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      MSBI Training in Chennai

      4.9 / 5

      Live Online & Classroom Training

      Gain immense proficiency with this powerful Microsoft Business Intelligence platform and be skilled in data integration and analysis, dashboards etc. Both online training and classroom training will give you the much-needed exposure to shine in your job !

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      About MSBI Training in Chennai

      As a tech enthusiast, you would be an ardent follower of various technologies. You would have surfed the internet for the trending technologies too. In fact, the contemporary period is considered to be the golden era of information technology. Here then, you might have come across the term Business Intelligence. Well, what is it? It has a valuable role in transforming data into useful information. Is there any use with raw data? So BI systems let thorough evaluation of data to make out essential trends. This is to change or execute strategic plans.

      MSBI-a trending BI tool

      MSBI, whose acronym is Microsoft Business Intelligence is a set of tools that provides Business Intelligence solutions. It doesn’t stop with this. It also provides solutions pertaining to the issues of data mining. Along with the support of SQL and Visual studio, MSBI assists us in carrying out excellent decisions regarding our business tasks. Do you want to get more insight regarding Business Intelligence and MSBI? Then why don’t you call the academic counselors at SLA and gain practical insight into this trending tool?

      Overview of MSBI Course in Chennai

      The learning of MSBI is helpful for the students to develop industry-level solutions for large databases and gather data from various sources and store them into a data warehouse to finalize the data that are needed for the industries. MSBI is the powerful application software suite used to retrieve, analyze, report, and transform data for business intelligence purposes. MSBI is categorized into three types such as SSIS, the integration tool, SSAS, the analysis tool, and SSRS, the reporting tool. We provide the best MSBI Training Course in Chennai with a comprehensive understanding of all the categories.

      Our MSBI Course in Chennai is useful for working in spreadsheets, reporting and querying software, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), Digital dashboards, data mining, business activity monitoring, data warehouse, local information system, and data cleansing processes. The students can become experts in data visualization processes through our MSBI Training in Chennai as we cover the concepts with complete hands-on exposure. We offer an industry-valued certificate on successful course completion along with placement guidance to start their career.

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      Importance of MSBI

      There is no denying that the present period that we are living in is filled with the power of data. Here then, the competency to gain new insights and visualize data in an efficient manner is an excellent skill. MSBI tools are very great in data visualizations. Business Intelligence analysts, datawarehouse design engineers etc, can gain from learning MSBI.

      Scope and Career Opportunities in MSBI Course in Chennai

      MSBI skills are in great demand and it occupies nearly 55% of global BI stacks and data visualization operations. It creates a futuristic career for interested professionals and it is the best career option for freshers and working people. As much as the bigger organizations and businesses rushing up to win the competitions, it requires a tremendous amount of meaningful insights through data analysis and data visualizations. We provide a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence through our MSBI Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

      MSBI and Big Data Analytics are the best gift for business operations with the help of strong visualization techniques to look into trends and facts for the immediate decision-making processes. We offer the Best MSBI Training Course in Chennai with the following business landscape.

      Valuable insights: MSBI brings multiple options to visualize and summarize the data in a meaningful way with better business decisions and opportunities for the market. It helps the professionals to analyze from customer behavior patterns to the environmental factors and business intelligence that enlightens with a clear view. Learn how to extract valuable insights in our MSBI Training in Chennai with best practices.

      Make smarter business operations: The integration of BI allows the professionals to proceed with profitable decisions than focusing on vague theoretical backgrounds. The MSBI technologies help the users to accumulate the information for efficient business improvements. Discover how to make smarter business operations through our MSBI Course in Chennai.

      Data visibility: BI tools offer great visibility to the hidden facts and data through cluttered data web. It helps the users to drill deep into the data to discover the important trends for the positive influence of the company operations. Shine with data visualization skills by our best MSBI Training Course in Chennai.

      So, the MSBI Course in Chennai provides a great scope for the learners to work in companies that are involving in the data visualization process. Our trainers are skilled and certified to provide best-in-class coaching on theoretical concepts and practical experiences. Join SLA, the leading MSBI Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance, and become a master in the data visualization process.

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      Prerequisites for learning MSBI Training in Chennai

      The students are expected to have basic knowledge of programming, reporting software, analysis skills, OLAP solution fundamentals, and windows server. We have a comprehensive curriculum that can be customized as per the learning requirements of students and our trainers will provide MSBI Training in Chennai from scratch for beginners.

