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      Perl Course Syllabus

      Perl Training Syllabus

      Perl Course Syllabus designed at SLA Institute is helpful for the students to gain expertise in processing the text files and string analysis along with implementation for CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts. Improve your text-handling capabilities with our Perl Course Curriculum as it contains important topics such as blocks and code references, packages, objects, classes, and tied variables along with hands-on practices.

      Blocks And Code References

      • Blocks
      • Subroutines
      • Subroutine Prototypes
      • Code Refs And Anonymous Subroutines
      • Typeglobbing For The Non-Squeamish
      • Local (Dynamic) Variables
      • Lexical Variables
      • Persistent Private Subroutine Variables
      • Closures
      • The Eval Operator
      • The Block Form Of Eval
      • The String Form Of Eval
      • Block Form Of Eval For Exception Handling


      • Review Of Packages
      • BEGIN And END Blocks
      • Symbol Tables
      • Package Variables
      • Calling Package Subroutines
      • Importing Package Symbols
      • Exporting Package Symbols
      • Using The Exporter Package
      • The Use Function
      • AUTOLOAD And @ISA
      • AutoLoader And SelfLoader
      Objects And Classes
      • Object-Oriented Stuff
      • Making Perl Object-Oriented
      • References
      • The Bless Function
      • So, What’s A Blessed Thing Good For?
      • Calling Class And Object Methods
      • Object Methods
      • Writing Classes
      • Constructors
      • Inheritance
      • What Perl Doesn’t Do
      Tied Variables
      • Why Use Tie?
      • Tying A Scalar
      • Inside Tied Variables
      • Untie
      • Tying An Array
      • Tying Hashes
      • Tie::Hash And Tie::Array
      • Tying Filehandles
      • What Are DBM, NDBM, GDBM, SDBM, Etc?
      • Using The DBM Modules
      • Installing And Using Perl Modules
      • Laziness, Impatience, And Hubris
      • CPAN
      • Using Modules

      Enhance your scripting skills by learning in our Perl Course Syllabus and getting promising career growth in the web development field. Our Perl Training Institute in Chennai offers industry-worth certification and 100% Placement Assistance at SLA Institute.

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