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About Cloud Computing Training

To tell it in a clear manner, cloud computing is nothing but computing dependent on the internet. Now we will take the time machine and go to the past. At that time individuals would run application programs by means of a software downloaded on a physical computer in their premises. Now with the help of cloud computing individuals have reach to these type of applications by means of the internet.

Why to Embrace Cloud Computing Training?

The tech enthusiast would be aware that all types of technologies in the globe shift towards cloud computing Going forward, top organizations would shift their applications to the cloud because of its high-security-standards. Seeing the technological trends in India there is a huge scope of cloud engineers. This should be a driving factor for aspiring candidates to take up Cloud Computing Training in Chennai from SLA.

  • You will accept when we say that cloud computing is one of the fast-picking innovations of the current era. The embracing of cloud has been triggered by the increasing number of smartphones and mobile devices that can reach the internet. The average individual can also gain from the cloud. Cloud computing lets us to run software programs without the need to install them on our computers. It can be considered as an amazing innovation that has significance in almost all fields that you can imagine.
  • For the past few years the hottest buzzwords is undoubtedly the cloud. We have been deploying it for more than a decade and knowingly or unknowingly we are also using it. For example, Gmail, Facebook etc, are all instances of cloud solutions. Yes when you work on your Facebook status you are applying this powerful platform. Small businesses make use of this powerful platform to solve their problems. It is no exaggeration to tell that cloud is turning out to be our normal works.
  • But there is also a different dimension to cloud. You can gather all your details over the internet without having an comprehensive knowledge pertaining to the infrastructure applied to enable it.
  • The cloud is seeing a surge even now after two decades and the recent innovations in cloud computing are making business applications way better.

Objectives of Cloud Computing

5 strong reasons to shift to the cloud

  1. Earlier managing local systems was not affordable. With the help of cloud computing this problem is mitigated.
  2. The systems are hosted everywhere and you needn’t be concerned about upgrading it.
  3. There is the benefit of latest servers.
  4. Mobility is one of the prime benefits of cloud computing wherein the details are taken in a mobile manner.
  5. Suppose there is server failure, it automatically goes to another server. This disaster recovery is also one of the key advantages of cloud.

Who should attend?

Individuals and companies who want an advanced comprehension of Amazon Web Services.
Managers who lead a team of employees working on Amazon Web Services projects
Technical staff who deal with Amazon Web Services initiatives or projects including

  • Technical project managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Enterprise Architects
  • Security Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Solution Architects

Our Cloud Computing Training Duration

TrackRegular ClassWeek-End ClassFast Class
Courses Duration30 – 40 Days8 Weekends8 Days
Hours2 hours a day4 hours a day8 hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Our Cloud Computing Training Syllabus

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • Defining cloud computing
  • Components of a computing cloud
  • Differentiating types of clouds: public, private, hybrid
  • Delivering services from the cloud
  • Categorizing service types
  • Comparing vendor cloud products: Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others

Adopting the Cloud

  • Key drivers of cloud computing solutions
  • Instantaneous provisioning of computing resources
  • Handling varied loads with elasticity and seamless scalability
  • Tapping into an infinite storage capacity
  • Cost-effective pay-as-you-use billing models
  • Evaluating barriers to cloud computing
  • Handling sensitive data
  • Aspects of cloud security
  • Assessing governance solutions

Exploiting Software as a Service ( SaaS )

  • Characterizing SaaS
  • Minimizing the need for local hardware and software
  • Streamlining administration with centralized installation and updates
  • Optimizing cost and performance with the ability to scale on demand
  • Comparing service scenarios
  • Improving collaboration with business productivity tools
  • Simplifying business process creation by integrating existing components
  • Inspecting SaaS technologies
  • Deploying Web applications
  • Implementing Web services: SOAP, REST
  • Choosing a development platform

Delivering Platform as a Service (PaaS)

  • Exploring the technical foundation for PaaS
  • Specifying the components of PaaS
  • Analyzing vendor PaaS provisions
  • Selecting an appropriate implementation
  • Building services with solution stacks
  • Evaluating the architecture of vendor specific platforms
  • Becoming familiar with service platform tools
  • Leveraging the power of scalable middleware
  • Managing cloud storage
  • Controlling unstructured data in the cloud
  • Deploying relational databases in the cloud
  • Improving data availability
  • Employing support services
  • Testing in the cloud
  • Monitoring cloud-based services
  • Analyzing portability across platforms

Deploying Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS )

  • Enabling technologies
  • Scalable server clusters
  • Achieving transparency with platform virtualization
  • Elastic storage devices
  • Accessing IaaS
  • Provisioning servers on demand
  • Handling dynamic and static IP addresses
  • Tools and support for management and monitoring

Building a Business Case

  • Calculating the financial implications
  • Analyzing current and future computing requirements
  • Comparing in-house facilities to the cloud
  • Estimating economic factors downstream
  • Preserving business continuity
  • Selecting appropriate service-level agreements
  • Safeguarding access to assets in the cloud
  • Security, availability and disaster recovery strategies

Migrating to the Cloud

  • Technical considerations
  • Rearchitecting applications for the cloud
  • Integrating the cloud with existing applications
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in
  • Planning the migration
  • Incremental vs
  • one-step solution
  • Selecting a vendor
  • Establishing staff skill requirements


  • Operating Systems knowledge
  • Knowledge of Window, Linux etc. will be beneficial. Most importantly knowledge of Linux operating system is essential since most organizations that function with web programs and scalable environments prefer Linux.
  • Comprehension of Virtualization
  • Virtualization lets running of multiple operating systems in the context of a single physical machine.
  • Networking understanding
  • You can have knowledge of things like how IP addresses function, and comprehend what public and personal networks are.

Why SLA for Cloud Computing Training

Searching for Cloud Computing Training in Chennai? Then enroll in Softlogic, best cloud computing training in Chennai!

To unfailingly comprehend the requirements of right skilled people is the objective of Softlogic. We structure the best course/program, and the student can explore real time scenarios and case studies. Online training, dedicated instructor led training sessions, excellent infrastructure, free demo sessions to provide you with satisfaction regarding selecting the right course at SLA, flexible timings to adhere to one’s needs, enriching lab sessions etc. are provided at affordable fees.

Cloud computing certification has a great scope in the IT industry. Gartner estimates worldwide public cloud revenue to increase 17.3% in 2019. Gaining a cloud certification with sound knowledge in the pertinent concepts will surely take you to heights in your career. When you want to gain the required skills to join in companies, learning about cloud computing becomes essential. It is suggested to pursue cloud computing training in Chennai from SLA, one of the best centers of imparting knowledge about this happening concept.

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Feedback from our Participants

I took up cloud computing course from SLA Institute. I am impressed with the trainer’s method of teaching. I never felt bored at any point of the training. Practical training helped me to gain more knowledge of the subject. Hats off to you SLA!

— Banu, Cloud Computing, 13 Jan 2019

I studied cloud computing from SLA and had a very good experience. The classes are very interactive and the trainer constantly asked me whether I had any doubt. This individual attention is what that I like in SLA very much. Thanks SLA for the excellent coaching!

— Vasanth, 27.Cloud Computing Courses, 14 Jan 2019

SLA provides training in such a way there is no room for complaint. I have no issues with SLA’s course on cloud computing. The highly encouraging staff, motivating ambience, good infrastructure etc., makes SLA the best training center for cloud computing in Chennai.

— Abhinaya J, Cloud Computing Training, 13 Nov 2018

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