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      Deep Learning Training in Chennai

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      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Are you keen on upskilling your career? Get exposure to the much-in-trend Deep Learning Training in Chennai. Gain the most from the blended learning delivery model! Learn deep learning, the proud part of artificial intelligence, and ace the concepts behind it.

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      Best Deep Learning Training in Chennai

      Artificial intelligence is the buzzword now. Whether you comprehend it or not you are discussing about it. When you think about the latest advancements in this trending field, then it would be quite surprising for you. However, the two concepts that are creating ripples in the world are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Just close to its name, Deep Learning is turning out to be very popular because of its correctness when getting trained with large sum of data. If you are an aspiring candidate who is searching for Best Deep Learning Training Center in Chennai, then attend the free demo classes in Softlogic and get to know about our quality.

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      Why Deep Learning Beneficial?

      Deep learning has its importance felt in real-world applications and this aspect makes it the most sought after course by aspiring IT candidates. This trending technology can eliminate the deficiency of supervised learning by means of unsupervised learning.The data is not labeled in the case of unsupervised learning. So deep learning has a profound impact to learn from unlabeled or unstructured data.

      Importance of Deep Learning Training in Chennai

      Deep Learning is the process that makes machines learn for a specific task using an artificial neural network that is formed of numerous levels in a hierarchy. Every level in the hierarchy develops some complex process from the input received from the previous level and extract to translate the features of data sets like video, image, text, or codes. The study of the Deep Learning Course in Chennai at SLA brings the following advantages for the students.

      • Image Recognition: Deep learning process is useful in image recognition-related applications to classify, cluster, and perform the objects of the scenes. It allows the users to search with images instead of keywords. The deep learning algorithms have started dominating our lives through our daily-use mediums and applications such as Pinterest home feed, Google photos, Facebook automate tagging, and so on. Learn how it works in our Deep Learning Training in Chennai.

      • Fraud Detection and Prevention: The deep learning technique helps professionals to categorize the transaction trails and other important factors using hidden layer architecture. Each layer builds a neural network on its previous data. It helps in detecting the potential occurrence for fraud in the regular system based on the developed algorithm to find patterns with the model. Develop various algorithms through Deep Learning Course in Chennai.
      • Drug Discovery: Global drug industry is anticipated a growth rate of 12.7% in 2025 and it shows the leverage of possibilities by the deep learning process. The utilization of deep learning algorithms enhances the designing of a chemical structure and investigating the effect of drugs to find new patterns that are facilitated by machine learning and deep learning. It solves numerous problems in drug industries and for testing the effects against new diseases and explores the possibility for other uses. Find how it is useful in drug industries by studying the best Deep Learning Training in Chennai with best practices.
      • Healthcare industry: Deep Learning is useful for the healthcare industries in providing better treatment processes, therapy, diagnosis, and drug development. It helps the professionals to have improved applications such as speeding up the automatic diabetic therapy and builds virtual skeleton that eases the work of doctors. Explore the opportunities in healthcare by learning in our Deep Learning Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.
      • Apart from these above-mentioned applications, the study of the Deep Learning Course in Chennai brings tremendous career possibilities in colorization of black and white images, translating the text and images, automatic translation of texts, automatic translation of images, and automatic text generation.

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      Prerequisites for Deep learning Training in Chennai

      Knowledge of statistics, linear algebra and coding in python will be an added advantage

      Who should attend our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai?

      We have designed the curriculum that can be learned by both freshers and experienced professionals and they can personalize the syllabus as per their learning requirements. The freshers can learn from scratch for gaining expertise in both conceptual understanding and practical implementations. Learn the Best Deep Learning Training in Chennai at SLA with certification and placement assistance.

      • Designed for software engineers
      • Technical professionals
      • Other fresh graduates who want to master deep learning skills 

      Job Profiles of Deep Learning

      Following are the profiles that can be obtained after the Deep Learning Training in Chennai at SLA:

      • Data Engineer
      • Instructor for deep learning
      • Neuroinformatics
      • Bio informatician
      • Research Analyst
      • Research Scientist
      • Applied Scientist
      • Full Stack Developer – Deep Learning
      • Lead Manager – Deep Learning
      • Natural Language Process Engineer
      • Software Developers
      • Data Scientist
      • Data Analyst
      • Image Recognition Expert – Deep Learning

      Deep Learning Course Syllabus

      The deep learning course is framed by experts who have thorough knowledge about the subject. It is also revised consistently.

