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      Datascience Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Data Science Training in Chennai is the topmost priority of candidates to acquire a promising career in various fields. We have global-recognized Data Science Courses in Chennai that help the students to gain expertise in scientific methods, algorithms, and processes to extract meaningful insights from raw data. Get a satisfying hands-on exposure to various specializations of data science in our Data Science Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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      Finding Your Right Courses

      Best Data science Training in Chennai

      In the earlier days, the data that we possessed was not big in size. Moreover, it was structured and simple. Business Intelligence tools could do the work of analyzing. Nowadays the scenario has changed drastically. There is the presence of unstructured or semi-structured nature in most of the data. Simple BI tools cannot analyze such big data. So there arises the need for advanced evaluation tools and rules for gauging and bringing out meaningful ideas from data. Hidden patterns are found out from the raw data with the help of data science.

      Objectives of Data Science Training in Chennai

      Don’t be intimidated by people saying that data science is a difficult course and it needs big skills to learn it. Even if you are fresh out of college you can pursue it from the Best Data Science Training Institute in Chennai. By now, when you think of taking up data science course, you would definitely have some programming knowledge. And add to that good analytical skills and brushing up your mathematical skills. This is all that it takes to pursue the data science course in Chennai. If you need, you can do internship also from SLA Institute. Keeping the holistic growth of the candidate, the objectives of data science training in Chennai are as follows:

      • To enrich the students with all the required knowledge of data science
      • To provide guidance in such a way that the student not only becomes proficient in technical skills but also is equipped with the life skills
      • To impart job-related knowledge to the aspiring students 
      • To teach in such a way that the students learn quicker and within the course duration
      • To assist the student in getting placements in renowned companies. 
      • To provide the students with the needed support to accelerate the career planning process 
      • To make the students industry-ready through personality development, resume preparation, group discussion, sharpening interview skills, aptitude training, mock interviews etc. 
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      Future Scope of Data Science Training in Chennai

      Best Data Science Training Course in Chennai assists students in solving difficult analytic problems. Being a blend of technology, data interference and algorithm, data science assists the users to produce huge business value. When the student imbibes the concept of data science, he/she tries to comprehend data patterns and explore details and findings from specific data sets.

      By means of the training program at SLA, there is assurance that the students are well-trained and possess adequate specialization in mathematics and statistics. Moreover, the candidate will gain amazing business knowledge. Both students and working professionals can gain from the teaching at SLA.

      The requirement of Data Science professionals is increasing rapidly as it is fast-evolving technology that simplifies the daily life of people around the world. The high amount of data generation is the main reason for this demand and it needs experts to work on gaining useful information from the collected data. We offer the Best Data Science Course in Chennai by industry expert faculties who are working in this field and they gather what is needed currently in this sector to update the curriculum. Following are the reasons to prove that the data science course will bring a good career for the learners.

      Companies require handling a large amount of data

      Data is being collected every minute by companies and global businesses through transactions or interactions. It leads companies to face the challenge of analyzing and categorizing the collected raw data and they found it is the most difficult to handle them manually. There comes the data scientist as a savior who can handle them efficiently by algorithms, processes, and procedures for increasing the productivity of businesses. Learn how it helps businesses through our Data Science Training in Chennai.

      Continuous update of data privacy regulations

      Developed countries like Europe and California are updating their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for the protection of their citizen’s data. It leads companies and data scientists to store and regulate data very much responsibly and adequately. They have to keep safe their user’s data against breaches and malefic access of hackers. It requires experts to handle the data with a high-level protection system that eliminates unauthorized access. Become a master in data protection technologies that help the nations by enrolling in our Data Science Training Institute in Chennai.

      Constant evolving of data science technologies

      Data science is the inevitable field worldwide that simplifies human living by faster access and data protection. This shows the significant need for evolution with new technologies and tools that create opportunities for newbies. Data science has a wide range of branches that includes Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Cloud Computing, RPA and IoT development. The learners have a wide range of options to choose the subfield as per their career goal. Our education managers will explain them comprehensively in our Data Science Training Center in Chennai at SLA.

