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      Core Java Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Enroll in the Core Java training in Chennai and have a leg up in the competition! Gain from the instructor-led, online/classroom interactive sessions. Our training course will give you the required skills to be one of the best picks by the IT employers. Learn from real-time experts and be industry-ready!

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      08:00 AM & 10:00 AM Batches

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      Best Core Java Training in Chennai

      “Core Java” is Sun’s term, for referring Java SE, the standard edition and a group of related technologies including the Java VM, etc. This is used for drawing a difference from Java ME or Java EE. The core Java implies language basics and it is essential to learn it thoroughly before diving into more concepts.

      Core Java is a computing platform and it lets the developed software to run. It comprises computer architecture, Run time libraries and operating system. It also encompasses hardware architecture and a software structure. Besides, it is equipped with an application framework. You will gain immense knowledge through the coaching of Core Java Training in Chennai.

      Core Java is applied for building general java application. Core java is well-contained with the concepts of Java fundamentals, Applet, Swing, JDBC etc. Core Java or J2SE encompasses several concepts of Java including Oops, File handling, Collections, Multitasking, compiling, executing etc.

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      Scope of Core Java Training

      At the outset, you can commence with simple Java problems that generally calls for simple print statements. For this, knowledge of algorithms is not required. Later you can enhance your skills with difficult algorithms. After pursuing the Core Java course, the candidate will demonstrate skills in developing codes in java with the help of object-oriented concepts. He/she can also apply the advanced class features comprising inheritance, overloading, interfacing, abstract classes etc. By this, the aspiring candidate can form efficient and reusable codes.

      One of the main advantages of learning core java is that you can explore any new technology by your own once you are strong in it. It will also be useful for later stages when you work with any java based advanced technology including Struts, Hibernate, Spring etc. Best Core Java Training Center in Chennai as SLA is well aware of the importance of core Java in career.

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      Significance of Core Java

      There is no doubt that Java is one of the world’s most reputed and commonly applied computed languages. Its popularity still remains fresh. Java lets developers to make programs to function anywhere. It is still one of the most happening platforms; you can apply for building smart card application, server-side enterprise applications etc. The significance of Java is also seen in mobile applications, embedded systems, robotics, games, smart cards etc.

      Javas is very simple to comprehend. It is structured such that it is simple to use, easy to write, compile and debug. You can also build reusable code and modular programs using Java.

      Java is a great language and the learning is indeed vast. It is used to build web applications and platforms. Its forte is flexibility, thereby giving the benefit of writing code that would run anywhere on the machine to the developers. In core Java, you will learn the basics of Java. It has rich APIs, amazing development tools, and a plethora of open-source libraries.

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      Prerequisites for learning Core Java Training in Chennai

      The prerequisites for learning Java are to have some knowledge of programming concepts. Prior knowledge of C or C++ would be definitely an added advantage.

      Who should attend our Core Java Training in Chennai?

      The Core Java Training in Chennai can be taken up by the following people:
      • Software developers
      • Candidates who wish to have a fruitful career in Java
      • Back-end developers
      • UI developers etc.

      Job Profiles of Core Java Training

      You can take up several roles after learning Java from the Core Java Training Institute in Chennai.

      Some of them are:

      • Software developer
      • Application developer
      • Java programmer

      Core Java Training Course Syllabus

      The syllabus of the Best Core Java Training Institute in Chennai is well-framed and is set according to industry standards. It is assessed by experts and is updated regularly.

      Core Java Language Environment

      • Object Oriented
      • Platform Independent
      • Automatic Memory Management
      • Compiled / Interpreted Approach
      • Robust
      • Secure
      • Dynamic Linking
      • MultiThreaded
      • Built-In Networking

      Java Fundamentals

      • Data Types
      • Operators
      • Control Statements
      • Arrays
      • Enhanced For-Loop
      • Enumerated Types
      • Static Import
      • Auto Boxing
      • C-Style Formatted I/O
      • Variable Arguments

      Essentials Of Object-Oriented Programming

      • Object And Class Definition
      • Using Encapsulation To Combine Methods And Data In A Single Class
      • Inheritance And Polymorphism

      Writing Java Classes

      • Encapsulation
      • Polymorphism
      • Inheritance
      • OOP In Java
      • Class Fundamentals
      • Using Objects
      • Constructor
      • Garbage Collection
      • Method Overloading
      • Method Overriding
      • Static Members
      • Understanding Interface
      • Using Interfaces Class


      • Why Packages
      • Understanding Classpath
      • Access Modifiers And Their Scope

