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      Unix Shell Scripting Course Syllabus

      Unix Shell Training Syllabus

      You can build your own commands through shell scripting, and you can also automate tasks. Learn Unix Shell Scripting from SLA Institute, and benefit from the well-prepared Unix Shell Scripting course syllabus.

      Introduction To the Unix Operating System

      • A Brief History Of Unix
      • The Unix Kernel
      • The UNIX File System
      • Getting Started Navigating The File System
      • The File System Structure
      • Directories And Files
      • Pathnames
      • Navigating The File System

      Basic Commands

      • Command Line Syntax
      • Basic File Handling Commands
      • Directory Handling Commands
      • Filename Wildcard Characters
      Redirection And Pipes
      • Input Redirection
      • Output Redirection
      • Pipes
      Introduction To The Vi Editor
      • Overview Of The Vi Editor
      • Basic FunctionsBasic Functions
      • Switching To Input Mode
      • Other Useful Commands
      Searching And Replacing Text
      • Replacing Text
      • Using The Vi Editor
      • Using Sed For Search And Replace
      • Searching For Text With Grep
      • Linking Files
      Recalling And Editing Commands
      • Overview
      • The Bash Shell
      • The Korn Shell

      Accelerate your career in system administration with Unix shell scripting. Learn it from experts! Gain from the well-prepared Unix Shell Scripting course syllabus of SLA Institute.

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