      Introduction To Deep Learning

      • What Exactly Is Deep Learning?
      • Neural Network
      • Supervised Learning With Neural Networks
      • Prominence Of Deep Learning

      Shallow Neural Networks

      • Neural Networks Overview
      • Neural Network Representation
      • Vectorizing Across Multiple Example
      • Derivatives Of Activation Functions
      • Random Initialization

      Neural Networks Basics

      • Binary Classification
      • Logistic Regression
      • Gradient Descent
      • Logistic Regression Gradient Descent
      • Vectorization

      Deep Neural Networks:

      • Neural Networks Overview
      • Neural Network Representation
      • Vectorizing Across Multiple Example
      • Derivatives Of Activation Functions
      • Random Initialization

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      How Deep Learning Course in Chennai helps with career development?

      The learning of the Deep Learning process helps in the career development of professionals in building neural network architectures like:

      • Convolutional Neural networks
      • LSTMs
      • Recurrent Neural networks

      Transformers along with strategy-making processes such as BatchNorm, Initialization, DropOut

      When it is learned with Python programming course in Chennai as a combined course, the students will have a detailed understanding of libraries such as TensorFlow along with the knowledge in music synthesis, speech recognition, Chatbots, natural language processing, machine translation, and so on. Join SLA to study the best Deep Learning Course in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

      Deep Learning Training in Chennai at SLA is helpful for the students to have career possibilities with future-sealed scope. The average salary of the deep learning professionals is around $77,573 PA and it varies according to the location and experience level. Enroll at SLA, the Best Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai that offers free placement guidance for a lifetime with innumerable job arrangements

      Project practices on Deep Learning

      Project 1

      Visual tracking system

      This Project is to find out moving objects in a specific time limit through a camera.

      Project 3

      Human face detection

      This project is about generating a random number of dices and repeats it as long as they want but with limited guesses

      Project 2

      Music genre classification

      The project aims to classic the music genre with the help of neural networks.

      Project 4

      Coloring old B&W photos

      Some may want the unique shade of B&W photos as it is, while some wish to color it. The colored reproduction of B&W images.

      Significant Features of Deep Learning Course in Chennai

      Deep Learning Training in Chennai is best for the AI practitioners and non-technical IT professionals to work with the necessary tools for implementing advanced applications that build AI-featured applications. It covers the following concepts that will be helpful for building applications and websites with AI-System.

      • Neural Networks and Deep Learning for building, implementing, and training the networks by identifying the effective parameters in the applications.
      • Improved Deep Learning Networks that includes hyperparameter tuning, optimization, and regularization for generating good results that increases the performance of AI-systems
      • Structuring machine learning projects with the specialization of deep learning algorithms to build a successful decision-making process.
      • Convolutional Neural Networks to become familiar with autonomous driving, reading radiology, and face recognition to apply in the existing systems.
      • Sequence Model of the deep learning process to implement in the existing applications to empower with speech recognition, Chatbots, machine translation, music synthesis, and NLP (natural language processing).

      • Our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai makes the professionals experts with industry-worth certification, instructor-led mode, classroom mode, placement assistance, and performance enhancement. We have trainers to provide coaching through excellent curriculum, case studies, and assignments along with project practices.

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      The placement process at SLA Institute

      • To foster the employability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

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      Deep Learning
      I was looking out for the right deep learning training institute in Chennai, and I am happy that I enrolled in SLA Institute. The trainer took lot of efforts to make us grasp the concepts, and he was very friendly. The placement assistance is also worth mentioning.


      Deep Learning
      Deep learning training at SLA Institute is just amazing. I should definitely thank the trainer for imparting knowledge more so because I am a slow learner. He patiently answered all my queries.
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      Deep Learning
      It seems the main objective of SLA Institute is that every student is unique. They gave individual attention to every student and gave importance to each one’s pace. I am glad that I selected this institute for deep learning and would definitely recommend it to others. Kudos SLA Institute for your great training!

