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    Learn Hibernate from the Best Hibernate Training in Chennai. Get ready to face the live scenario with confidence after training from real-time experts! Give your career the much-needed boost after training from SLA Institute!

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    Best Hibernate Training in Chennai

    Hibernate is a Java framework that concentrates on the implementation process. The programmer needn’t concern about building a link with the database etc. Being a framework that is conveniently used to form persistence logic, Hibernate is a light-weight java ORM. For the uninitiated, ORM refers to Object Relational Mapping. In your role of a java developer, you would have felt frustrated by repeating the same lines of code several times in your application. This is owing to the reason of fetching data from a database. Besides, you would also consider it a difficult task to implement OOPS through your JDBC code. The building of link between tables with the help of JDBC will also be a herculean task. To find a solution to these issues Hibernate Training in Chennai gives you profound training.

    Scope of Hibernate Training

    Softlogic academy is reputed for the enriched Hibernate Training in Chennai. Hibernate technology is established for its great stability and quality. Our Training program will assist you to have a comprehensive understanding on how to use Hibernate for persistence needs in Java and JEE. We structure the syllabus that adheres to the current industry requirements with good theories and real-time examples. This would assist students to shine in the specific domain. The course also takes care of several hibernate pertinent maintenance and performance reality scenarios.

    Hibernate technology is a coveted skill for every IT aspirant. Softlogic has the credit of being one of the pioneers in teaching aspiring candidates on this most sought out module. This course offers a comprehensive inclusion of Hibernate with features including ORM mapping, Persistent class, HQL, Transaction and caching, Inheritance Mapping etc.

    Once the student completes the training, he/she will be able to build applications in the following ways:

    • Faster
    • More flexible
    • More convenient

    This is for the purpose of maintaining applications persistence layers through the Hibernate framework. The skills for the purpose of applying a pr-built framework for quick application development are gained and they can seamlessly form an ORM application to control database.

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    Significance of Hibernate

    Hibernate-Small in size

    • The installation package of Hibernate is very small. It can also be executed alone or with other java technology and framework.

    Hibernate-Lessens Code Changes

    • While we are keying a new column to the database table, Hibernate lessens code changes.

    Prerequisites for learning Hibernate Training in Chennai

    Good knowledge of Java programming is essential for Hibernate Training in Chennai. Knowledge of JDBC, SQL, and relational databases will be an added advantage.

    Who should attend our Hibernate Training Institute in Chennai?

    Learning Hibernate is not limited only to specific requirements.

    • Java developers
    • Any IT seasoned professional who wishes to learn more about Java programming language and want to deploy it in their projects.
    • Any B.E/B.Tech/B.Sc/MCA/BCA/BSc.
    • Computer science students & Fresh graduates willing to explore Java.

    Job Profiles of Hibernate Domain

    Once completing Hibernate training in Chennai, you can take up several career opportunities.

    • Java Developer.
    • Software Developer.
    • App Developer.

    Hibernate Course Syllabus

    The syllabus of the Hibernate Training in Chennai is prepared to keep in mind that all students should flourish in their careers. The syllabus is dynamic and evolves consistently to meet the industry standards.

    Introduction To Hibernate

    • Issues With Persistence Layers And Object-Relational Mapping (ORM)
    • Hibernate Overview And Benefits
    • Hibernate Architecture Overview
    • POJO (Plain Old Java Object) Based Mapping

    Getting Started With Hibernate Quickly

    • Overview Of The Hibernate Distribution
    • Configuring Hibernate
    • Hibernate.Cfg.Xml File
    • SessionFactory Configuration
    • Connection Properties, Database Dialect
    • Configuration Class, Session Interface
    • “Hello World” Program For Hibernate
    • Mapping A Class
    • Persistent Entity Class, Hibernate Mapping
    • File, Mapping The Entity Class
    • Primary Keys: Id Property, Generated Id
    • Hibernate Type System
    • Working With Sessions And Persistent Objects
    • Logging – Log4j Overview And Configuration For Hibernate


    • Inserting And Updating Entities
    • HQL – Hibernate Query Language Overview
    • The Query Interface
    • Creating And Working With Queries
    • Named Queries, Projection Queries, Aggregate Queries

    The Persistence Lifecycle

    • Transaction Overview And Transactions In Hibernate
    • Hibernate Transaction API (In Managed And Non-Managed Environments)
    • The Lifecycle Of Managed Objects
    • Persistent, Transient, And Detached Objects
    • The Persistence (Session) Context (Lifespan, Relation To Managed Objects,
    • Contextual Sessions
    • Synchronization To The Database
    • The Session As Cache


