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    Apache Cassandra Course Syllabus

    Apache Cassandra Training Syllabus

    Learn one of the popular NoSQL databases, Apache Cassandra from SLA Institute! The Apache Cassandra course syllabus is revised regularly and assessed by experts.

    Introduction to NoSQL

    • NoSQL Basics
    • Cassandra Basics and Terminology

    Casaandra Installation

    • Prerequisites
    • Installation
    • Configuration
    • Cluster Setup
    Cassandra Architecture
    • Architecture of Cassandra
    • Cassandra Data Model
    • Data Replication
    • Write Operation
    • Read Operation
    • Data Compaction
    • Tunable Data Consistency
    • Gossip Protocol
    • Failure Detection
    • HintedHandoffs
    • Bloom Filters
    Cassandra Data Modeling and CRUD
    • Data Modeling Basics
    • Cassandra Data Modeling
    • Cassandra Column Types
    • Cassandra Keyspace
    • Cassandra Tables
    • Cassandra Index
    • Triggers
    • Materialized Views
    • CQL Basics
    • Identifiers and keywords
    • Shell Commands
    • CQL Data Manipulation
    • CQL Datatypes
    • Functions
    • User Defined Functions
    • Collections
    • User Defined Datatypes
    • Security and Roles
    Cassandra Configuration
    • Configuring Cassandra
    Cassandra Performance Tuning
    • Observation Tools
    • Compression
    • JVM Tuning
    • System Tuning
    • Tuning Guidelines
    Cassandra Maintenance
    • Snitch
    • Adding, Replacing, Moving and Removing nodes
    • Compaction
    • Change Data Capture
    • Monitoring and Metrics
    • Security

    Apache Cassandra has the speed, performance, and scalability to fulfill your business requirements. Enroll in SLA Institute to learn its importance, and benefit from the exhaustive Apache Cassandra course syllabus.


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