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      Prerequisites for learning Data science Training in Chennai

      The learning of the Data Science Course in Chennai requires the fundamental knowledge of analytical tools like SQL, Excel, or Tableau to begin their career in a data science field. It also requires programming skills, logical programming, and functions and loops knowledge for working professionals to enhance their career effectively in the data science field. However, we provide comprehensive Data Science Training in Chennai from scratch for beginners with the customized Data Science Course Syllabus. They require the following skills to start their career.

      • Basics of computer applications
      • Acquainted with the fundamental maths and statistical concepts

      Who should attend our Data Sciecne Training Institute in Chennai?

      Any aspiring candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Physical Science etc However, Data Science courses in Chennai can be pursued by candidates who are coming from mathematics, statistics, and computer science degree background. They can develop their skills in various options like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Hadoop, Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and IoT developments. Data Science knowledge empowers and enhances the careers of interested learners with tremendous job opportunities. Enjoy learning in our Data Science Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance as we have personalized classes with a customized curriculum to shine in the data science industry effectively.

      Job Profile in Data Science Course in Chennai

      Data Science is the in-demand field that creates tremendous job opportunities for freshers and working professionals with boundless career options. Our Data Science Training and Placement Training Institute in Chennai equip the learners with the required industry skills for working efficiently in the following popular profiles of top companies.

      • Business Intelligence Developer
      • They are responsible to use business intelligence software to display and interact with data for their company. They should have to create tools according to the current data requirements for the improvement of the research process. Enhance your skills in our Data Science Training in Chennai.

      • Data Architect
      • They are concerned with data management processes such as designing, creating, deploying, and managing the organization. It is the best career option for newbies to have the ability to design systems and operations for required processes. Learn the best Data Science Course in Chennai at SLA.

      • Data Analyst
      • They are responsible for gathering, cleansing, and analyze datasets to help resolve the problems of the organization. They can work in various industries such as business, criminal justice, medicine, and finance. Enroll in our Data Science Training Course in Chennai to become a skillful expert.

      • Machine Learning Engineer
      • They are professionals to focus on researching, developing, and designing IT and AI possibilities for improving predictive models. They should have advanced mathematical knowledge and data analytical skills for better career enhancement. Accelerate your career through our Data Science Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

      Data Science Course Syllabus

      Getting Started

      • Course Introduction
      • Course Material & Lab Setup
      • Installation
      • Python Basic – Part – 1
      • Python Basic – Part – 2
      • Advance Python – Part – 1
      • Advance Python – Part – 2

      Statistics and Probability Refresher, and Python Practice

      • Types of Data
      • Mean, Median, Mode
      • Using mean, median, and mode in Python
      • Variation and Standard Deviation
      • Probability Density Function; Probability Mass Function
      • Common Data Distributions
      • Percentiles and Moments
      • A Crash Course in matplotlib
      • Covariance and Correlation
      • Conditional Probability
      • Exercise Solution: Conditional Probability of Purchase by Age
      • Bayes’ Theorem

      Predictive Models

      • Linear Regression
      • Polynomial Regression
      • Multivariate Regression, and Predicting Car Prices
      • Multi-Level Models

      Machine Learning with Python

      • Supervised vs. Unsupervised Learning, and Train/Test
      • Using Train/Test to Prevent Overfitting a Polynomial Regression
      • Bayesian Methods: Concepts
      • Implementing a Spam Classifier with Naive Bayes
      • K-Means Clustering
      • Clustering people based on income and age
      • Measuring Entropy
      • Install GraphViz32. Decision Trees: Concepts
      • Decision Trees: Predicting Hiring Decisions
      • Ensemble Learning
      • Support Vector Machines (SVM) Overview
      • Using SVM to cluster people using scikit-learn

      Recommender Systems

      • User-Based Collaborative Filtering
      • Item-Based Collaborative Filtering
      • Finding Movie Similarities
      • Improving the Results of Movie Similarities
      • Making Movie Recommendations to People
      • Improve the recommender’s results

