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About Bigdata Training

Well, what is big data actually?

Big data refers to huge volume of data. It can take the role of structured or unstructured data. More than the amount of data how the companies deploy this data becomes essential. Big data can be evaluated for insights which drive companies to come up with prudent decisions.

Well, big data can be classified into several Vs. Here we list the 3 vs of big data.

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Verocity

Get trained on the happening Big data tool – Hadoop from SLA!

The internet community has gone crazy over two terms in the past 2 years. These terms are Big Data and Hadoop. As a tech enthusiast you would also be fascinated by these terms and want to take up course in it. Well, we have a solution for you. SLA provides Big Data Certification Course for students or professionals.

Interactive Training

The Training sessions in SLA are highly interactive with dedicated attention to each individual.

Online Training

Corporate Training and Customized online Training In SLA Institute for the working professionals.

Practical Training

SLA Focus on not only theory but also practicals so that the student can gain real-time knowledge

Bigdata Objectives

The world is moving at a rapid pace and several data is being developed frequently. Bigdata has the core advantage for organizations; they can get value in data that was earlier regarded useless. Besides, Bigdata lets enterprises to save a great amount of data in any form. This is done by adding more servers to a Bigdata cluster. Thus Bigdata is far affordable than previous data storage methods. Bigdata is still one of the top big data framework as related to other big data technologies.

Key benefits of Bigdata

Hadoop offers great advantages to the user and they are as follows:

  • Scalable
  • Capacity to come out quicky from failure
  • Affordability
  • Swift
  • Flexibility

When we analyze Bigdata technology and those dependent on it, it can be well understood that bigdata/Hadoop is the happening technology. It will mitigate problems with regard to storage and assessment of big data.

Bigdata is a programming framework that has its core essence in Java. It supports the simple processing and storage of huge data sets.

Who can attend?

Any graduate with reasonable IT experience

Our Bigdata Training Duration

TrackRegular ClassWeek-End ClassFast Class
Courses Duration30 – 40 Days8 Weekends8 Days
Hours2 hours a day4 hours a day8 hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Our Bigdata Training Syllabus

Hadoop Course Content

  • Hadoop Overview, Architecture Considerations, Infrastructure, Platforms and Automation

Use case walkthrough

  • ETL
  • Log Analytics
  • Real Time Analytics

Hbase for Developers :

NoSQL Introduction

  • Traditional RDBMS approach
  • NoSQL introduction
  • Hadoop & Hbase positioning

Hbase Introduction

  • What it is, what it is not, its history and common use-cases
  • Hbase Client – Shell, exercise

Hbase Architecture

  • Building Components
  • Storage, B+ tree, Log Structured Merge Trees
  • Region Lifecycle
  • Read/Write Path

Hbase Schema Design

  • Introduction to hbase schema
  • Column Family, Rows, Cells, Cell timestamp
  • Deletes
  • Exercise – build a schema, load data, query data

Hbase Java API – Exercises

  • Connection
  • Scan API
  • Filters
  • Counters
  • Hbase MapReduce
  • Hbase Bulk load

Hbase Operations, cluster management

  • Performance Tuning
  • Advanced Features
  • Exercise
  • Recap and Q&A

MapReduce for Developers


  • Traditional Systems / Why Big Data / Why Hadoop
  • Hadoop Basic Concepts/Fundamentals

Hadoop in the Enterprise

  • Where Hadoop Fits in the Enterprise
  • Review Use Cases


  • Hadoop Architecture & Building Blocks
  • HDFS and MapReduce

Hadoop CLI

  • Walkthrough
  • Exercise

MapReduce Programming

  • Fundamentals
  • Anatomy of MapReduce Job Run
  • Job Monitoring, Scheduling
  • Sample Code Walk Through
  • Hadoop API Walk Through
  • Exercise

MapReduce Formats

  • Input Formats, Exercise
  • Output Formats, Exercise

Hadoop File Formats

MapReduce Design Considerations

Hadoop File Formats

MapReduce Algorithms

  • Walkthrough of 2-3 Algorithms

MapReduce Features

  • Counters, Exercise
  • Map Side Join, Exercise
  • Reduce Side Join, Exercise
  • Sorting, Exercise

Use Case A (Long Exercise)

  • Input Formats, Exercise
  • Output Formats, Exercise

MapReduce Testing

Hadoop Ecosystem

  • Oozie
  • Flume
  • Sqoop
  • Exercise 1 (Sqoop)
  • Streaming API
  • Exercise 2 (Streaming API)
  • Hcatalog
  • Zookeeper

HBase Introduction

  • Introduction
  • HBase Architecture

VIEW Types

  • Default Views
  • Overriden Views
  • Normal Views

Hadoop Fundamentals and Architecture

  • Why Hadoop, Hadoop Basics and Hadoop Architecture
  • HDFS and Map Reduce

Hadoop Ecosystems Overview

  • Hive
  • Hbase
  • ZooKeeper
  • Pig
  • Mahout
  • Flume
  • Sqoop
  • Oozie

Hardware and Software requirements

  • Hardware, Operating System and Other Software
  • Management Console


Sound understanding of SQL server, any programming basics and data warehousing is preferred.

Why SLA for Bigdata

There is increasing comprehension of the importance of Bigdata and there is rise in demand for Bigdata analytics with regard to IT professionals. Bigdata Bigdata Training in Chennai as SLA offers course in Bigdata Technology. There is no solution to the expanding data woes by traditional technologies. There arises the need for streamlined and automated technology. Big data and Bigdata can be considered as solution to a persistent problem. Well Bigdata solves the problem of unstructured data of Big Data. It can evaluate, curate, and control the data. The Big Data course is to offer enriched knowledge and technical expertise required to turn out a competent developer in Bigdata technology. Besides learning, there is virtual execution applying the essential concepts of the subject upon real-time industry based applications.

There is the benefit of simple programming modules through which huge clusters of data can be controlled into simple versions. Softlogic has the competency to handle the Bigdata Training in Chennai.

Bigdata skills are seeing a great demand. There is an immediate requirement for IT professionals to keep abreast with Bigdata and Big Data technologies. If you are still not sure about embracing Big Data as a career, or apprehensive about investing your money, time and effort in gaining good skills in Big Data and pertinent frameworks including Bigdata, then it’s time that you take up a free demo class in SLA. After getting convinced you can reserve a batch.

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I was thinking where to learn Big Data. My friend suggested SLA Institute. I was very doubtful at the beginning. But later all my doubts vanished after getting trained in Blue Prism from SLA Institute. I am really satisfied with the training offered by SLA

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I studied Big Data from SLA. It was a very good experience for me. Thanks SLA!

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Hi.. Currently I’m pursuing software testing course in SLA, my trainers Sivaranjini mam, RK sir and sai sir makes me shine in IT field..
SLA… The easy way to get IT job.. Trust me..

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