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Unlocking Career Opportunities: Why AWS Training in Chennai is a Smart Choice

Published On: June 8, 2023

Companies from startups to big enterprises are shifting workloads in cloud management as cloud computing provides innumerable benefits to organizations. The learning of cloud computing with certifications is highly demanded in the industries and they employ candidates who have appropriate skills for designing, deploying, and managing cloud computing environments efficiently. We are going to unlock career opportunities in the cloud computing domain through this blog along with the understanding of why AWS Training in Chennai is a smart choice.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the market leader in cloud computing and they are considered the most mature provider as per the report of the Gartner survey. They are offering 12 certifications currently and it covers foundational, associate, professional, and specialty cloud computing topics that make them leaders in public cloud adoption. 

AWS Training in Chennai

You will have the wonderful opportunity to learn the Top-Notch AWS Training in Chennai at SLA as we cover everything under one roof that includes programming languages, networking, data storage fundamentals, security foundations, AWS service selection, cloud-specific patterns and technologies, and visualization tools along with communication skill development. 

During the AWS Course in Chennai, we make you expertise in all AWS services like EC2, S3, Aurora, DynamoDB, RDS, Lambda, VPC, Lightsail, Sagemaker, etc. We equip you with the required industry skills to work efficiently with solutions like Archiving, Backup and Restore, Blockchain, Cloud Migration, Cloud Operation, Containers, Content Delivery, Database Migrations, Data Lakes and Analytics, DevOps, E-Commerce, Edge Computing, Front-End Web and Mobile Development, High-Performance Computing, Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Multi-Cloud, Scientific Computing, Serverless Computing, etc.

At SLA, experienced cloud experts that apply their own expertise to cloud ideas and technologies teach our AWS courses in Chennai. Our instruction is also lively and practical, helping in learning retention and helping students pick up new abilities more quickly.

Organizations have a great demand for staff that are familiar with the cloud so they can change how they operate. The Best AWS Training in Chennai is being offered by specialists in the field to assist you in developing your existing skills or learning more about cloud computing. Our AWS Coursework is routinely updated by AWS employees to keep your cloud knowledge current. Join us today to explore your great careers with AWS.

Online AWS Certification Training

Our customized AWS Training in Chennai is available both in-person and online. You might have access to extra materials including labs, practicals, real-world projects, and more. Also, a skilled educator might teach you about excellent practices. Whether you are just getting started, improving your current IT skills, or brushing up on your cloud knowledge, our Online AWS Certification Training will help you be more productive and achieve more in the cloud. You can demonstrate your familiarity with Amazon Cloud and improve your reputation by earning an IBM Certification. Enroll in SLA, Online AWS Training Institute.

Key Highlights of our AWS Certification Online Course at SLA

  • Instructor-Led Online AWS Classes
  • Free Demo Session
  • Flexible Course Schedule
  • Industry Experts and Experienced Trainers
  • 4+ Real-Time Industry Project Practices
  • IBM Certification
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Free Lifetime Mentor Support

Why is AWS Training Important?

Choosing the right certification as per the demand and scope is a bit difficult for the students but the certification skills will be validated and recognized by the companies to hire candidates easily. It proves the skills of students about the shared understanding of cloud platforms, cloud expertise, and shared terminology that adds value to the candidate’s profile through cloud projects.

The importance of AWS certification reflects in the industries and users who are implementing it for their cloud storage. AWS is adopted by 68% of SMBs (Server Message Block) and 64% of enterprises according to the Right Scale State of Cloud Report which was released in 2018. AWS is still growing with strong financial performance and extends its service to cover most of the geographical area of the world. At present, AWS is offering 12 certifications with the categorization as one foundational certification, 3 associate-level certifications, 3 professional-level certifications, and six specialty certifications as follows:

Foundational Certification: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Associate-Level Certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator, and AWS Certified Developer

Professional–Level Certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

Specialty Certification: AWS Certified Advanced Networking, AWS Certified Data Analytics, AWS Certified Machine Learning, AWS Certified Database, AWS Certified Security, and AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder

Why Choose AWS Certification?

For data and analytics applications, AWS has emerged as a top option for companies across industries. But the crucial query is: Why choose AWS Certification? AWS has shown to be a strong all-around platform for data and analytics workloads due to its substantial client base, a broad choice of tools and services, and regular improvements. Additionally, it has some noteworthy benefits that should not be disregarded, including scalability, flexibility, and affordability, all of which can contribute to the success and expansion of your company.


AWS is the longest-running participant in the cloud computing business, in contrast to its rivals. AWS was introduced in 2006 and offers a wide range of services, such as Simple Storage Services (Amazon S3), Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2), and various other options. In 2009, additional services such as Amazon CloudFront, Elastic Block Store (EBS), and Content Delivery Network (CDN) were added to the AWS offerings.

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), two rivals of AWS, entered the market later, in 2010 and 2008, respectively. In other words, they are continuously learning.

Available Zones

AWS has had more time to develop its zones because it was the first to enter the fray. The likelihood of AWS hosting in your area is therefore high, no matter where you are.