      Who can attend our MSBI Training in Chennai?

      Our MSBI Training Course in Chennai is intended to equip the developers, freshers, business analysts, information architects, and analytics managers. Any interested candidates who are willing to shine in the data visualization domain can attend our MSBI Certification Training in Chennai. We provide coaching for freshers and beginners from scratch to learn from the fundamentals to advanced technologies to perform in the right positions. Working professionals who want to upgrade their careers can have personalized coaching in their convenient learning hours around the globe.

      Job Titles for MSBI Course in Chennai

      Our MSBI Training and Placement Institute in Chennai paves the way for the learners to designate various job profiles with the interview and work guidance. We equip the learners with placement ideas and training support along with empowering them to tackle the job challenges and managing under pressure. We give them interview preparations such as resume writing, soft skill, communication skill, and aptitude skill to ace the interview without fear but with great confidence in both technical and professional. Our dedicated placement trainers give them the detail about job pressure handling, collaboration skills, team management, and career enhancement follow-ups. The students can even contact us for career upskill through our lifetime placement assistance with the chance of continuous learning of new and trending courses. Join one of the leading MSBI Training Institutes in Chennai to work for the following profiles efficiently and productively.

      MSBI Developer: We equip them in our MSBI Training Center in Chennai to perform the responsibilities such as designing, developing, and managing BI solutions, crafting and running the BI queries for the requested data, and providing the right information with reports and data visualization using MSBI tool. They have a chance to earn around 4 LPA as an average salary.

      MSBI Consultant: We give them detailed knowledge of SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS to work for this profile along with in-depth skills on SQL Server. They will have proficiency in data warehousing concepts, relational structures, and dimensional data modeling. Our MSBI Training in Chennai generates experts to work with complete hands-on exposure. The average salary of the MSBI Consultant is around 5.5 LPA after some experience as MSBI Developer.

      MSBI Support: They are involving in the troubleshooting process of MSBI tools and they should have knowledge of various programming languages and database applications. They should have cloud-related technologies to support any situation of the companies. Our curriculum has all the required concepts to provide the best MSBI Course in Chennai.

      MSBI Architect: They are expected to have complete knowledge of the MSBI tool along with SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS technologies to gather and analyze the business requirements and provide the right MSBI solution for the problems. They should know about MS SQL Server, Power View, Performance Point, Excel and SharePoint integrations, and financial reporting along with operational business intelligence. Their salary would be 15LPA and this position can be obtained after 5 to 7 years of working experience in other MSBI profiles. Upskill in our MSBI Training Institute in Chennai with Certification and Placement Support.

      Join SLA to gain expertise in complete MSBI concepts that are useful for working in various job titles as mentioned above. We have experienced trainers to offer comprehensive training and hands-on practices as per the industry requirements. SLA provides the solutions for our learning requirement of MSBI Online Training in Chennai.

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      Our MSBI Training Syllabus

      Cube Storage And Aggregation

      • Storage topics – basic aggregations, MOLAP
      • Advanced Storage Design – MOLAP, ROLAP, HOLAP
      • Partitions – relational and Analysis Services partitions
      • Customizing Aggregation Design – Processing Design
      • Rapidly changing dimensions / ROLAP dimensions
      • Welcome to the Real Time – Proactive Caching
      • Cube processing options

      Beginning MDX

      • Basic syntax
      • Using the MDX query editor in SQL Server Management Studio
      • Most-used Functions & Common tasks
      • New MDX functions

      Intermediate MDX

      • Adding calculated members
      • Adding scripts
      • Adding named sets
      • .NET Assemblies
      • SSAS Administration

      Best Practices – Health Monitoring

      • XMLA scripting (SQL Mgmt Studio):
      • Other Documentation methods
      • Security – roles and permissions
      • Disaster Recovery – backup / restore
      • Clustering – high availability

      Introduction To Data Mining

      • What and why?
      • Examples of using each of the 9 algorithms (MS Clustering, MS Decision Trees, Naïve Bayes, MS)
      • Sequence Clustering, MS Time Series, MS Association Rules, MS Neural Network)
      • Data Mining dimensions
      • Data Mining clients
      • Processing mining models