      More Data Mining and Machine Learning Techniques

      • K-Nearest-Neighbors: Concepts
      • Using KNN to predict a rating for a movie
      • Dimensionality Reduction; Principal Component Analysis
      • PCA Example with the Iris data set
      • Data Warehousing Overview: ETL and ELT
      • Reinforcement Learning

      Dealing with Real-World Data

      • Bias/Variance Tradeoff
      • K-Fold Cross-Validation to avoid overfitting
      • Data Cleaning and Normalization
      • Cleaning web log data
      • Normalizing numerical data
      • Detecting outliers

      Apache Spark: Machine Learning on Big Data

      • Lab Set-up Warning & Error Handling
      • Installing Spark – Part – 1
      • Installing Spark – Part – 2
      • Spark Introduction
      • Spark and the Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)
      • Introducing MLLib
      • Decision Trees in Spark
      • K-Means Clustering in Spark
      • TF / IDF
      • Searching Wikipedia with Spark
      • Using the Spark 2.0 DataFrame API for MLLib

      Experimental Design

      • A/B Testing Concepts
      • T-Tests and P-Values
      • Hands-on With T-Tests
      • Determining How Long to Run an Experiment
      • A/B Test Gotchas

      Deep Learning and Neural Networks

      • Deep Learning Pre-Requisites
      • The History of Artificial Neural Networks
      • Deep Learning in the Tensorflow Playground
      • Deep Learning Details
      • Introducing Tensorflow
      • Using Tensorflow, Part 1
      • Using Tensorflow, Part 2
      • Introducing Keras
      • Using Keras to Predict Political Affiliations
      • Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN’s)
      • Using CNN’s for handwriting recognition
      • Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN’s)
      • Using a RNN for sentiment analysis
      • The Ethics of Deep Learning
      • Learning More about Deep Learning

      Statistics and Data Science in R - Intro

      • Introduction to R
      • R and R studio Installation & Lab Setup
      • Descriptive Statistics

      Descriptive Statistics

      • Mean, Median, Mode
      • Our first foray into R : Frequency Distributions
      • Draw your first plot : A Histogram
      • Computing Mean, Median, Mode in R
      • What is IQR (Inter-quartile Range)?
      • Box and Whisker Plots
      • The Standard Deviation
      • Computing IQR and Standard Deviation in R

      Inferential Statistics

      • Drawing inferences from data
      • Random Variables are ubiquitous
      • The Normal Probability Distribution
      • Sampling is like fishing
      • Sample Statistics and Sampling Distributions

      Case studies in Inferential Statistics

      • Case Study 1 : Football Players (Estimating Population Mean from a Sample)
      • Case Study 2 : Election Polling (Estimating Population Proportion from a Sample)
      • Case Study 3 : A Medical Study (Hypothesis Test for the Population Mean)
      • Case Study 4 : Employee Behavior (Hypothesis Test for the Population Proportion)
      • Case Study 5: A/B Testing (Comparing the means of two populations)
      • Case Study 6: Customer Analysis (Comparing the proportions of 2 populations)

      Diving into R

      • Harnessing the power of R
      • Assigning Variables
      • Printing an output
      • Numbers are of type numeric
      • Characters and Dates
      • Logicals


      • Data Structures are the building blocks of R
      • Creating a Vector
      • The Mode of a Vector
      • Vectors are Atomic
      • Doing something with each element of a Vector
      • Aggregating Vectors
      • Operations between vectors of the same length
      • Operations between vectors of different length
      • Generating Sequences
      • Using conditions with Vectors
      • Find the lengths of multiple strings using Vectors
      • Generate a complex sequence (using recycling)
      • Vector Indexing (using numbers)
      • Vector Indexing (using conditions)
      • Vector Indexing (using names)


      • Creating an Array
      • Indexing an Array
      • Operations between 2 Arrays
      • Operations between an Array and a Vector
      • Outer Products


      • A Matrix is a 2-Dimensional Array
      • Creating a Matrix
      • Matrix Multiplication
      • Merging Matrices
      • Solving a set of linear equations


