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    Nagios Course Syllabus

    Nagios Training Syllabus


    Learn the powerful monitoring tool of DevOps practice, Nagios, from SLA Institute. The Nagios course syllabus is well-structured and prepared to keep in mind the industry demands.

    Nagios Concept

    • Performance reporting
    •  Routers and switches
    •  NagiosQL
    •  MySQL DB integration
    •  Distributed monitoring
    •  NDOUtils
    •  NagVis
    •  BPI
    •  NRDP/NRDS
    •  DNX mod gearman
    •  NetFlow
    •  High availability
    Find out all types of network issues through Nagios! Enter the world of DevOps and learn this powerful DevOps tool from SLA Institute that has a well-formed Nagios course syllabus.

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