptability and capacity to produce a wide range of applications. You may use it to build complex systems, software, enterprise web applications, scientific applications, and mobile applications, including Android-compatible ones. Gain expertise with the principles of Java coding and put your new knowledge to use on practical projects by enrolling in our Java Training Institute in Chennai.

      Why Choose Chennai for Java Training?

      Overview of the booming IT industry in Chennai

      After Bangalore, Chennai is the country’s second-largest IT Hub. Chennai is home to several software development companies owned by various organizations. The top 7 of India’s top 15 tech firms are also located in Chennai! Our Java Training Institute in Chennai helps you explore the opportunities for Java Developers in any of the following biggest IT arenas in Chennai.

      Advantages of choosing Chennai for Java Training

      TIDEL Park: To support the development of information technology in Tamil Nadu, TIDEL Park was founded in 2000. Several of the leading tech companies, including Cognizant Technology Solutions, HCL Technologies, Tata Consultancy Services, and Ajuba Solutions India Pvt Ltd, are located in this IT park.

      International Tech Park, Chennai

      The Taramani IT Corridor in Chennai is home to the International Tech Park, or ITPC. With more than 25,000 people, the tech park is home to more than 40 eminent national and international technological enterprises. Visible Graphics, Amazon, Caterpillar, Siemens, Dow Corning, and Inautix are a few of these IT firms.

      Best Java Training Institutes in Chennai

      Comprehensive Overview of the top Java Training Institutes in Chennai

      Develop and improve your coding skills with the help of our Java Training Institute in Chennai, which will enable you to have a thorough knowledge of the language’s guiding principles. One of the most widely used programming languages nowadays is Java. Java is regarded as the most functional and task-oriented language, and it necessitates the use of straightforward techniques to implement certain algorithms.

      James Gosling created the Java programming language in 1991. Sun Microsystems changed the name of Java, which was formerly known as Oak, in 1995. Both practical and theoretical knowledge is essential for improving one’s coding abilities. Develop your Java programming abilities by enrolling in the Top Java Training in Chennai at SLA.

      Unique Features of SLA for the Best Java Training in Chennai

      Unlike other Java Training Institutes in Chennai, SLA stands unique with many salient features to make beginners a pro. We have proven techniques that equipped thousands of learners to get placed in top companies as Java developers. With the assurance of the following factors, you can begin your career with SLA, the leading Java Training Institute in Chennai.

      • Solid Understanding of OOPs: Every Java developer has to have a solid grasp of the Object-Oriented Programming concepts to comprehend Java inside and out. With our Java Training in Chennai, we will thoroughly teach you OOPs fundamentals.
      • Understanding of Algorithms: Although learning Java involves a learning curve, solving problems for oneself will take up a lot of your early practice. With the help of our Java course in Chennai, you may effortlessly instruct your computer on how to carry out the tasks you need it to.
      • Never forget to allocate memory: Since Java is a dynamic programming language and does not include memory allocation capabilities like C and C++, it is vital to allocate memory in Java using the “new” kewyword. As a result, Java programmers must exercise caution while dealing with various arrays and object declarations. We offer industry-aligned Java Training in Chennai with Best Practices at SLA
      • Regular Practice: Everyone has heard the adage “practice makes perfect,” and it is quite accurate. Theoretical knowledge alone won’t make you an expert coder. At our Java Training School in Chennai, we regularly provide hands-on training to make you flawless.
      • Master with Core API: Take advantage of the best Java training in Chennai to become an API master. Java. lang., java.io., java.util., etc. are all components of APIs. No matter the framework you choose to use for developing online applications, you should be well-versed in Servlets.
      • Stay current with the most recent Java innovations: The most significant and widely used framework in the Java world is an open-source framework that is constantly being updated. Through our Java Certification Training in Chennai at SLA, we make sure that you stay up to date on what is happening in the Java programming language.

      Java Course Fees and Duration in Chennai

      At SLA, we value your time and money. Our Java Course in Chennai at SLA is affordable and we offer classes in regular mode, weekend mode, fast-track mode, and instructor-led live online mode. You can enjoy the same learning experience in all the modes as our commitment is strong and that makes you stronger in Java Programming Language with free placement assistance until you get placed in your desired job. You can choose your convenient learning hours to learn at SLA, the leading Java Training Institute in Chennai.