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    • What is a factor?
    • Find the distinct values in a dataset (using factors)
    • Replace the levels of a factor
    • Aggregate factors with table()
    • Aggregate factors with tapply()
    • Lists and Data Frames

      • Introducing Lists
      • Introducing Data Frames
      • Reading Data from files
      • Indexing a Data Frame
      • Aggregating and Sorting a Data Frame
      • Merging Data Frames

      Regression quantifies relationships between variables

      • Linear Regression in Excel : Preparing the data.
      • Linear Regression in Excel : Using LINEST()

      Linear Regression in R

      • Linear Regression in R : Preparing the data
      • Linear Regression in R : lm() and summary()
      • Multiple Linear Regression
      • Adding Categorical Variables to a linear mode
      • Robust Regression in R : rlm()
      • Parsing Regression Diagnostic Plots

      Data Visualization in R

      • Data Visualization
      • The plot() function in R
      • Control color palettes with RColorbrewer
      • Drawing bar plots
      • Drawing a heatmap
      • Drawing a Scatterplot Matrix
      • Plot a line chart with ggplot

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Data Science

      Project 1
      Fake News Detection

      Build a project to detect the fake and real news exactly using Passive Aggressive Classifier and it is useful for beginners.

      Project 3
      Speech Emotion Recognition

      Create a project with SER library to recognize speech emotions along with the analyzing of tone and pitch of speakers.

      Project 2
      Parkinson Disease Detection

      Develop a model to detect Parkinson's disease for the improvement of healthcare and its services along with Python.

      Project 4
      Image Caption Generator

      Create a project with Python and deep learning concepts along with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for clients.

      Why Datascience Course in Chennai?

      SLA offers dedicated training course for data science certification course. Placement assistance is one of its forte. We ascertain that the aspiring candidates gain the needed experience and competence coupled with thorough subject knowledge. Data Science Training Course in Chennai consists of the best industry experts who train the students to be highly competent.

      The aspiring candidate who is a working professional and who is on the lookout for flexible timings can reach our student center for the purpose of corporate training or personalized online training. Practical training is one of the specialties of our teaching. The course materials are adequate and the students are well prepared for the interviews. Besides technical skills, soft skills are also concentrated. Both beginners and experienced professionals can gain from the in-depth training offered by SLA. Data Science Course in Chennai has a positive impact on the knowledge of the student.

      Processes and systems form the core of data science. Being an interdisciplinary field, data science’s vastness lies in encompassing several theories and concepts. It Relies on information science, statistics, mathematics, computer science etc.

      There is development of a great deal of data, and several aspects of data science are gaining lot of significance especially big data. SLA Data Science Courses in Chennai understand the importance of data science and provides comprehensive training to the aspiring candidate.

      When we trace the history of data science, it has turned out to be an essential part of several industries including agriculture, fraud detection, and even public policy. Data science uses an amalgamation of statistics, predictive modeling and machine learning and takes care of several issues in both individual sectors and the economy.

      We understands that data science is a complex field and hence tries to impart the pertinent knowledge to the student in a profound manner. The increasing need for better information has transformed the conventional landscape of data science. Machine learning algorithms are also turning out to be the most sought after things by data scientists. Data science and big data are extremely essential areas that are turning out to be very critical.

      Nowadays the world is collecting data in a speed as never seen before. Moreover, the varied nature and the number of data are growing at an astonishing rate.

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      Significance of data science training in Chennai

      Are you confused as to which course to take in this current scenario? Well, if data science is also one of your preferences, you have made a wise decision. It is not without a reason that data science has been called the hottest job in the 21st century. Enroll in the best data science training in Chennai and join the elite group of data scientists!

      A bit of knowledge about the importance of data science will go a long way in refining your skills. There is no denying that the world is driven by data. Now let’s break a common misconception. As hyped about, data science is not a new field; it has been there for quite some decades; just that it is becoming more in use now. And with the surge in digitalization, the sheer number of global data is expanding like never. Data-driven insights have a great say in the actions of an organization; they depend on it for taking their business to the next level and perform daily tasks.