With a presence in 31 geographical areas and 99 Availability Zones, AWS Cloud provides a wide-ranging global footprint. 15 more Availability Zones and 5 additional AWS Regions in Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Thailand are part of the announced plans to increase AWS availability globally. Whereas Google Cloud Platform has 27 cloud regions and 82 availability zones, Microsoft Azure operates in 60+ regions, each of which has a minimum of three availability zones.

Market Share

Since its inception, AWS has been a market leader in the cloud. According to Statista’s first quarter 2022 research, with 33% of total usage, AWS commands the majority of the cloud computing market. With a market share of 22%, Azure is closely behind, and Google Cloud completes the top three.

Leading companies including BMW, Zynga, Samsung, MI, Unilever, Airbnb, and Netflix are also served by AWS. If such well-known clients can trust this supplier, it must be offering top-notch services.

The seven-year head start, in Bezos’ opinion, provided AWS an edge over the entrants who came later. Customers are thus still able to take advantage of the most advanced and powerful features as well as the strong community support.

Ease of Use

The AWS Management Console, a very user-friendly interface, is available to you once you register with AWS. Every organization needs the numerous AWS services and applications presented on this server interface.

You don’t require exceptional IT expertise if you want to host your website, deploy your SaaS, or migrate your software. To navigate the system easily, you can also utilize well-documented web services APIs.

Services and Features

AWS has developed its services to encompass more due to its long history as an industry participant than its rivals. Because of their extensive experience, they are also by far the most functionally rich in the business.

Compared to Azure, which offers more than 100 services, AWS offers more than 200. Only 60 services or so makeup GCP’s backlog.


AWS has observed numerous hacking strategies and, as the most established provider, has always responded quickly to keep one step ahead of them. Customers of AWS now have access to superior security as a service, tooling, and knowledge resources due to this experience.

Additionally, since the AWS platform has grown and solidified over time, users can now concentrate on their businesses while leaving the security concerns to the corporation. Moreover, the platform gives users the option to automatically use secure configurations. Network access constraints, for instance, apply when you deploy an instance onto a virtual network.

AWS offers all of the most important security capabilities, such as WAF, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, security event triggers, and API activity monitoring. It stands out from the competition because of features like security groups (firewalls) and granular IAM.

Seamless Data Migration

With AWS, combining, replicating, and migrating stored data is made simple, allowing businesses to combine, replicate, and migrate their data. Data preparation and combination for analytics, machine learning, and app development are simple with the aid of AWS Glue’s extensive integration capabilities. Furthermore, federated query capabilities are offered by services like Amazon Redshift and Athena, which enable users to access different data sources without the requirement for ETL pipelines or other data migration. As a result, it’s simple to draw important conclusions from the heterogeneous datasets you have stored across several platforms.


AWS frequently proves to be the most accommodating vendor in terms of price on the market. As was previously stated, it has been around long enough to hold a sizable portion of the market, allowing it to operate on a considerable scale. Therefore, it is simple for them to offer their services at lower costs.

Compared to Azure, AWS has a more flexible price structure that allows for more financial savings as usage grows. The fees usually decrease as you make more use of their services. 

They’ve solidified their place in the market and are unquestionably great at luring new customers. Because of this flexibility, AWS can generate more income than GCP and Azure and comfortably reinvest a sizable chunk into the cloud to offer more sophisticated services at reasonable prices.


For all of its analytics offerings, AWS goes above and above to deliver the finest performance at the most affordable price. You may cut your storage costs for your data lake by up to 70% with S3 intelligent tiering. Customers who use Amazon EC2 have access to more than 200 different instance types with a 100 Gbps network bandwidth cap. 

You may manage your performance requirements while controlling expenses by using Amazon Redshift RA3 instances with managed storage. In comparison to conventional methods, Amazon’s advanced analytics query accelerator can speed up searches up to ten times. As a result, Amazon Redshift scales out over many nodes up to 10 times faster. AQUA also speeds up compression, encryption, and a variety of data processing functions like scans, aggregates, and filters.

Top five highly demanded AWS Certifications required for the IT industry

Accelerate your career with AWS professional and specialty certifications that are in demand in the global industries. AWS dominates in the cloud environment market and securing certification in AWS brings a rewarding career for the candidates with high-level recognition by the industries. We have listed below the top five AWS certifications with their topic covers, exam details, and prerequisites and it surely simplifies the process for you to decide what certification you can choose as per your desire.

Specialty in AWS Certified Security

AWS Certified Security in Specialty level certification is useful for candidates who are already working in IT infrastructure security roles and it is intended to enhance their career in the cloud security field. It empowers the candidates with the AWS production environment practices and validates the skills of data encryption and protection methods, AWS security services, infrastructure security, incident response, monitoring and logging, identity, access management, and secured internet protocols.

Exam Details 

  • 65 questions that contain either multiple choices or multiple responses
  • 170 Minutes will be given to complete the exam
  • The candidate can attend the testing center or online proctored delivery method
  • Available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
  • The cost for the exam is 300 USD and 40 USD for the practical.