    • Object Relationship Overview
    • Mapping Collections Of Value Objects
    • Entity Relationships: 1-N, N-1, N-N, 1-1
    • Mapping Entity Relationships
    • Uni And Bi-Directional Relationships
    • The Relationship “Inverse”
    • Cascading Over Relationships
    • Queries Across Relationships (Lazy And Eager)

    Inheritance Mapping

    • Entity Inheritance With Hibernate
    • Table-Per-Class Mapping
    • Table Per Subclass Mapping
    • Table Per Concrete Class Mapping

    Additional Querying Capabilities

    • Projection Queries, Aggregate Queries
    • Bulk Updates And Deletes
    • Native SQL Queries
    • Query Filters

    The Criteria API

    • Overview Of The Criteria API
    • Working Querying With The Criteria API
    • Query By Example

    Hibernate And Java Persistence / EJB 3

    • Overview Of Java Persistence / EJB 3
    • Relationship Between Java Persistence And Hibernate
    • Overview Of Annotations
    • Mapping Entities With Hibernate Annotations
    • The EntityManager, Persistence Context And Persistence Unit
    • Working With Transactions – EntityTransaction, Managed, And Unmanaged Environments
    • Inserts And Updates
    • JPQL – Java Persistence Query Language
    • Versioning
    • Relationships

    Advanced Topics

    • Components And Multi-Table Mapping
    • Equals() And HashCode()
    • Caching And Efficiency
    • Design Considerations

    Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

    customized syllabus

    Project Practices on Hibernate Training

    Project 1

    User management system

    The aim of this project is to develop a web application using the Hibernate framework.

    Project 3

    Course management system

    The aim of this project is to develop a course management system using Hibernate.

    Project 2

    Hotel reservation system

    The aim of this project is to let the user book a hotel for n number of days.

    Project 4

    Hospital management system

    To block unwanted websites and helps the students to know about SM distractions.

    Career opportunities

    Employers are very keen on the skills and talents of the aspiring candidates when recruiting. Every role needs specific skills which gets nurtured after finishing particular educational and professional courses. When it comes to training for advanced concepts of Java, SLA consists of the essentials of a No.1 Hibernate Training Institute in Chennai, with regard to quality and credibility of their faculties, lab facilities and course modules. We assure 100% excellence in every endeavor that we take in laying a firm foundation for tech savvies. To elaborate on this, we provide extra classes for Programming. Group discussions are conducted frequently. Aptitude tests are carried out regularly. Besides, personality development and Interview tips are offered.

    After getting knowledge from our expert trainers, students can easily garner a job anywhere in India. SLA offers a plethora of interview opportunities after the completion of the course and the main aim is quick placement of students.

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    The Placement Process at SLA Institute

    • To Foster the employability skills among the students
    • Making the students future-ready
    • Career counseling as and when needed
    • Provide equal chances to all students
    • Providing placement help even after completing the course

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    Tarun Kumar

    App Developer
    I pursued Hibernate training from SLA Institute. I got outstanding real-time exposure and now I am ready to face the interviews. The concepts were taught by the trainer in a lucid manner, and the placement team also did their best in honing my skills.


    Software Developer
    Best trainer, best placement support, best lab sessions, best interview preparation. SLA Institute lived up to my expectations for J2EE training in Chennai.
    M 1


    Java Developer
    I enrolled for Hibernate training from SLA Institute. The standard of teaching was amazing and I liked the career-focused training approach very much. The live project experience was great and the placement team did a great job.

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    Being a Java-based ORM tool, Hibernate has still not lost its value. It simplifies the building of Java applications to communicate with the database. This open-source, lightweight framework executes the specifications of Java Persistence API for the purpose of data persistence.

    Our Distinctive Placement Approach

    Tech Courses
    Expert Mentors
    Assignments & Projects
    Grooming sessions
    Mock Interviews

    Why SLA for Hibernate Training ?

    SLA lets the aspiring candidates to go profoundly into the concept and also imbibe about the advanced class features of Hibernate. Our Hibernate Certification and Training Course allows you to gain proficiency over your hidden JAVA programming skills. Online course are also provided. Classroom training will assist you in working on real-time industry projects. It will take you to great heights in your software coding career. As they say a good foundation is half success, we provide you with a solid groundwork for Hibernate.

    A good plan is worked out by SLA to get the benefit of extra classes. We also provide mock interviews for aspiring candidates so as to enhance their confidence level. The batch size is small so that there is best learning practice. The student’s communication skills are also drastically improved.

    The training provided at SLA Institute is industry-oriented and real-time experts are trainers. Placement assistance is given with great interest. For example, we provide sufficient assignments, mock interviews, and aptitude tests to hone the skills of the students. Batch sizes are small so that there is sufficient attention to the students.

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    Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

    The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

    • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
    • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
    • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
    • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
    • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
    • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
    • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
    • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
    • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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