      Extracting meaningful insights from huge sets of data is the need of the hour for organizations. There is lot of unstructured data nowadays, and the challenge is to make them as data that makes sense. This will help the organizations to have precise understanding of all their organizational details. And now you would understand how crucial the role of a data scientist is. To be precise, the data scientist will utilize the data science tools to analyze all the data and bring about meaningful insights that will assist organizations in making sound decisions.

      Study data science from SLA Institute and never settle for less. Don’t regret later that your higher aims didn’t fructify just because you were confused. If data science is already in your mind, call us today for speaking with our career counselors and get the needed guidance in taking up this coveted course. Data scientists are a boon to any organization wishing to gain from big data, and the best data science course in Chennai is very well aware of that!

      Data science helps organizations to reduce the uncertainty of predictions. Industry experts are saying that it grows rapidly with tools and technologies to help to solve real-world problems. It creates tremendous opportunities for certified professionals with various career options. The significance of Data Science Training in Chennai depends on the massive digitization of platforms and services used by people around the globe. Following are proving that data science is inevitable in today’s life.

      • Data needs to be read and analyzed carefully
      • Data helps in creating a better customer experience
      • Data will be used across the world
      • Industries are adapting the leverage benefits of data science
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      The Placement Process at SLA Institute

      • To Foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      Career Opportunities of Data Science

      This is a data-dependent world;organizations are applying the insights that data scientists give to shine in the crowd. You may question why data scientist is one of the most demanding position nowadays. To put it in a nutshell, there has been a huge burst in both the data produced and retained by organizations. We prefer to form something with a stack of data. Data scientists are those who make sense out of the huge set of data and make out what can be performed with it.

      It is turning out vivid now that there is huge value in data processing and evaluation. Here comes the role of the data scientist. Data scientists are involved in the major role of enhancing business outcomes dependent on initial evaluation.

      3,024 Ratings


      Data Architect
      I have attended Data Science Course in Chennai at SLA after my engineering graduation as I thought it will be useful to begin my career. The trainers were taking classes patiently and it helped them to understand the concepts easily. They gave me enough time to work out the tasks and guided me throughout the course along with project practices. I thank Janani mam for providing me placement training and it helped to clear the interview rounds of top companies. Overall, good experience at SLA Institute.

      Minu Goerge

      Data Analyst
      Hi, I am Minu. I was working as a software developer in the .Net field. I wanted to upgrade my career in AI and I have joined SLA for Data Science Course in Chennai. It was really a wonderful experience and I have got what is needed for my career enhancement. SLA has excellent trainers and superb placement support to help my career growth. The class and lab atmosphere is very nice and they gave me a lot of time to practice. Thanks a lot, SLA.

      Ravi Gowathan

      ML Engineer
      SLA Institute is the best platform to learn Data Science Training in Chennai. The course content is well-structured by industry experts and it is meticulously framed with balanced theory and practical concepts. The trainers at SLA are skilled in every area related to data science profiles and they provide complete hands-on exposure throughout the course. I recommend SLA Institute for beginners and working professionals for their career upliftment.

      Gowri Manvani

      Data Scientist
      I have joined SLA to begin my career in the data science field and I am really admired for their teaching and coaching. They have a very good course curriculum and they explain the concepts superbly. The placement faculty Ms.Janani helped in providing good coaching and interview arrangements. It helps me getting placed in a good company. All thanks to SLA and the team.

      Shankar Reddy

      BI Developer
      My data science training at SLA went well with the satisfying job in a good company. I have learned what is needed for a job. SLA has very good course content for data science and skilled trainers to offer the best coaching with hands-on sessions. I got excellent guidance for placement things through Janani Mam along with many interview arrangements. Overall I am very happy in learning at SLA.

      Did You Like Our Reviews?

      Then why are you waiting? Start your journey learning and write your career story

      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      Why SLA for Data Science Training in Chennai?

