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    Data Scientist Salary For Freshers

    Data Scientist Salary For Freshers
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    Data Scientist Salary For Freshers

    The number of employment opportunities in the field of data science has significantly expanded in only the last few years. And it appears that the field’s popularity will keep rising. In data science, people use statistics, programming logic, and other domain knowledge to extract valuable information from massive amounts of data. Read the post to learn more about the typical pay for data scientists in India and how you may raise your own. Enroll in our Data Science Training in Chennai at SLA to advance your abilities and earn a fair Data Science Salary for Freshers.

    Why Is Data Science Important in Today's Business?

    Career prospects in the field of data science are booming. Only the United States recruits more data scientists globally than India. This implies that if you are a data scientist in India, you may start with a fantastic compensation package even if you are new to the industry.

    In the subject of data science, various techniques are employed to glean crucial insights from large data sets. All of the accessible data is processed in order to create data with economic value using AI and machine learning.

    What Do Data Scientists Do? Who Are They?

    Data scientists are intrinsically analytical data experts who have the capabilities necessary to tackle complicated problems. They also have an insatiable curiosity about a wide range of pressing challenges. They are highly qualified individuals who combine the finest of business and IT. Data scientists are therefore a mix of mathematicians, computer scientists, and trend analysts. The salary of a data scientist in India is among the highest due to the great demand. Data science has numerous applications in a variety of industries, including

    • Manufacturing
    • E-Commerce
    • BFSI
    • Healthcare
    • Transportation

    Data Science Process: Data collection and extraction from a variety of sources is the first step in the process. Following data entry into the system, the management phase starts. Before the data scientists begin to analyze the data they have collected, the data goes through a number of stages, including cleansing, processing, warehousing, and other operations. Data scientists derive value and knowledge from the processed, structured data during the data analysis stage, which is crucial. The insights are then used in the real world to enhance the organization.

    Although a data scientist’s position may not be common, it has plenty of potential to ensure its relevance in the near future, as seen by the significantly higher average wage of data scientists in India. possibly even beyond that! Real-time data is, after all, the most accurate way to gauge anything you wish to study.

    Required Skills for a Data Scientist

    • Understanding of machine learning, statistics, arithmetic, and algorithms.
    • Languages for programming include R, Python, SQL, SAS, and Hive.
    • Understanding of business and the ability to ask the proper questions and locate the answers in the facts at hand.
    • Communication abilities are necessary in order to successfully inform the team as a whole of the results.

    For them to be able to solve the challenges and succeed in their careers, it is advised that applicants seeking for the data science profession learn the recommended skills. Freshers who are brand-new to the field are advised to start by learning the fundamentals and mastering the use of fundamental programming languages and tools. That would enable them to earn a high data scientist fresher salary.

    India's Highest and Lowest Data Scientist Salaries

    Let’s begin by discussing the typical salary for data scientists in India. You can gain some insight into the salary package you might anticipate when you begin looking for a job as a data scientist in India in this way.

    • The average data scientist salary in India is roughly ₹874,528 annually.
    • PayScale estimates that the entry-level data scientist Salary for Freshers in India is around ₹5,77,893 annually.
    • Your salary could, however, increase to ₹ 19,44,566 a year based on your region, your level of expertise, and the organization you work for.

    Data Scientist Fresher Salary Deciding Factors

    Data scientists salaries in India are impacted by a number of variables. Of course, your expertise in the area is what matters most. But, other elements including skills, job responsibilities, the organization you work for, and geography also have an impact on a data scientist’s salary for freshers in India.

    Experience-Based Data Scientist Salary

    When determining the salary for data science jobs in India, experience is a crucial consideration. PayScale reports that the typical compensation for data scientists in India with less than one year of experience is around ₹5,77,893. The typical wage for someone with 1-4 years of experience is around ₹8,09,952. A mid-career data scientist’s annual salary might increase to ₹14,48,144 with 5-9 years of experience. A person with 1-019 years of expertise in the profession may earn up to ₹ 19,44,566 per year on average in India.

    Data Scientist Salary for Freshers in Top 10 Industries















    Digital Marketing


    Professional Services


    Cyber Security


    Mining, Oil, and Gas


    Skill-based Data Scientist Salary

    Data science pay in India is also influenced by your technical expertise. Your possibilities of earning more money also rise with the variety of abilities you possess in the industry. For those with various Technical talents, even the beginning salary for data scientists in India is higher. Having a unique CV will catch the attention of employers. Your chances of earning more money can be increased by having knowledge of Big Data Analytics, Python, Statistical Analysis, and Machine Learning. 

    Role-Based Data Scientist Freshers Salary in India



    Data Analyst


    Data Scientist


    Data Engineer


    Software Engineer


    Business Analyst


    Technical Consultant



    Company-Based Data Scientist Salary

    Data scientists are frequently employed by numerous firms in India, however, they typically hold various jobs or work functions. Your salary will vary depending on the job you end up in at one of these businesses. Different yearly wages are also paid by other businesses to data scientists in India. Before accepting a job offer, you can always look at the salary of a data scientist in India per month or per year at different firms.

    Top 10 Indian Companies Recruiting Data Scientists and Their Salary
























    Location-Based Data Scientist Salary

    Your location will also affect the salary of a data science job in India. In India, data scientists are employed in numerous sizable cities, however, the data science salary in each city varies. For instance, PayScale reports that the average income for a data scientist is approximately Rs. 8,61,357 in Mumbai and Rs. 10,11,972 in Bangalore.
















    The job description and salary for data scientists are especially attractive. It’s time if you believe you possess the essential skills and desire to pursue a career as a data scientist. To enter the world of data science, you can also think about taking some essential data science courses based on your degree of competence and skill. Enroll in SLA’s Top Data Science Training in Chennai to learn how to solve challenging data science problems by picking up skills in a variety of technologies and programming languages from professionals in the field.

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