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Join the Android Training Institute in Chennai – Softlogic Academy. Our training course will give you the required skills to be one of the best picks by the IT employers. Reach the peak of success with the career-oriented approach of SLA!

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About Android Training

Do you think learning android app development is still one of the best options that will also be fruitful for your career? Well, f you need better insight regarding this and if you want to get into the world of android development, then getting trained in it is essential. Selecting the right training institute will become one of your priorities. In this regard, SLA Offers Android Training in Chennai; after getting trained you can build your own application in a fast and easy manner.

Android is a rapidly developing platform. It is very simple to learn and its formation is dependent on the Java language. A clear comprehension of OOPS concept would be very useful in the development of android. Android is an open source, flexible and steady platform that consists of a wide spectrum of easy-to-use tools. It also has diversified libraries. Taking up Android Training in Chennai will boost your career to the next level.

Being an open source system, anyone in the world can use Android and modify it. It has the largest consumer base. Due to its customization nature, Android gets more audiences. The cost-effective factor is also one of the prominent factors of Android. It is developed by Google primarily for the purpose of smart phones and tablets.

The Android is dynamic in nature and it supports wide number of applications in smartphones. These applications turn out to be more convenient for the users. It is available in millions of apps and skilled mobile developers can unleash the power of this powerful tool.

Interactive Training

The Training sessions in SLA are highly interactive with dedicated attention to each individual.

Online Training

Corporate Training and Customized online Training In SLA Institute for the working professionals.

Practical Training

SLA Focus on not only theory but also practicals so that the student can gain real-time knowledge

Scope of Android Training

The course will take you through how to apply android studio, introduction to the integrated development environment for android apps, and also the basics of the android platform. Besides these, the candidate will be gaining knowledge about android application components and their life cycle, UI design, multimedia, networking support in android etc. If you are interested in change in your career and looking for a new domain to concentrate on, why not try android development?

Importance of Android

Nowadays, android is present everywhere. It is mainly for touchsreen mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. It also has an advancement in the form of android TV for televisions, android auto for cars etc. Each of these has a specialized user interface. Android is also turning out to be a prominent competitor for Apple technology I phones.

It is an amazing fact that android phones are present in large numbers in the world. Several organizations also apply Android development. In the past few years mobile application development field has got stupendous development due to the shift to android smartphones by users. If you are interested in change in your career and looking for a new domain to concentrate on, why not try android development? Pursuing Android Training in Chennai from specialists will assist you in carving a niche for yourself in the mobile development industry.

Career opportunities

Owing to the wide reach of Android, there is a great demand for Android programmers. Moreover, the mobile market is expanding at present and this growth shows a surge in mobile application developers. Those companies that are serious about android are deciding to hire trained professionals to design their apps.

There is an ongoing debate regarding which is better: android or iOS. However, IOS Training in Chennai and Android Course in Chennai lets the candidate get in depth knowledge about these platforms. As an Android programmer you would be creating and making use of your own android applications.

Android-dependent devices are being introduced in a frequent manner. This calls for great demand for programmers as far as the android platform is concerned. Several web based applications are turned into mobile based applications due to the convenient features of mobiles. Hence, the aspiring candidate can make use of the job opportunities.

Who should attend?

  • Freshers in the IT field,
  • Those who are keen on becoming mobile developers

Our Android Training Duration

TrackRegular ClassWeek-End ClassFast Class
Courses Duration30 – 40 Days8 Weekends8 Days
Hours2 hours a day4 hours a day8 hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Our android Training Syllabus

Introduction to Android

  • The Android family
  • Overview of Android and Android SDK
  • History of Android
  • Android features

Android Architecture overview

  • Introduction to OS layers
  • Linux kernel
  • Libraries
  • Android Runtime
  • Application framework

Setup of Android Development environment

  • System requirements
  • Eclipse and SDK installation, AVD creation
  • Creating first Android application
  • Project Structure

Android Application Fundamentals

  • Android application building blocks
  • Activating components
  • Shutting down components
  • Life Cycle of Application
  • Development tools, Manifest File
  • Life Cycle of Activity

User Interface

  • View Hierarchy and Layouts
  • UI Events
  • Building Menus
  • Notifying users
  • Creating dialogs
  • Graphics & Animations

Main Building Blocks

  • Activity
  • Services
  • Content Providers
  • Broadcast Receivers


  • Overview of Android Resources
  • Creating Resources
  • Using Resources
  • Drawable Resources
  • Animation Resources

Data Storage

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage (SD Card)
  • SQLite Databases

Android Media API

  • Playing audio/video
  • Media recording
  • Blue tooth
  • WiFi
  • Camera
  • TelephonyManager
  • Location Services
  • Google Maps
  • Deploying Android Application on Device


  • Java object oriented concepts
  • XML
  • Some experience in languages including C#, C++ is also good.
  • Fundamental comprehension of other mobile platforms

Why SLA for Android Training

If you are thinking of developing your own mobile application, then you can do that in an easy way with training from Best Android Training Institute in Chennai. We teach you the functioning of Android app development.

With a blend of Java, Android Classes in Chennai ascertain that the training modules are frequently updated and pertinent to the present happenings that take place in the industry. Since this course encompasses simplicity, the novice learn can learn it in an easy manner. Free demo classes are provided before your enrollment. The mobile app development course is provided at flexible timings at a cost-effective rate.

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Android Training in Chennai SLA – Certification

A course completion certificate is a proof of your knowledge and would scale up your career. On completion of the Embedded Systems certification, the student will receive a course completion certificate.

If you are keen on mobile application development training with the help of android development platform then taking up a course in android training institute in Chennai can be a fruitful option.

You can also get the best of Ionic training in Chennai by enrolling with SLA.

Android Training in Chennai

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