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Your Compact Guide to Adding Chat Feature to Any Web or Mobile Apps

Published On: August 10, 2023

We, humans, have become more accustomed to typing instead of talking with people. For instance, we feel highly anxious when it comes to making a call. But when it comes to writing lengthy texts, we don’t necessarily mind at all. 

Besides, texting makes sense, especially in this fast-paced world. And this is one of the reasons why websites have live chats. Live chats allow customers to obtain immediate answers to their queries before purchasing a product or service. With almost no waiting time involved, the satisfaction rate increases, and so does the conversion rate, by almost 40%.

Are you keen on integrating chat systems into your website or mobile app, too? Well, you are at the right place. Let’s dive in and unveil some key tips and tricks. But, first, let’s understand –

Messaging features – how are they beneficial?

  • Instant Communication: Real-time messaging allows immediate exchange of information.
  • User Engagement: Free Messaging API keeps users active and engaged with your app or platform.
  • Personalization: It enables personalized and direct interactions with users.
  • Increased Retention: Messaging boosts user retention and encourages return visits.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Users can access messages across various devices.
  • Efficient Support: Messaging facilitates quick and efficient customer support.
  • Group Collaboration: Group messaging enhances teamwork and collaboration.
  • Rich Media Sharing: Users can share images, videos, and files effortlessly.
  • Notifications: Messaging provides timely alerts and notifications.
  • User Satisfaction: It leads to higher user satisfaction and positive app experiences.

Adding Website Chat Features – A User-Friendly Tutorial

Deploy chat SDKs:

The first step to integrating chat features on your site is selecting to deploy on-premise or on the AWS cloud.

If possible, choose SDKs that are cloud-ready. This is because cloud-ready SDKs help in enhancing the infrastructure. They even reduce technical resources and expenses involved. 

Mirrorfly is a cutting-edge real-time communication solution provider. It offers a wide range of free real-time messaging API and SDKs to empower businesses with seamless in-app chat features.

We have tried using many SDKs and find MirrorFly to be a good fit. One of the prevailing benefits of using MirrorFly is its low-code SDK integration. With minimal coding efforts, you can integrate real-time chat functionalities hassle-free, irrespective of the application. 

Other benefits of lowcode chat app integration include, –

  • Reduces development time
  • Integrate complex functionalities without extensive coding knowledge
  • Minimized manual coding lowers development cost
  • Accelerate the development process
  • Fewer lines of code decrease the introduction of errors and bugs
  • Facilitates rapid prototyping and iterative improvements for efficient and quick updates 
  • Low-code chat integration allows for effortless scaling of the application

Seamless Integration:

Here too, a robust SDK like MirrorFly is preferred. The well-documented REST APIs and lightweight SDKs of Mirrorfly allow for easy, seamless integration of the chat features into your website. 

We noticed that Mirrorfly’s chat SDKs are highly secure to use. This means the chat messages are securely transferred over SSL-enabled connections.

As a result, we are sure that your data will remain protected throughout the messaging process through this lightweight In-app chat SDK.


Although the internet has become a basic necessity, connectivity issues still remain. It is possible that your website visitor may go offline because of a network issue.

Even if website visitors go offline due to network issues, a lightweight chat plugin ensures they won’t miss out on your responses. Messages are delivered when they come online next. This guarantees seamless communication and maximizes engagement. 

Now say goodbye to missed messages and hello to uninterrupted conversations with this reliable platform.

Must have features for a chat

Here are six essential features of system design chat application for uncomplicated communication

Group and Private Text Chat

Give users the choice to engage in private one-on-one conversations or build diverse communities with like-minded individuals. Empower your platform to cater to different communication preferences through group and private text chats.

Audio and Video Chat

Go beyond text-based communication and elevate user engagement with audio and video calling options. Break the barriers of distance and allow users to connect face-to-face. This will definitely foster a deeper sense of connection.

Multilingual Integration

Inclusivity is key. Hence, ensure to design a chat application that supports multiple languages. This way, you can embrace a global community of users from within the country as well as from different parts of the world.

Admin Panel

Customization is vital for a unique identity. Hence, empower yourself with an intuitive Admin Panel. This way, you can gain full control over the chat system while also maintaining your brand’s style and essence.

White Labeled App

Keep up with the fast-paced world and allow users to stay connected on the go. Offer a white-labeled Lowcode In-App Chat, boosting accessibility and expanding your user base. Now, open doors to new opportunities for you and your community!

Benefits of adding chat features

Implementing chat features in your website or mobile app means allocating a budget, hiring experts and whatnot. So, it is common for site owners to wonder if all chat features are necessary.

Well, the benefits listed below should tell you exactly why your investment and efforts in adding chat system will pay off –

  • Almost 41% of customers prefer real-time chat support over any other type of communication option. In fact, customers are more willing to engage with a brand through chat. So, why waste time on something else? 
  • Using website chat, you can effortlessly and quickly manage customer support for your services and products. 
  • You may not realize this, but real-time chat features allow for more than just voice chat. It allows you to send voice messages, too.
  • The best part about real-time chat features is that the chat communication can be accessed anytime, given the chats get saved in your database. 
  • Once you start delivering genuine services using real-time chat, you can boost the chances of customers returning to your brand for more. You can expect customers to recommend your services to their peers, too. 
  • Since SDKs like MirrorFly adhere to multi-layered security standards, remain assured of your data being protected at all times.
  • Now safely transfer the data in your chat, audio files and other formats through advanced encryption of real-time chat. 

On an ending note

It is evident from the blog that embracing live chat and messaging SDKs will revolutionize your web and mobile applications for good. 

Through the low-code integration, you can simplify the development process and even empower seamless communication, irrespective of the platforms. 

But to harness the business benefits, you need a good solution by your side. We have been using MirrorFly for almost a month now and find it to be a good fit for our app development needs. 

The developer-friendly architecture offers tremendous value. Its top notch security and reliability is an added advantage.  Also, the real-time support and personalized interactions soar user engagement to a whole new level. 

So, wait no more and design a chat application today!

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