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Our Digital Marketing Training in Chennai will make students learn some of the most in-demand concepts in Digital Marketing such as – Analysis & Keyword Search, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, SEO Updates & Analysis, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Webmaster Tools, Creating a New Website, etc. This curriculum will surely make students experts in the concept of Digital Marketing in a shorter span of time. Our Digital Marketing Course with 100% placement support is curated with the help of leading experts from the IT industry, which makes our Digital Marketing Course up-to-date in accordance with the latest trends.

Our SLA Institute is guaranteed to place you in a high-paying Digital Marketing Specialist and other Digital Marketing related jobs with help of our experienced placement officers. SLA Institute’s Course Syllabus for Digital Marketing covers all topics that are guaranteed to give you a complete understanding of the Digital Marketing Course in Chennai.

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Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

  • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
  • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
  • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
  • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
  • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
  • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
  • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
  • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
  • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.
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Objectives of Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

The primary objective of our Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is to make students experts in Digital Marketing. This Digital Marketing Course will make students grow into successful and most in-demand Digital Marketing Specialists, and more. SLA Institute’s Digital Marketing Course Curriculum is loaded with some of the most useful and rare concepts that will surely give students a complete understanding of Digital Marketing. So, some of those concepts are discussed below:

  • The syllabus starts with basics of Digital Marketing like – Traditional Vs. Digital Marketing, Types of Digital Marketing, Increasing Visibility etc.
  • The syllabus then goes a bit deeper into Digital Marketing By exploring topics like – Market Research, Keyword Research And Analysis, SEO Fundamentals & Concepts, Understanding The SERP etc.
  • The syllabus then moves towards advanced topics like – Introduction To Social Media Networks, Types Of Social Media Websites, Social Media Optimization Concepts, Creating A Simple Website For Your Business etc.

Future Scope for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

The following are the scopes available in the future for the Digital Marketing Course:

  • Remote Work Opportunities: Many digital marketing roles offer the flexibility of remote work, allowing professionals to collaborate with global companies or work as freelancers. Remote work options provide flexibility and broader career prospects.
  • Continuous Learning and Innovation: Digital marketing is dynamic, characterized by evolving trends, tools, and platforms. Staying abreast of industry developments, algorithm updates (e.g., Google), and evolving consumer behavior is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Entrepreneurship and Freelancing: Digital marketing skills empower individuals to launch their own ventures or pursue freelance careers. They can provide digital marketing services to businesses and entrepreneurs seeking to establish or enhance their online presence.
  • Demand for Data-Driven Insights: Proficiency in data analytics is increasingly vital in digital marketing. Professionals adept at analyzing data, deriving actionable insights, and making data-driven decisions will be highly valued.

Prerequisites for learning Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

SLA Institute does not demand any prerequisites for any course at all. SLA Institute has courses that cover everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics so whether the candidate is a beginner or an expert they will all be accommodated and taught equally in SLA Institute. However having a fundamental understanding of these concepts below will help you understand Digital Marketing better, However it is completely optional:

  • Fundamental Computer Skills: Proficiency in using computers, navigating the internet, and basic software applications is essential. Familiarity with word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software is particularly advantageous.
  • Understanding of Online Behavior: Understanding how people interact online, including their browsing habits, social media usage, and online shopping behavior, provides essential context for developing effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Analytical Abilities: The capability to analyze data and interpret trends is vital in digital marketing. Basic knowledge of statistics and familiarity with data analytics tools can be beneficial for optimizing marketing campaigns.
  • Basic Marketing Principles: Familiarity with core marketing concepts such as segmentation, targeting, positioning, and the marketing mix (4Ps: Product, Price, Place, Promotion) lays a strong foundation for crafting successful digital marketing strategies.

Our Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is fit for:

  • Students eager to excel in Digital Marketing
  • Professionals considering transitioning to Digital Marketing careers
  • IT professionals aspiring to enhance their Digital Marketing skills
  • Digital Marketing Specialists enthusiastic about expanding their expertise.
  • Individuals seeking opportunities in the Digital Marketing field.

