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    Agile Course Syllabus

    Agile Training Syllabus

    Manage your tasks more efficiently with the Agile methodology. Learn it from experts at SLA Institute! Gain from the well-structured Agile course syllabus

    Agile Project Communications

    • Introduction
    • Agile Information radiator
    • Agile Team space
    • Agile tooling
    • Osmotic communications for collocated teams
    • Osmotic communications for distributed teams

    Planning, Monitoring and Adopting

    • Introduction
    • Agile Retrospectives
    • Agile task and Kanban boards,
    • Agile Timeboxing
    • Agile Iteration and release planning
    • Agile WIP limits
    • Agile Burn down/up charts

    Agile Estimation

    • Introduction
    • Agile relative sizing/story points
    • Agile wide band Delphi
    • Agile planning poker
    • Agile affinity estimating
    • Agile ideal time

    Agile Analysis and Design

    • Introduction
    • Agile product roadmap
    • Agile user stories and backlog
    • Agile story maps
    • Agile progressive elaboration
    • Agile wireframes

    Product Quality

    • Agile frequent verification and validation
    • Agenda for the session
    • Agile test first development
    • Agile acceptance test-driven development

    Soft Skills Negotiation

    • Introduction
    • Agile emotional intelligence
    • Agile collaboration
    • Agile adaptive leadership
    • Agile negotiation
    • Agile conflict resolution

    Value-Based Prioritization

    • Introduction
    • Agile return on investment (ROI)
    • Agile net present value (NPV)
    • Agile internal rate of return (IRR)
    • Agile compliance
    • Agile customer-valued prioritization

    Risk Management

    • Introduction
    • Agile risk-adjusted backlog
    • Agile risk burn down graphs
    • Agile risk-based spike

    Agile Metrics

    • Introduction
    • Agile velocity
    • Agile cycle time
    • Agile earned value management (EVM) for agile projects

    Agile Value Stream Analysis

    • Introduction
    • Agile value stream mapping
    • Agile Flow charts
    • Agile Spaghetti Diagrams

    Agile Knowledge and Skills

    • Introduction
    • Active listening
    • Agile Manifesto values and principles
    • Assessing and incorporating community and stakeholder values
    • Agile Brainstorming techniques
    • Building empowered teams
    • Coaching and mentoring within teams
    • Agile Communications management
    • Feedback techniques for product (e.g., prototyping, simulation, demonstrations, evaluations)
    • Incremental delivery
    • Agile Knowledge sharing
    • Agile Leadership tools and techniques
    • Prioritization
    • Agile Problem-solving strategies, tools, and techniques
    • Project and quality standards for Agile projects
    • Stakeholder management
    • Agile Team motivation
    • Time, budget, and cost estimation
    • Value-based decomposition and prioritization
    • Agile frameworks and terminology
    • Building high-performance teams
    • Agile Business case development
    • Collocation (geographic proximity)/distributed teams
    • Agile Continuous improvement processes
    • Elements of a project charter for an Agile project
    • Agile Facilitation methods
    • Agile Participatory decision models (e.g., input-based, shared collaboration, command)
    • PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct Process analysis techniques Self assessment
    • Value-based analysis Mini – Exam (Self evaluated, Instructor analysis follows Agile contracting methods)


    When you implement the agile methodology efficiently, your team will improve immensely. Enroll in SLA Institute, and gain from the well-devised Agile course syllabus.