      Our Java Training Cost can be paid in two installments or you can avail No Cost EMI option. Talk with our career counselor to know current offers and discounts for Java Course Fee in Chennai at SLA. 

      Java Course Curriculum

      Key Topics Covered in our Java Training Courses in Chennai

      Javaserver pages and servlets, JQuery, OOP principles and patterns, JSON and XML markup languages, constructors, file IO and serialization, access specifiers, generics, java keywords, multithreading, and synchronization, and JVM are all examples of basic Java skills covered in our Java Course in Chennai. Data types, OOP, operators, exception handling, swing, threading, and collections are some of the subjects covered by Core Java Training in Chennai. Web services, database connection, JSP, Servlets, EJB, and other subjects are covered in the Advanced Java Course in Chennai. A user can create certain general-purpose apps with the help of Core Java.

      How does Each Topic Gets Aligned with the Tech Industry?

      Any beginners with the aspiration of becoming a Java Developer will find it easy to begin their career in Java Development through our all-inclusive Java Course in Chennai at SLA.

      • Java Basics: OOPs, Generics, String Handling, Exception handling, Data types, Loops, Collection Framework, and Multithreading are covered in our Java Course Syllabus.
      • APIs: The emphasis is set appropriately, with questions mostly concentrating on API, Java principles, and design patterns, given that Java is typically used as an application programming language.
      • Data Structures and Algorithms: Depending on the candidate’s expertise, Java interviews might vary greatly. Junior developers, for instance, may encounter more queries on topics like Java basics, API, data structures, and algorithms if they have 1–2 or 3–4 years of expertise.

      We equip learners with real-time project practices in our top-rated Java Training Institute in Chennai, SLA.

      Teaching Methodology of SLA

      Being the leading Java Training Institute in Chennai, SLA’s main teaching methodology is experiential-based learning. Since it promotes creativity, allows students to learn from their errors, develops reflective thinking, and equips them for future experiences and placements in prestigious firms, experiential learning is an excellent teaching strategy.

      Our trainers will equip learners and ensure the following methods in every Java Class.

      • Student-Centered Discussions: SLA trainers may easily include student-centered conversations in their lessons. They merely formulate provocative inquiries that go deeply into the Java content.
      • Making Connections: Learning becomes engaging and applicable for pupils when there are real-world links. We encourage students at our Chennai Java Training Institute to work with actual issues and develop solutions using Java applications.
      • Competency-based: This approach places an emphasis on the individual student and instills practical skills that are essential for their future. SLA coaches With our Java Training in Chennai, we make sure that each student receives equal attention.

      Benefits of Hands-on with Real-time Projects 

      The expertise, skills, and competencies needed for the job are acquired via hands-on training. Learning in a hands-on setting, like the one provided by our Java Training Institute in Chenna, has a variety of unique benefits.

      • More Program Content is Retained: When given the chance to put what they are learning into practice through hands-on training, students’ retention of information increases significantly.
      • Simulated Learning is Engaging: When students have the opportunity to study in a real-world, hands-on setting, they frequently become interested, excited, and eager to learn as much as they can.
      • Critical thinking skills are developed in a hands-on learning environment: An interactive learning setting helps students develop their critical thinking abilities. This happens because pupils must decide what to do next to get the result they are aiming for.
      • The use of material and tools on the job: One advantage of a hands-on learning setting is that students will get familiarity with tools and materials that are frequently used in the industry through our Java Course in Chennai.

      Job Prospects after Java Training in Chennai

      Overview of the Job Market for Java Professionals in Chennai and Beyond

      Given the widespread usage of Java in industries like online and mobile application development as well as cutting-edge technologies like big data, the Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence, it will be even more beneficial to look for employment as a Java developer in 2023. (AI). Accelerate your career with our Java Training in Chennai at SLA.