      Introduction To Reporting Clients

      • Excel 2003 Pivot Tables
      • SQL RS & Report Builder
      • SPS RS web parts & .NET 2.0 report viewer controls
      • Business Scorecards 2005 & ProClarity

      Future Directions – Integration With Office 12

      • SharePoint 12 and AS
      • Report Center (type of dashboard) uses KPIs, Reports, Excel Web, Filter
      • Excel Services 12 and AS (Web Services)
      • SQL Server Integration Services
      • Introduction to SQL Server Integration Services

      Product History

      • SSIS Package Architecture Overview
      • Development and Management Tools
      • Deploying and Managing SSIS Packages
      • Source Control for SSIS Packages

      SSIS For DBAs: Using SQL Server Management Studio

      • The Import and Export Wizard
      • Importing and Exporting Data
      • Working with Packages
      • Database Maintenance Plans
      • Creating Database Maintenance Plans using SSMS
      • Scheduling and Executing Plans
      • Examining Database Maintenance Plan Packages
      • Changes in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2

      Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

      customized syllabus

      Project practices on MSBI Programming

      Project 1

      Error handling

      The project aims to create a SSIS package for error handling.

      Project 3

      SSAS database management

      This project aims to look into the backup, processing and synchronization of SSAS database management.

      Project 2

      Creating a control flow in SSIS

      The project aims to build both control flow and data flow in SSIS.

      Project 4

      Create a basic table report

      The aim of this project is to develop a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) paginated report.

      Why SLA for MSBI?

      The training methodology that SLA follows is one that makes us stand apart. We also believe in knowledge enhancement to the candidates without compromise on quality. This can be seen in our fast track courses too. We help the candidates gain exposure to the present industry expectations. We also offer post project support to the aspiring candidates.

      One of the firm beliefs of SLA is that practical training is very essential for the student’s success. Imagine a class where there is only theory. This will only bore the candidates and demotivate them. So we impart hands-on training to the students so that they have real exposure to the subject. There are interactive sessions too that pave way to the students asking doubts.

      Personality development classes are a part of our training schedule and this makes the student perform well in corporate interviews. The training ambiance is highly motivating and it offers a maximum comfort level to the aspiring candidates

      Our MSBI Trainers Profile

      We have skilled and certified trainers to offer the Best MSBI Training in Chennai. Our MSBI Trainers are proficient in SSIS, SSAS, and SSRS along with every nook and corner of MSBI tools such as Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, SQL Server Integration Services, Data Flow, BI Development Studio, Control Flow, Parameter and Filters, Reporting Features, Deployment, and Delivery of Reports, and Report Builder Environment. Learn the best MSBI Course in Chennai from industry expert faculties who are having technical skills along with a passion for teaching.

      The placement process at SLA Institute

      • To foster the employ ability skills among the students
      • Making the students future-ready
      • Career counseling as and when needed
      • Provide equal chances to all students
      • Providing placement help even after completing the course

      We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

      MSBI Certification Training in Chennai

      MSBI is composed of various tools that help to provide the best solutions for business intelligence and data mining processes. It takes the main part of transforming the business data into useful information through tools and the Visual Studio Interfaces. The following are the specialized tools used for multiple purposes. Learn the Best MSBI Training in Chennai at SLA with complete hands-on practices.

      SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services): This is the ETL tool from Microsoft and it is the integration tool implemented for developing high-performance data integration and workflow solutions that include extraction, transformation, and loading processes for data warehousing. The users can process the data from different locations and formats and store the data into a centralized repository as a data mart. It has graphical tools and wizards for designing and debugging packages and this SSIS tool is used for the integration process like data duplication and used for bulk transactions. Learn more about the SSIS tool in our MSBI Training Institute in Chennai with best practices.

      SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services): This has the main purpose that the conversion of 2D (two dimensional) data into a multidimensional data model for analyzing the large volume of data easily. It is used to analyze the performance of SQL Server for load balancing, transactions, and heavy data. It is a very powerful tool and the user can analyze the data inserting into the database like regular transactions. The learning of the SSAS tool helps the user to discover the data patterns through data mining features into the product. It helps the user to implement information management to deliver integrated, timely data, and accurate across the companies. Enroll at SLA for the best MSBI Training in Chennai to have complete knowledge about SSAS tools.

      SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services): This tool is important to create reports for having a better understanding of the data and support in data analysis required for business intelligence processes. SSRS is the framework of the reporting mechanism and is used to generate interactive and printed reports. SQL Server Reporting Services is a server-based report generating software system and administrated through web services to prepare and provide interactive visuals. It is used to create simple SSRS reports for implementing matrix, parameters, tabular, sorting, and expressions. Accelerate your skills of SSRS through our MSBI Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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      1,110 Ratings

      Gayu Visu

      SLA is a good place to learn MSBI Courses in Chennai. My trainer Mr.Ramji was very skillful and he explains topics simply and interestingly. It was a great experience learning at SLA and the placement team was very supportive. They handled virtual classes too and it is very realistic. I will recommend it to my friends and relatives for their career development in IT. Thank you Ramji Sir and Janani Mam.
      A 1

      James Newton

      I have joined MSBI Training in Chennai at SLA and my trainer Ramji sir conducted a class regularly with interesting strategies. He used to explain a topic related to the example that is easily understandable for us. It helped both beginners and experts to grab the concepts for a job. SLA is providing placement guidance that is more helpful than any other institutes in Chennai. I thank SLA for giving me such a great platform to learn Microsoft Business Intelligence.


      I really enjoyed the online sessions of SLA for the MSBI Course in Chennai. It was planned and layout perfectly that fits exactly for smooth follow-up. The workload was just enough to finish all the hands-on practices with a thorough understanding of the topics. I didn’t feel a heavy workload and the trainers are not rushing to finish. Thank you, SLA especially my trainer Ramji Sir and the Janani mam for placement support.

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      The Significance of MSBI Training in Chennai at SLA

      Microsoft Business Intelligence provides you enriched skills on a local information system, spreadsheets, reporting and querying, OLAP, digital dashboards, data mining, data warehousing, decision engineering, process mining, and business performance management to implement innovative business plans. The developers can import data from various excel files using tools and execute SSIS packages using Excel macros and allows generating ETL and extract a central data warehouse that shows meaningful data. Develop data warehousing skills through our MSBI Training Course in Chennai.

      The learning of the MSBI Course in Chennai helps extract data from sources and uses scripting languages with the deployment wizard availability. It supports end to end BI process along with the multi-task and parallel executing platforms. MSBI tool is used to analyze data from a multi-dimensional model, implement a plan in a business intelligence development studio, create cubes, measures, and dimensions from the plan, and modify the cube as per BI needs.

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      Our Distinctive Placement Approach

      Tech Courses
      Expert Mentors
      Assignments & Projects
      Grooming sessions
      Mock Interviews

      MSBI FAQ's

      What are the system requirements for learning MSBI ?

      We have fully equipped systems in our MSBI Training Institute in Chennai. The learners who are enrolling in MSBI Online Training Course at SLA are required to check the following system configuration for learning with complete hands-on experience.

      Hardware Requirement: Pentium III or faster processor, 2GB of RAM, and 3GB of available HDD space.

      Software Requirement: Windows OS with XP2 or latest, MS SQL Server, BIDS, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS

      What if I miss regular live sessions on MSBI Online Training at SLA?

      Our trainers will arrange you back up classes for the leaves you have taken unintentionally with permissions. You can learn with the same practical exposure in the dedicated time for the missed sessions of MSBI Training Online from the SLA Institute

      What are the various payment modes available at SLA for MSBI Course?

      MSBI Course Fees in Chennai at SLA are affordable and reasonable for our quality training. We offer free placement coaching along with the duration of the MSBI Course in Chennai. The MSBI course fees can be paid directly with cash along with other modes such as net banking, cheque, debit/credit cards, and UPI payment modes. You can pay the complete MSBI Course fees in one short with discount offers or you can utilize our 0% EMI offers. Contact our team to know the current offers on MSBI Course in Chennai at SLA

      Who are the contact persons to know more about SLA’s MSBI Course?

      • SLA has well-educated learning managers, course assistants, and career counselors to assist you from choosing courses to placement guidance in our MSBI Training Center in Chennai. You can contact us through the chatbox that is shown on the website for knowing the MSBI course details or you can reach us through WhatsApp or you can visit us directly at one of our branches of MSBI Course in Chennai.

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      Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

      The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

      • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
      • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
      • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
      • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
      • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
      • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
      • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
      • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
      • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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