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      Mean Stack Course Syllabus

      Mean Stack Training Syllabus

      Learn to build dynamic websites and web apps through our all-inclusive MEAN Stack Course Syllabus framed by field experts. You can gain expertise in MongoDB, Express.JS, Node.JS, and Angular.JS along with their detailed concepts such as architecture, modules, frameworks, sockets, database connectivity, factories, error handling, authentication, scaling, JSON, and Shell queries by our comprehensive MEAN Stack Course Curriculum.

      Node Js

      • Getting started with Node.js
      • Node Package Manager
      • Modules
      • Asynchronous Programming
      • Callbacks
      • Events and Event Loop
      • Streams and Buffers
      • Connecting Node.js to Database
      • Web Sockets

      Angular Js

      • Angular Architecture
      • Dynamic Binding
      • Modules, Controllers, and Scope
      • Views
      • Custom Directives
      • Event Directives
      • Expressions
      • Built-in and Custom Filters
      • Understanding the Digest Loop
      • Form Validations
      • AngularJS Service Types
      • Factories
      • Creating Custom Services
      • Routing, Redirects, and Promises
      Express Js
      • MVC Pattern
      • Introduction to Express
      • Routing
      • HTTP Interaction
      • Handling Form Data
      • Handling Query Parameters
      • Cookies and Sessions
      • User Authentication
      • Error Handling
      • Creating and Consuming RESTful Services Using Templates
      • Concepts
      • Scaling
      • SQL and Complex Transactions
      • Documents Overview
      • Installing MongoDB (windows)
      • Installing MongoDB (Linux)
      • JSON
      • Dynamic Schema
      • Cursors Introduction
      • Query Language: Basic Concepts
      • Query Language: Projection
      • Query Language: Advantages of a Dynamic Schema
      • Shell: Queries/li>
      • SortingQuery Language: Cursors
      • User Authentication
      • Error Handling

      Develop your first web app by learning with our MEAN Stack Course Syllabus as offer hands-on-based experiential training. Join SLA Institute as we are the leading training provider for MEAN Stack Developer Course in Chennai.

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