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      Why SLA for Deep Learning

      SLA offers total support for students to assist them in completing the deep learning certification successfully. Our training syllabus is structured such that we create successful professionals. Our training methodology is excellent; we ascertain that the students gain the required experience along with sufficient subject knowledge.

      • Working professionals needn’t waste time to reach our student centre for the purpose of corporate training or customized online training if they require flexible timings. The training approach that we follow is 100% practical and we lay the foundation for the students to advance both technically and personally. The student can relate with the subject through the all-inclusive Deep Learning Training in Chennai.
      • Softlogic offers a very inspired learning environment to the aspiring candidates. We believe in student-centric approach and hence maintain small batch sizes.
      • Deep learning training in Chennai as SLA has the primary objective of imparting knowledge to those who are keen on learning deep learning methods. The candidate can go through the course syllabus and get to know what he/she will be learning in the course. The syllabus is meticulously prepared so that the candidate is imparted thorough knowledge of the subject. When he/she walks out from the training program there will be a sense of satisfaction. SLA doesn’t believe in just theory for its courses. The trainers concentrate on imparting of practical knowledge in a comprehensive manner to the students
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      Deep Learning - FAQ's

      Whom I should contact for more information about Deep Learning Course at SLA?

      SLA has efficient learning managers, course assistants, and career counselors to guide you from choosing courses to placement guidance in our Deep Learning Training Center in Chennai. You can contact them through the chatbox that is shown on the website for knowing the Deep Learning course details or you can reach us through WhatsApp or you can visit us directly at one of our branches of Deep Learning Training in Chennai.

      What are the unique characteristics of this deep learning course?

      The course is prepared to keep in mind the industry requirements and takes you through all the recent techniques. The syllabus is framed by experts and is enhanced frequently.

      Is deep learning just hype?

      This is the question that most of us tend to ask. The precise answer to this is: Enthusiasm in deep learning is continuing to advance, and deep neural networks have will have their place intact.

      What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning?

      Most of us are confused between these two terms. Sometimes we may even tend to interchange them. Machine learning involves the concept of machines able to think with less manual intervention. Deep learning is a unique subset of deep learning, and deep learning algorithms can be regarded as a state-of-the-art evolution of machine learning algorithms.

      Deep Learning : What is it?

      Deep Learning is one of the AI features that mimics how the human brain works by digesting data and generating patterns to help make smarter judgments. Deep neural learning and a deep neural network are other names for this. For the best Deep Learning Course in Chennai, enroll at SLA Institute.

      What are the instances of Deep Learning concepts?

      Virtual assistants, driverless automobiles, face recognition, money laundering, image processing, and other applications are common instances of deep learning ideas. In our Deep Learning Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance, learn about the broadest range of applications that can be done using deep learning ideas.

      Is there a bright future for deep learning?

      In the data science fields, developing algorithms from unstructured data to extract perceivable patterns for decision-making is one of the skills that are in high demand. High-profile firms are hiring qualified and certified individuals for this well-paying position to handle a variety of activities, including machine learning, reinforcement learning, and predictive learning. With an industry-recognized certificate, we offer the best deep learning certification training in Chennai.

      How can I sign up at SLA for a Deep Learning Course in Chennai?

      For more information about enrolling in Deep Learning Training in Chennai at SLA, call us at 860 87 00 340 and speak with our career advisor.

      How can SLA assist with Deep Learning Course placements?

      Throughout the technical portion of Deep Learning Training in Chennai, SLA offers students unmatched placement help. Our Deep Learning Training Center has a specialized placement team to provide you with non-technical skills like resume writing techniques, job search tips, ways to improve communication and teamwork skills, interview questions and answers, and practice interviews.

      Can I try to compensate for the unavoidably missed classes in Chennai's Deep Learning Training?

      According to flexible time and batch facilities of trainers, SLA sets up an alternative backup class schedule for their Deep Learning Course with the same professors. It is available to students who have taken informed leaves from our deep learning training course. To learn the Best Deep Learning Online Training in Chennai, we will cover the topics that were missed using the same classroom methodology.


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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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