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      C Sharp Course Syllabus

      C Sharp Training Syllabus

      C Sharp is still one of the popular programming languages, thanks to its simplicity and readability. it is relevant and updated. SLA Institute also follows the evolution of C Sharp and  updates the C Sharp Course Syllabus periodically. 

      Developing Console Application

      • Entry Point Method – Main.
      • Command Line Parameters
      • Compiling And Building Projects

      Language Basics

      • Variables And Data Types
      • String & String Builder.
      • Boxing And Unboxing
      • Operators
      • Statements
      • Arrays And Strings
      • Procedures And Functions
      Working With Classes And Objects
      • Adding Variables And Methods
      • Properties And Indexers
      • Constructors And Destructors
      • Type Initialize
      • Extension Methods
      • Anonymous Types
      • Memory Management And Garbage Collection
      • Shared / Static Members
      • Method Overloading
      • Anonymous Methods
      • Partial Classes & Methods
      • Operator Overloading
      • Inner Classes
      • Attributes And Their Usage
      Inheritance, Interface And Polymorphism
      • Deriving Classes
      • Calling Base Class Constructor
      • Overriding Methods
      • Non-Inheritable Classes.
      • Abstract Class
      • Interface Inheritance
      • Namespace And Access Modifiers
      Working With Collections
      • List And Dictionary
      • Array List And Hash Table
      • Generic Classes & Methods
      • List And Dictionary
      • IEnumerable And IEnumerator
      Exception Handling
      • Handling Exceptions Using Try And Catch
      • Raising Exceptions Using Throw
      • Pre-Defined Exception Classes
      • Custom Exception Classes
      • Using Statement
      C# Features / General Features
      • Un Safe Code
      • Fixed Keyword.
      • Operator Overloading.
      • Reflection
      • P-Invoke
      Data Streams And Files
      • Byte Streams
      • Readers And Writers.
      • Binary Streams
      • Console And File I/O
      • Serialization & Deserialization
      Working With Components / Assemblies
      • Creating A Simple .NET Framework Component
      • Private And Shared Assemblies
      • Singing Assemblies For Strong Names
      • Deploying .NET Assemblies In Global Assembly Cache
      Multi Threading
      • Introduction
      • Application Domains
      • Creating And Managing Threads
      • Thread Priority
      • Thread States
      • Thread Synchronization Using Monitor And Mutex
      Data Access Using ADO.NET
      • Introduction To ADO.NET
      • Managed Providers
      • Working With Connection, Command,
      • Data Reader And Transaction Objects
      • Working With Prepared Statements And Stored
      • Procedures.
      • Connection Pooling And Multiple Active Result Sets
      • Working With Data Set
      • Adding, Deleting And Modifying Records In A Dataset
      • Data Tables, Data Columns And Data Rows ,
      • Constraints And Data Relations
      • Using Data View
      • Wording With Data Grid View.
      Win Forms
      • Introduction
      • Controls
      • Menus And Conext Menus
      • MenuStrip, ToolbarStrip.
      • Graphics And GDI
      • SDI And MDI Applications
      • Dialogbox (Modal And Modeless)
      • Form Inheritance
      • Working With Resource Files
      • Working With Settings
      • Other Misc Topics.
      • Introduction
      • XML-DOM
      • XML Document, XML Element, XML Attribute
      • Interoperating With Data Set
      • XML Data Document
      • XML Text Reader / XML Text Writer
      • XPath.
      Windows Services
      • Purpose And Advantage
      • Developing And Deploying
      • Debugging Widows Service
      • Sending Custom Events
      Packaging And Deployment
      • Compiled Deployment Of ASP.NET Application.
      • Types Of Deployment Modules
      • Working With A Setup And Web Setup Project
      • Working With A Merge Module Project
      Debugging And Tracing
      • Debug And Release Compilation
      • Debug And Trace Objects
      • Tracing Switches & Listeners
      • Debugging JavaScript From VS.NET
      • Debugging SQL-Server Stored Procedures.

      Explore C Sharp, which is widely used for developing web and desktop applications, with the well-framed C Sharp Course Syllabus. Gain thorough understanding of the concepts and become industry-ready!

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