Securing this certification requires a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in securing AWS workloads, security controls for AWS workloads, and a minimum of five years of experience with designing and implementing IT security services.

Associate-Level in AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator is the exam with the certification that validates the skills of system administration. This certification enhances the candidates with the practices of deploying various applications to the WS platform, sending and receiving data between AWS and data centers, selecting the proper AWS services to face the requirements of an organization, and managing, provisioning, and securing systems in the AWS environment.

Exam Details 

  • 65 questions that contain either multiple choices or multiple responses
  • 130 Minutes will be given to complete the exam
  • The candidate can attend the testing center or online proctored delivery method
  • Available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
  • The cost for the exam is 150 USD and 20 USD for practical


To secure this certification exam requires a detailed understanding of AWS tenets and cloud architecting, hands-on experience in AWS CLI, SDK, and API tools, networking technology fundamentals, security concepts, virtualization technology, experience in monitoring and auditing systems, strong knowledge in networking concepts such as DNS, Firewalls, and TCP/IP, and translating architectural needs.

Associate-Level AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the certification that helps the candidates to have detailed knowledge and skills in deploying secure and robust applications with the AWS cloud platform. It enhances the candidates with the implementation of AWS architecture throughout the given project management lifecycle. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certificate validates the candidates in secured architecture deployment, providing solutions as per client requirements, and offering guidance on project implementations.

Exam Details

  • 65 questions that contain either multiple choices or multiple responses
  • 130 Minutes will be given to complete the exam
  • The candidate can attend the testing center or online proctored delivery method
  • Available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
  • The cost for the exam is 150 USD and 20 USD for the practical.


To secure this certification, a candidate should have strong hands-on experience in compute, storage, networking, and database AWS services, AWS deployment and management services, identification ability to define technical needs for AWS-based applications, fundamental knowledge in building the secured and reliable applications in AWS platform, strong knowledge in AWS cloud architectural principles, AWS global infrastructure, networking technologies related to AWS, and tools and technologies required for AWS services.

Professional-Level AWS Certified Solutions Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is given for the candidates to perform a solution architect role in top companies with validation skills. This certification equips the knowledge and skills of candidates in the areas such as designing and deploying scalable, highly accessible, dynamic, fault-tolerant, and reliable applications in the AWS platform. It helps the candidate to choose the perfect AWS services for designing and deploying the application based on the requirements and migrating the most complicated and multi-tier applications in the AWS environment along with the knowledge of deploying enterprise-level scalable and flexible AWS cloud operations and implementing cost-control strategies.

Exam Details

  • 75 questions that contain either multiple choices or multiple responses
  • 180 Minutes will be given for completing the exam
  • The candidate can attend the testing center or online proctored delivery method
  • Available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
  • The cost for the exam is 300 USD and 40 USD for the practical.


To secure this AWS Certified Solutions Architect Certification requires a minimum of two years of hands-on experience in designing and deploying AWS cloud architecture, evaluation skills of cloud application needs to prepare architectural recommendations for implementing, deploying, and provisioning AWS applications, and designing a hybrid architecture. 

AWS technologies such as VPN and AWS direct connect, implement architectural design for various AWS applications and map the business objectives to application requirements. It requires proficiency in AWS CLI, AWS CloudFormation templates, AWS APIs, AWS Management Console, and AWS billing console along with familiarity with scripting languages, Windows and Linux OS, continuous integration and continuous deployment, and five pillars of AWS Architecture framework.

Associate-Level AWS Certified Developer

AWS Certified Developer is the most demanding certification required in innumerable global companies as it involves the development and maintenance of AWS-based applications. This certification helps the candidates to demonstrate an understanding of core AWS services, use cases, and the fundamental architecture of AWS. It enhances the students ‘ proficiency in developing, debugging, and deploying AWS Cloud-based applications. AWS Certified Developer brings tremendous opportunities for learners with promising future enhancements.

Exam Details

  • 65 questions that contain either multiple choices or multiple responses
  • 130 Minutes will be given to complete the exam
  • The candidate can attend the testing center or online proctored delivery method
  • Available in languages such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese
  • The cost for the exam is 150 USD and 20 USD for the practical.


Securing AWS Certified Developer Certification requires strong development knowledge in any high-level programming language, understanding of core AWS services, AWS architecture, uses, and services, expertise in developing, debugging, and deploying error-free cloud-based applications in AWS, writing applications using AWS service APIs, AWS CLI, and SDKs, and the understanding of AWS shared responsibility model. 

They should be proficient in the software development lifecycle, CI/CD pipeline management; AWS service interactions, cloud-native applications, secret key, access key, serverless applications, and container usage for a faster development process.


The learning and earning of AWS certifications bring a promising future and good career enhancement for the candidates who are working in the IT field. The above-mentioned certifications are most rewarding and highly in demand in industries across the world. We offer AWS Certification Training in Chennai for all the IT aspirants who want to shine in cloud computing technologies and the environment. Join SLA to explore the widest job opportunities in the AWS platform to provide the best cloud solutions for the top companies.

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