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    Matlab Course Syllabus

    Matlab Training Syllabus

    As an aspiring graduate, you would wonder which programming language to learn for mathematical calculation, design, evaluation etc. Here Matlab will be a good choice. Gain from the Matlab course syllabus from SLA Institute.

    Introductory Sessions Of MATLAB Training Course

    • Why MATLAB
    • What Are Toolboxes
    • MATLAB Interface
    • Introduction To Arrays And Matrices
    • MATLAB File Types
    • Basics Of MATLAB Programming

    Handling Data And Data Flow In MATLAB

    • Data Types
    • Creating Variables
    • Scalars, Vectors And Matrix Operations & Operators
    • Importing & Exporting Of Data
    • File Input-Output
    File Editing And Debugging In MATLAB
    • Writing Script Files
    • Writing Function Files
    • Inserting Breakpoints And Debugging
    • Error Correction
    MATLAB Graphics I
    • Simple Graphics & Types
    • Plotting Functions
    • Creating And Editing Plots (2D & 3D)
    • Handling Graphics
    MATLAB Programming I
    • Conditional Statements
    • Iterative Statements
    • Flow Control
    • Efficient Coding Practices
    • Linear Algebra
    • Polynomials
    • Curve Fitting
    • Differentiation & Integration
    MATLAB Graphics II
    • Introduction To Graphical User Interfaces (GUI)
    • GUI Tools
    • Creating Functioning GUIs
    MATLAB Programming II
    • Probability & Statistics
    • Cells & Structures
    • Performance Measures
    • Introduction To Symbolic Math
    • Symbolic Operations
    Introduction To MATLAB Toolboxes
    • Data Acquisition Toolbox In MATLAB
    • Signal Processing Toolbox In MATLAB
    • Image Acquisition Toolbox In MATLAB
    • Image Processing Toolbox In MATLAB
    Data Acquisition & Signal Processing Toolbox Of MATLAB
    • Basics Of Signal Processing
    • Representing & Analyzing Signals
    • Analog Input Acquisition
    • Transforms Computation
    • Analog & Digital Filter Designing
    Image Acquisition & Image Processing Toolbox
    • Introduction To Image Processing
    • Images In MATLAB
    • Image Data Acquisition
    • Reading And Writing Images
    • Converting Between Image Types And Classes
    • Simple Image Arithmetic
    • Image Transformations
    • Spatial Referencing
    • Image Enhancement
    • Morphological Processing
    • Using Image Tool
    Introduction To SIMULINK
    • What Is SIMULINK
    • Importance
    • SIMULINK Interface
    • Libraries & Tools
    • Sources & Sinks
    • Building Systems
    • Mathematical Modeling
    • Converting Mathematical Model Into SIMULINK Model
    • Creating Systems & Subsystems
    • Solver Configuration

    Matlab is a high-level programming language which gives speed and precision to outcome. Learn this powerful language from SLA Institute which focuses on a comprehensive Matlab course syllabus.

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