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Unlocking Career Potential: Why Cloud Computing Training in Chennai is Essential

Published On: July 4, 2023

While cloud computing has been around for around 20 years and has demonstrated to boost business productivity, save money, and provide organizations a competitive edge, a sizable section of the corporate sector has yet to adopt it. This blog opens your eyes as we are unlocking career potential and why Cloud Computing Training in Chennai is Essential.

Career in the Cloud Computing Domain

Over the past few years, the term “cloud computing” has become increasingly common. It is becoming harder and harder for people and organizations to maintain all of their critical data, programs, and systems on internal computer servers as society transitions into the digital 21st century with its exponential increase in data use. 

The answer to this issue has existed for almost as long as the internet, but it has only received mainstream acceptance among companies. Cloud computing allows users to access all of the system’s features and contents without having to keep most of that system on their computers, much like web-based email clients do. 

Most users of a variety of cloud computing services do so without even being aware of it. TurboTax, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Google Drive, and even Google Drive are cloud-based applications. The sensitive information that users of these services transfer to a cloud-based server is subsequently stored there for later access. While these programmes are fantastic for individual use, organizations that want secure online network access to massive volumes of data will find them to be much more helpful.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing

Using cloud-based CRM software like Salesforce, employees, for example, can rapidly exchange client information with other authorized parties anywhere in the world via their smartphone or tablet at home or while traveling. However, some business executives continue to be hesitant to spend money on cloud computing solutions for their businesses. Consequently, let’s list 12 business benefits of cloud computing right away.

Cost Savings

Others share your concerns regarding the cost of switching to cloud computing. Concerns over the initial cost of adopting a cloud-based server are held by 20% of enterprises. However, when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of employing the cloud, one must take into account more than simply the initial cost; one must also take ROI into account.

The data storage space necessary to service your stakeholders and customers is also subject to the pay-as-you-go technique, so you will only be provided with the capacity you really use and will not be charged for any more space. Together, these factors result in lower costs and higher profits.


RapidScale claims that 94% of businesses that made the switch to the cloud noticed an improvement in security, and 91% stated it was easier to comply with regulatory obligations as a result of the cloud. For this higher level of security, network and database storage must use data encryption. When information is encrypted, it is less susceptible to hackers and other others who are not authorized to read your data. The majority of cloud-based services enable the creation of different security parameters based on the user as an additional layer of security. Only 9% of cloud users could make the same assertion, while 20% say catastrophe recovery could happen in four hours or less.


There is just so much concentration that your company can devote to each of its duties. You won’t be able to focus on achieving business objectives and meeting consumer demands if your present IT solutions make you devote too much of your time to computer and data-storage concerns. On the other hand, by entrusting an outside company with all IT hosting and infrastructure, you’ll have more time to focus on the areas of your organization that directly impact your bottom line.

Compared to hosting on a local server, the cloud gives enterprises more overall flexibility. Additionally, if you require more bandwidth, a cloud-based solution may rapidly satisfy your needs rather than requiring an involved (and costly) update to your IT infrastructure. This improved freedom and flexibility may have a substantial impact on your organization’s overall efficiency.


Employees may access company data while on the road via smartphones and other mobile devices thanks to cloud computing, which is made possible by the fact that there are presently more than 2.6 billion smartphone users globally. With the help of this feature, employees with hectic schedules or who live far from the company headquarters can stay in close contact with customers and coworkers. The cloud enables you to give conveniently accessible information to freelancers, salespeople who travel, and remote workers for a better work-life balance.


The saying “information is power” has developed into the more accurate and up-to-date expression “data is money,” which is becoming increasingly clear as we progress further into the digital age. The millions of bits of data that surround your customers’ activity include a wealth of relevant information that can be utilized to enhance business operations. Of course, sifting through that data to find these kernels can be very difficult if you don’t have access to the right cloud computing solution.

