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    C C Plus Plus Course Syllabus

    C and C ++ Training Syllabus

    C and C++ are two of the ancient terms in the world of IT. However, they have are still in demand. If you are aspiring to learn them for your organizational requirements or simply for your interest towards them, SLA Institute has a well-framed C C++ Course Syllabus.


    • The C Language And Its Advantages
    • The Structure Of A C Program
    • Writing C Programs
    • Building An Executable Version Of A C Program
    • Debugging A C Program
    • Examining And Running A C Application Program

    Data Types And Variables

    • Data Types
    • Operands, Operators, And Arithmetic Expressions
    Input/Output Management
    • The Input/Output Concept
    • Formatted Input Function
    Control-Flow Statements
    • The Control-Flow Program Statements
    • Looping Statements
    • The Data-Checking Process
    Modular Programming With Functions
    • The C Function
    • Passing Data To Functions
    • Passing An Address To Modify A Value In Memory
    • Using Functions In The Checkbook Program
    • C Standard Library Functions
    Arrays, Pointers, And Strings
    • Arrays , Pointers , Strings
    • Using Arrays, Strings, And Pointers In The Checkbook Program
    • Structures
    • Arrays Of Structures
    • Passing Structures To Functions
    • Nesting Structures
    File Input/Output
    • Command-Line Arguments
    • Combining Command-Line
    Variables And Data Types
    • Expressions
    • Constants
    • Operators
    • Type Conversions
    Looping Constructs
    • If…Else Statements
    • Switch/Case Construct
    • While
    • Do…While
    • For Loops
    • Passing Arguments
    • Function Prototyping
    • Default Argument Initializers
    • Inline Functions
    • Array Initialisation
    • Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Character Arrays
    • Working With Character Strings
    Storage Classes
    • Global Variables
    • Pointer And Arrays
    • Pointers To Character Strings
    • Arrays Of Pointers
    • Memory Slicing
    • Pointers To Functions
    C++ Classes
    • Data Members And Member Functions
    • Creating Objects
    • The New And Delete Operators
    • Friends To A Class
    • Class Initialisation

    The C C++ course syllabus is well-framed and is monitored by experts. Make sure that you gain good grasp of it from SLA Institute!