      Java is open-source software that runs on practically any System because it was created in Java. Along with the aforementioned IT behemoths, Java is frequently used by firms like Airbnb, Google, eBay, Spotify, TripAdvisor, Intel, Pinterest, Groupon, Slack, Flipkart, and many more. Discover a wide range of opportunities by enrolling in our Java Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

      Salary Trends, Career Growth, and Job Roles for Java Professionals

      The salary of a java developer is regarded as being among the highest in India. In India, a java developer makes an average pay of ₹458,970 per year. The compensation scale ranges from an annual minimum of ₹200,000 to an annual high of ₹1,000,000.

      As compared to several other employment titles, the java developer’s income is much greater because

      • Many fantastic employers want it.
      • With this programming language, one may create sophisticated apps.
      • Because of the important function that Java developers play within the development team, they seek a competitive salary structure.
      • As there are many opportunities on the market, this function will likely continue for some time to come.

      Yet to hit this notably high goal, a java developer’s pay must take into account a variety of things. Employer, skill set, geography, and experience are some of the factors. Fine-tune your skills in our Java Training Institute in Chennai To be recruited and paid well.

      As you expand your skills as a Java developer through our Java Course in Chennai at SLA, you may take advantage of several options for career advancement. There are a variety of jobs that could fit your responsibility level and skill set.

      The following are some popular job roles that a java developer may pursue:

      Software Developer – ₹217k – ₹1m

      Software Engineer – ₹342k – ₹2m

      Software Engineer – ₹274k – ₹1m

      Principal Architect – ₹2m – ₹4m

      Java has a very strong future and a promising career. Although 20 years old, it is still ranked as the top programming language for developers thanks to recent updates. Java will thus continue to have strong market demand in the years to come.

      Oracle claims that

      • Java is ranked top among all programming languages.
      • The best programming language for modern technology
      • Cloud computing’s top programming language
      • 45 billion JVMs are running worldwide.
      • Compared to other programming languages, Java is the preferred option for many enterprises.
      • Rated as the best in the world for DevOps, AI, VR, Big Data, Continuous Integration, Analytics, Mobile, Chatbots, and Social Media Apps.

      Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) - Java Training in Chennai

      Why Java?

      Java is making waves in the field of web, mobile, electronic appliances etc. In fact, it is applied everywhere. There is no denying that Java is one of the best things taking place in the IT industry. Its user-friendly nature lets several people deploy it. The present is filled with the magic of Java and there is no doubt that it will also sustain in the future too. Java is gaining a strong foothold in the domain of Internet of Things (IoT) too, which is making waves nowadays.

      What is the scope of Java?
      The scope of Java programming language is bright as they can perform tasks from user interface designing to testing of dynamic applications. Java developers can enhance their careers as web designers, full-stack developers, DevOps engineers, and senior developers through our lifetime career assistance of Java Training Center in Chennai.
      Is Java hard to learn?
      Java is easy to learn programming language when you learn with complete hands-on exposure and perfect guidance. We offer quality training by the industry expert trainers and project practices in our Java Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
      Who uses Java Programming Langauge?
      Giant companies like Uber, Airbnb, Google, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify, and Amazon are using Java Programming language for various purposes. Learn the best Java Training in Chennai at SLA Institute to explore the wide range of opportunities in the application development field.
      What are the applications using Java?
      Java is a general-purpose programming language and it has a specialized Java Compiler that can be executed quicker in all platforms such as Virtual Machine, Android, and DVM. It is used by many popular applications such as Photo and Video Gallery, Simple Calendar, Tinder, QRReader, and Google Earth, etc. Learn to build customer-based applications in our Java Training Institute in Chennai.
      How can I trust SLA Institute for learning Java courses in Chennai?
      SLA Institute is the leading Java Training Institute in Chennai with 20+ years of field exposure and we have equipped 70000+ learners with job assistance till now. We are having specialized trainers and they have helped learners achieve their career goals faster with satisfaction. Book a free demo class today of Java Training in Chennai to check out our infrastructure and the faculties of SLA Institute.

      Have Queries? Ask our Experts

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      100% Assistance
      Job-Centered Approach
      Convenient Hrs
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      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
      • 0% EMI Loan Facilities
      • FREE Softskill & Placement Training
      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
      • Course Completion Certificate
      • Training with Real Time Projects
      • Industry-Based Coaching By MNC IT Professionals
      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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