With numerous cloud-based storage options that integrate cloud analytics, you can get a birds-eye perspective of your data. You may easily add tracking systems and make custom reports to analyze data across your entire organization when your data is hosted in the cloud. Based on these findings, action plans can be made to meet organizational goals and boost productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration

Making collaboration a high priority is important if your company has two or more employees. After all, having a team that cannot function as a team serves little purpose. Collaboration is a straightforward process thanks to cloud computing. On a platform built on the cloud, team members can see and share information with ease and security. 

Many cloud-based platforms also give employees across your company social places for collaboration, which raises interest and engagement. Even if working together without a cloud computing solution could be possible, it will never be as quick or effective.

Quality Control

The elements that have the biggest negative effects on a company’s performance include poor quality and inconsistent reporting. In a cloud-based system, each document is stored in a single location and the same format. Since everyone will have access to the same data, you can ensure consistency, avoid human error, and preserve a clear record of any additions or adjustments. 

As a result, staff members could mistakenly save various versions of the same document, leading to confusion and jumbled data. The management of information in silos differs from this.

Disaster Recovery

One of the factors that contribute to a company’s success is control. No matter how in control your firm may be when it comes to its procedures, there will always be happenings that are completely beyond your control. Even a small amount of needless downtime can be extremely harmful in today’s industry. Downtime in your services has a negative impact on brand reputation, lost revenue, and productivity.

Even though there may be nothing you can do to prevent or even forecast the disasters that could harm your business, there are steps you can take to speed up your recovery. Cloud-based services allow quick data recovery for a variety of emergency scenarios, such as natural catastrophes and power outages.

Loss Prevention

The critical data for your business will be inextricably linked to the office PCs it lives on if you don’t invest in a cloud computing solution. The risk of losing all of your data exists even though it might not seem like a big deal if your local hardware breaks. Computer failures can be caused by a variety of elements, such as viruses, out-of-date hardware, user mistakes, and more frequently than you might think.

Alternatively, even with the best of intentions, they could be stolen or misplaced. Being forced to wait while system upgrades are deployed is the worst thing that can happen to someone who already has a lot on their plate. Cloud-based applications automatically update and refresh themselves, saving IT staff the time and effort of having to manually update the entire business. As a result, less time and money are lost by IT experts on outside IT consultation.

Competitive Edge

Even though more individuals are using the cloud, localization is still preferred by others. Even while it is their choice, people who choose to delay taking advantage of the cloud’s benefits are at a significant disadvantage to those who can. If you embrace a cloud-based solution before your competitors, your learning curve will be further along when they catch up. 


Businesses can no longer claim they are protecting the environment by placing a recycling bin in the break room, given the current status of the environment. Real sustainability requires developing waste reduction initiatives at every organizational level. Cloud hosting is less harmful to the environment and produces less carbon.

Cloud infrastructures promote environmental proactivity by providing virtual services rather than tangible commodities and hardware since they let employees access data from anywhere with an internet connection. This decreases paper waste, boosts energy efficiency, and lowers commuter-related pollutants. According to a Pike Research report, the introduction of cloud computing and other virtual data options will result in a 31% reduction in data center energy consumption between 2010 and 2020.

Why is Cloud Computing Training in Chennai Essential?

Understanding a little about cloud computing technologies is like understanding how to drive a car without a license. Not just cloud computing certifications but all technological certifications help in a career. Because interviewers only have a short amount of time to assess candidates, having a Cloud Computing Certificate can help you more effectively exhibit your cloud expertise.

Let’s explore all the key factors for why obtaining Cloud Computing Training is essential for a career in the industry.

Data Shows Cloud Computing Has Future Potential

According to the report, 90% of businesses are using the cloud, which demonstrates the market’s prevailing use of the cloud. According to Report Linker, the market for cloud computing is anticipated to grow significantly by 2023, from its current $272 billion value to a staggering $623.3 billion. By 2023, the cloud will have tripled in size, demonstrating the promise of cloud computing, says this analysis.

The fact that the cloud is still expanding and doesn’t appear to be slowing down is the primary justification for pursuing a certification in it. You grow along with the activity you engage in if it is always evolving.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Imagine that you are attending a job interview. There are 100 job candidates with the same qualifications as you. Then why should I pick you over other people to work with? Here, a cloud certification is helpful. You could bring up this topic during the interview to differentiate yourself from the competition.