      Exception Handling

      • Importance Of Exception Handling
      • Exception Propagation
      • Exception Types
      • Using Try And Catch
      • Throw, Throws, Finally
      • Writing User Defined Exceptions

      I/O Operations In Java

      • Byte Oriented Streams
      • File Handling
      • Readers And Writers

      Multithreaded Programming

      • Introduction To Multi-Threading
      • Understanding Threads And Its States
      • Java Threading Model
      • Thread Class And Runnable Interface
      • Thread Priorities
      • Thread Synchronization
      • Inter Thread Communication
      • Preventing Deadlocks

      Accordion TitleDEVELOPING Java APPS

      • Defining A Solution Without Writing Code
      • Organizing A Concept Solution
      • Creating A Program Skeleton
      • Defining Error Checking Requirements
      • Introduction To Application Security

      Network Programming

      • Introduction To Networking
      • InetAddress
      • URL
      • TCP Socket And ServerSocket
      • UDP Socket
      • Developing A Chat Application

      Java Util Package / Collections Framework

      • Collection And Iterator Interface
      • Enumeration
      • List And ArrayList
      • Vector
      • Comparator
      • Set Interface And SortedSet
      • Hashtable
      • Properties


      • Introduction To Generics
      • Using Built-In Generics Collections
      • Writing Simple Generic Class
      • Bounded Generics
      • Wild Card Generics

      Inner Classes

      • Nested Top Level Classes
      • Member Classes
      • Local Classes
      • Anonymous Classes

      Abstract Window Toolkit

      • Graphics
      • Color And Font
      • AWT Components/Controls
      • Event Handling And Layouts

      Swing Programming

      • Introduction To Swing And MVC Architecture
      • Light Weight Component
      • Swing Hierarchy
      • Atomic Components E.G. JButton, JList And More
      • Intermediate Container E.G. JPanel, JSplitPane And More
      • Top-Level Container E.G. JFrame And JApplet
      • Swing Related Events

      JAVA Frameworks

      • Java Framework Struts 2
      • JSF (JavaServer Faces)
      • Spring MVC Framework
      • Wicket Framework
      • Stripes
      • Tapestry
      • RIFE
      • Seam
      • Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
      • OpenXava
      • Apache Axis
      • Hibernate
      • JDOM
      • Java Applet
      • SiteMesh
      • Spark
      • Servlet API

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on Core Java Training

      Project 1

      Airline reservation system

      The aim of this project is to develop a web-based airline reservation system in Java.

      Project 3

      Data visualization software

      The aim of this project is to offer a gist of the design and execution techniques in data visualization.

      Project 2

      Currency converter

      The aim of this project is to facilitate a web-based interface for converting money.

      Project 4

      Electricity billing system

      The aim of this project is to computerize the electricity billing system.

      The Placement Process at SLA Institute

      • To Foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

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      Software Developer
      Here is my review of Java training in Chennai from SLA Institute. The trainer was highly proficient and understanding. He went the extra mile in ensuring that we understood the concept properly.
      A 1


      APP Developer
      The Java course for which I was trained was very helpful. Both the trainer and placement team ensured that I gained a lot from the training. It was truly an amazing learning experience at SLA Institute!


      UI Developer
      I gained a lot from the Java course at SLA Institute. Their project-oriented training is of great help for freshers like me. Right from the process of enrollment to the placement, everything was well-planned by them.

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      Why SLA for Core Java Training

      SLA lets the aspiring candidates to go profoundly into the concept and also imbibe about the advanced class features of Core Java. Our Core Java certification and training course allows you to gain proficiency over your hidden JAVA programming skills. Online course are also provided. Classroom training will assist you in working on real-time industry projects. It will take you to great heights in your software coding career. As they say a good foundation is half success, we provide you with a solid groundwork for core Java.

      A good plan is worked out by SLA to get the benefit of extra classes. We also provide mock interviews for aspiring candidates so as to enhance their confidence level. The batch size is small so that there is best learning practice. The student’s communication skills are also drastically improved.

      The training sessions are planned diligently and are highly interactive. The trainers are very understanding and are glad to answer all your queries. They have sufficient knowledge and experience to coach you. The students can choose their batches according to their convenience. The trainers explain all the elements with relevance to the real-world scenario so that you are prepared to face the live scenario. The course material is also devised according to the present industry standards. We offer adequate practical learning exposure and provide sufficient assignments to the students to practice. The batch sizes are small so there is one-to-one attention. Interview preparation is done keeping in mind the overall development of the students, and we gauge the students’ competency thoroughly.

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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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