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      Struts Course Syllabus

      Struts Training Syllabus

      Become proficient in web application development through Struts from SLA Institute’s thorough training. Be industry-ready with the well-structured Struts course syllabus.

      Struts Architecture

      • MVC And Model 2
      • Command Pattern
      • Jakarta Struts
      • More XML, Less Java!
      • Action Mappings
      • JavaBeans In Struts
      • Working With Forms
      • Validation
      • Presentation Technology
      • Tiles

      Action Mappings

      • Command Pattern For Web Applications
      • ActionServlet
      • Action And ActionMapping
      • Struts Configuration
      • Selecting A Forward
      • Global Forwards
      • Declarative Exception Handling
      • Global Exception Handlers
      • Working With HTML Forms
      • Action Forms A/K/A Form Beans
      • Relationship To Input
      • Relationship To Actions
      • Relationship To The Model
      • Relationship To Output
      • DynaActionForm And Map-Backed Forms
      • Validation
      • Coarse-Grained Form Beans
      Struts Tag Libraries
      • Building View Components
      • Struts Tag Libraries
      • Attributes And Struts Expressions
      • Building Forms
      • Html:form
      • Html:text>Et. Al.
      • Forms And Form Beans
      • Scope And Duration Of Form Data
      • Managing Hyperlinks
      • Error Messages
      • Logic Tags

      Learn the powerful open-source web application framework from SLA Institute’s proficient trainers! The Struts course syllabus is periodically assessed and monitored by experts.

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