The interviewer will see from your cloud certification that you have prior familiarity with these services. If you perform well in the interview and possess the relevant certification, your chances of being recruited rise.

Excellent Salary

One of the main factors motivating individuals to choose a profession in cloud computing is this. A starting wage of 4 LPA, with a potential increase to 16 LPA, is what Cloud Engineers may anticipate, according to Glassdoor India. The median pay for a cloud engineer in the US is US$129,363 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. If you have experience, this might increase to US$173,500.

The highest earning certification in 2023, according to Forbes, will be AWS Solution Architect, which can earn up to US$175,000 per year. An annual salary of $149,000 is offered with the AWS Solutions Architect Certificate.

Exhibit Your Skills in a Particular Discipline

It is preferable to obtain a certification that demonstrates your knowledge if you are an IT professional searching for work in the cloud sector. It will be delivered straight to the interviewer.

The interviewer will have a better understanding of all the AWS services you are familiar with if you have earned the AWS Solutions Architect Certificate. The same holds for a GCP or Azure certificate. When an employee earns a preferred certification, many businesses give them additional incentives.

Shows That You’re Committed to Your Work

By passing a cloud certification, you can demonstrate your dedication to your job if you are currently employed in an IT or cloud-related function. You can change your profession to the cloud sector if you are a software engineer or developer. If you already work in the cloud industry, you may be able to advance professionally by getting a promotion.

A cloud certification will demonstrate your training, which will boost your confidence in your skills. It may cause you to work on numerous business tasks.

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Finding a lucrative job is necessary to earn a big wage. So, the first thing you would want to know is whether there are enough openings to fill. Yes, in a heartbeat!

Look at the Cloud Engineer job listings on Indeed for now. 4,000+ Cloud Engineer positions are available in India alone, compared to 42,500 opportunities in the US that are just listed on Indeed. Such job portals are many, and we have discovered a large number of positions by only checking one. Therefore, if you are qualified and obtain certification, consider the variety of employment that is available for you.

Continuous Learning

To pass the exam, if you pursue certification, you must become knowledgeable in all subjects and services. This maintains your attention on them for an extended period. So you gain a complete understanding of the ideas. In addition, passing the certification exam is not simple.

Top 5 Cloud Certification in 2023

For individuals attempting to position themselves for entry-level cloud-related jobs, the following certifications are frequently advised. 

Amazon Web Services Solution Architect – Associate

A multiple-choice exam that measures your skill with AWS, the leading cloud platform, in terms of service deployment, management, and use, is required to obtain the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification. The certification shows your knowledge of the fundamental technical ideas of AWS cloud engineering, positioning you to be considered for careers in the field.

Microsoft Certified – Azure Fundamentals

Due to its second-largest market share in the sector, Azure is a solid cloud platform to learn about. The Azure foundational certification, which is aimed at both persons with and without technical skills, requires passing the AZ-900 exam. It’s a dependable certification that will educate you on Azure’s foundational concepts. You can then work towards the Azure Administrator Associate or Azure Developer Associate credentials. However, it’s not necessary.

Google Associate Cloud Engineer

To become a certified Google Associate Cloud Engineer, you must have a working knowledge of Google Cloud. This includes, among other things, setting up access and security, managing databases and storage, and developing a cloud solution environment. 

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect

When it comes to offering enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, Salesforce is the industry leader. The advanced-level Salesforce Certified Technical Architect degree enables professionals to implement end-to-end solutions on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce-certified technical architects often make USD 132,000 annually.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The DevOps skills required for the AWS environment are taught through professional-level certification offered by AWS. DevOps certification is unique and necessitates certain skills that are solely relevant to DevOps applications. Holders with certifications typically make around USD 123,000 annually.


You’ll need to put in a lot of effort or enroll in our Cloud Computing Training in Chennai at SLA Institute taught by experts, which might cover everything required for a cloud computing job. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects during your cloud computing certification training along with IBM authorization, which you can highlight on your CV to strengthen your application.

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