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      Placement training has a great impact on making the students future-ready. The students should be prepared in such a way that they gain the needed skills to shine in their career. When you take up any course from SLA Institute, your employability skills will be enhanced, and eventually you can be placed in good companies.

      There is huge competition prevailing in the present world, and to be a cut above the rest, the candidate should have both technical skills and life skills. What is a career without these both? Having a blend of both these skills will help the candidate to sustain in the field. Our course is prepared such that you gain hands-on experience that will be the perfect preparation for your live scenario. We prepare you with all the skills that are needed to thrive in the real job. 

      We believe in providing a holistic approach to training. Mock interviews are the perfect way to eliminate your fear of facing an interview. We know how you will be anxious to attend the first interview, and we also know the importance of first job to you. Once you attend the mock interviews with SLA Institute, you have a chance to shine in the competition and get placed in an organization referred by us. The highlight of mock interviews is that it will go a long way in removing your anxiety and help you perform well in real-time interviews. Above all, the trainer who does the mock interview will give you constructive feedback so that you can improve and shine in the real-time interview. The very purpose of our mock interview is to remove the fear of attending interviews in you and start your career with a confident mindset.  You can take as much mock interviews you want and become an expert in your technology. 

      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Here’s your queries answered!

      Our placement support works with the noble intention of giving 100% placement. We believe in
      the uniqueness of each student and consider our mission to tap their skills.

      Why should I join Softlogic?

      Softlogic is the right IT training institute for candidates who want to take their career to the next level, whether it is a newbie or a seasoned professional. Our placement-oriented training with a keen eye for the holistic development of the student is what that makes us sustain in the industry for a long time.

      Does Softlogic give me life-time assistance after completing the training in a specific course?

      Yes. Softlogic believes that the students should be equipped with the knowledge in all phases of their life even after completing the training. We give them enough support throughout the training.

      How placements are carried out at Softlogic?

      First and foremost, the trainers should register with the placement cell. This would be like the identity card for taking part in all the placement activities of Softlogic. Trainees should have at least 90% attendance technical, aptitude, and soft skills classes.

      Will there be mock interview? 

      Yes, and the students are suggested to participate in a minimum of 30 mock interviews concerning technical, aptitude, and soft skills classes.

      How many placements opportunities can a student take up?

      The student can take up n number of interviews after being coached by Softlogic.

      Are there any EMI options for studying the course?

      Yes, Softlogic offers EMI options so that the student can without any hindrance pursue the course. 

      What type of companies do you provide placement?

      We have tie-ups with several renowned companies and place the candidate successfully according to his/her skills.

      Do you offer 100% placement assistance if the candidate has a gap in employment?

      Yes, we can. We do this keeping in mind the student’s capability and performance in the course. 

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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      It would be beneficial for the student if he/she meets the following criteria for placement through SLA Institute:

      • Coursework completion is given due importance, and we expect the students to complete at least 80% of coursework.
      • Projects help in gaining real-time exposure, and the students can do 2 or 3 projects. 
      • In order to get the best outcome from the training, attend it from day one. 
      • Enhance your soft skills, analytical skills, and sharpen your profile. 
      • The internship program offered by us will make you a complete technical expert. 
      • Perform in such a way that the top companies are interested in your profile. 
      • Get benefitted from internal mock interviews and unlimited interviews
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.
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      Recently Placed Candidates

      SLA Institute has the noble mission of helping your achieve your dream IT job. We know how important is the first job for any candidate and hence equip the students with the needed skills.

      Siva Sangeeth
      Jithendra Goutham
      Ajith MS