      This is a data-dependent world organizations are applying the insights that data scientists give to shine in the crowd. You may question why data scientist is one of the most demanding position nowadays. To put it in a nutshell, there has been a huge burst in both the data produced and retained by organizations. We prefer to form something with a stack of data. Data scientists are those who make sense out of the huge set of data and make out what can be performed with it.

      It is turning out vivid now that there is huge value in data processing and evaluation. Here comes the role of the data scientist. Data scientists are involved in the major role of enhancing business outcomes dependent on initial evaluation.

      Data Science roles are top-scoring and high-demand as per the report of Glassdoor.com. Businesses across the world are focusing on data-driven solutions that lead professionals to be hired easily by the top companies. Our Data Science Training in Chennai creates ample career scope for performing in various roles with the full potential of data science skills.

      • Great career options with a rewarding and promising career
      • Data Science has numerous branches to explore
      • High salary possibilities with lots of perks.
      • Decision-Making is an important aspect of companies.
      • Less competitive as it is analytical roles.

      Enroll at SLA for learning the Best Data Science Training Course in Chennai. The students can enjoy free placement assistance by enrolling for the course that includes aptitude skill development, soft skill development, communication skill development, and collaboration skill development. We arrange your interviews until you get placed in your desired profile. Explore the wide range of opportunities by registering for a free demo class for our Data Science Course in Chennai.

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      This Course Includes
      • FREE Demo Class
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      • Tie up with more than 500+ MNCs & Medium Level Companies
      • 100% FREE Placement Assistance
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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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        Data Science Training - FAQ

        What is data science for beginners?

        Data scientists use sophisticated tools and techniques to analyze vast volumes of data in order to find hidden patterns, gather important knowledge, and make business decisions. Enrolling in our Data Science Training in Chennai will be helpful.

        Is data science a good career?

        Data science is a great job with a tonne of room for expansion in the future. There is already a high demand for the position, competitive salary, and several perks. Businesses are increasingly seeking data scientists that can extract useful information from vast volumes of data.

        What skills do data scientists need?

        The most crucial technical data scientist abilities are 

        Statistical analysis and computing.

        Machine learning.

        Deep Learning.

        processing huge amounts of data.

        Data Visualization

        Data Manipulation.



        What is the salary of a data scientist?

        In India, a data scientist makes an average salary of 10 lakhs (or 83.3 thousand) per year. Estimated wages are based on 25517 most recent salaries from different Data Scientists across sectors, as reported by Ambition Box. Contact us about our career-focused Data Science Course in Chennai at SLA to land a job in top organizations.

        Does data science require coding?

        Programming is necessary. For working professionals who code: You can learn to code; it’s necessary for data science. Data science has a learning curve because, in addition to learning how to write code, you also need to retrain how to do arithmetic and business. Here, the data science bootcamp can be useful.

        Can a fresher become a data scientist?

        For freshers, data science groups may be a useful launching pad. You may learn from professionals, share your work, uncover new career prospects, and discover new ideas. Join various community sites for data scientists and frequent them.

        Does the placement assistance at SLA guarantee me the job?

        No, SLA does not promise a job, but it helps the aspirants to build the required potential needed in landing a career. Long-term, the aspirants might use the learned skills to advance their careers in data science.

        How will be the career monitoring sessions at SLA?

        The applicants will be able to create a clear image of the range of career opportunities accessible thanks to the guidance provided by specialists in the field regarding the numerous possibilities in the Data Science career. Also, they will learn about the different challenges they can encounter as newcomers to the industry and how to overcome them.

        What are the payment options for Data Science Course at SLA?

        There are various kinds of payment options available for students to learn Data Science Course at SLA. You can pay through debit or credit card, UPI mode, net banking, or cash. You can also avail No Cost EMI option for completing the data science training in Chennai at SLA. Contact our educational managers for the current discounts or offers on Data Science Training Cost.

        What if I miss sessions unintentionally?

        Our trainers will take alternative sessions when you take informed leaves with proper reasons. You can schedule them on your convenient learning hours or online. Book a free demo today to understand completely about the Data Science Course in Chennai at SLA.