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      Clinical SAS Course Syllabus

      Our Clinical SAS Training Syllabus

      SAS programming is widely applied in clinical trial data analysis in clinical research companies. A SAS programmer takes up an important role in clinical trial data analysis. Get good understanding of clinical SAS through the well-formed Clinical SAS Course Syllabus.

      Getting Started With SAS

      • Basic overview about SAS software
      • Basic about programming

      Working With SAS Syntax

      • Fundamental concepts
      • Characteristics of SAS statements
      • Explain SAS syntax rules
      Getting Familiar With SAS Dataset
      • Descriptor & Data portions
      • Accessing SAS libraries
      Reading SAS Datasets
      • How to read data in SAS
      • SAS data as input
      • Observations & variables
      • Descriptor & Data portions
      Reading Excel Worksheets
      • Overview about importing Excel file
      Reading Delimited Raw Data Files
      • How to read raw data
      • Compilation & Execution phases of Data step
      Validating And Cleaning Data
      • Procedures for validating data
      • Techniques for cleaning data
      Manipulating Data
      • Variable creation
      • Sub setting Observation
      Combining SAS Datasets
      • Appending, concatenating dataset and Merging the SAS dataset
      Enhancing Report (ODS Systems)
      • Global statements
      • Format & Label Statement and User Defined formats
      • Sending output to external files (HTML,PDF,RTF)
      Summary Reports
      • FREQ Procedure
      • MEANS Procedure
      • How to use procedures in Clinical trials
      Controlling Input And Output
      • Outputting multiple Observation
      • Writing to Multiple SAS Datasets
      • Selecting Variables & Observations
      Reading Raw Data Files Data Transformations
      • Manipulating character & numeric variables
      • Converting Variable type
      Processing Data Iteratively
      • Do loop processing
      • SAS Arrays
      Introduction of SAS and Clinical research
      • SAS role in Clinical Research.
      • What is Clinical trial?
      • What is Protocol and role of Protocol in Clinical Research?
      • Which is playing main role in Clinical Research?
      Clinical Trials Data Structures
      • Identify the classes of clinical trials data (demographic, lab, baseline, concomitant medication, etc.).
      • Identify key CDISC principals and terms.
      • Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC SDTM data model.
      • Describe the structure and purpose of the CDISC ADaM data model.
      • Describe the contents and purpose of define.xml.
      Transform Clinical Trials Data
      • Apply categorization and windowing techniques to clinical trials data.
      • Transpose SAS data sets.
      • Apply ‘observation carry forward’ techniques to clinical trials data (LOCF, BOCF, WOCF).
      • Calculate ‘change from baseline’ results.

      SAS analytical skills are much in demand in the present job market. The conventional healthcare industry is widening the range of career choices for SAS programmers. Get clear cognizance of clinical SAS concepts through SLA Institute’s Clinical SAS Course Syllabus.

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