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Job Profile for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai

After finishing the Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, students will be placed in various organizations through SLA Institute. This section will explore the various range of job profiles in which students can possibly be possible be placed as in the Digital Marketing sector;

  • Digital Marketing Specialist/Manager: Digital Marketing Course will train students in to successful Digital Marketing Specialist who will be responsible for devising and implementing digital marketing campaigns aimed at enhancing brand awareness, driving traffic, and increasing conversions across channels such as SEO, SEM, social media, email marketing, and content marketing.
  • SEO Specialist/Manager: Digital Marketing Course will make students into SEO Specialists who focus on optimizing websites to improve organic search engine rankings and attract more traffic. Responsibilities include keyword research, content optimization, and monitoring SEO performance using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.
  • PPC Specialist/Manager: Digital Marketing Course makes students into skilled PPC Specialists who manage pay-per-click advertising campaigns on platforms like Google Ads, Bing Ads, and social media channels. They handle keyword research, ad copy creation, budget management, and campaign optimization to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • Social Media Manager: The SLA Institute will train students into becoming skilled Social Media Managers who develop and execute social media strategies to build brand presence, engage audiences, and drive traffic. Tasks include creating content calendars, monitoring performance metrics, managing social media channels, and engaging with the community.
  • Content Marketing Manager: The SLA Institute has the potential to turn students into productive Content Marketing Manager who leads the development of content strategies and oversees content creation across digital channels. They ensure that content aligns with brand messaging, SEO strategies, and audience preferences to drive engagement and conversions.
  • Email Marketing Specialist: The SLA Institute can turn students into successful Email Marketing Specialists who can design and execute email marketing campaigns focused on lead nurturing, customer retention, and sales conversion. They segment email lists, create compelling content, conduct A/B testing, and analyze metrics like open rates and click-through rates.
  • Digital Analytics Specialist/Manager: Analyzes digital marketing data to evaluate campaign performance, identify trends, and derive actionable insights. They use tools such as Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and optimize marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Specialist: Works on improving website user experience and conversion rates through testing and optimization strategies. Responsibilities include conducting usability tests, analyzing user behavior, and implementing changes to enhance website performance.
  • Digital Marketing Coordinator/Assistant: Supports digital marketing campaigns by assisting in strategy development, content creation, and campaign execution. They may manage social media platforms, coordinate email campaigns, and contribute to reporting and analysis tasks.
  • E-commerce Marketing Specialist: Specializes in driving traffic and sales for online stores through tailored digital marketing strategies. They optimize product listings, execute promotional campaigns, and analyze customer behavior to maximize conversions and revenue.

Digital Marketing Course Syllabus

Download Syllabus

SLA Institute’s Digital Marketing Course Syllabus comes with 100% placement support so students will be guaranteed a placement in an esteemed organization. In addition to that the Digital Marketing Course Syllabus is also carefully curated with the help of leading professionals and experts from the IT industry with so many hours invested in it. So, everything that our students learn in the Digital Marketing course is fully up-to-date to the current trends in the IT industry, which increases their chances of getting employed.

Future Scope of Digital Marketing

As an aspiring candidate you should understand that the online domain will give sufficient opportunities and let you to reap great benefits in the future. Online strategies and procedures are not going to fade. Various businesses in the future will decide to invest more in digital channels. Companies prefer digital marketing to conventional marketing. The rapidly growing digital marketing field is in great need of more professionals. You can fill this gap by getting trained from the Top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Chennai.

Need of Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Digital marketing field is quickly progressing in India. Chennai is one of the important cities that is embracing Digital Marketing strategies for the purpose of promotions. Eventually, career-oriented people and business people are in requirement of digital marketing expertise. So digital marketing program is one of the most important trainings in the present scenario, Every business and organization is seeing it as an integral process.

Benefits Attached to Learning Digital Marketing

The digital marketing training offered by Softlogic prepares you to be an in-demand professional with the knowledge of updated trends in the industry. You will gain the in-trend jobs and get considerable income. Moreover, the digital marketing skills you get through our training assist your business to grow.

Job-Oriented Training

Digital marketing has emerged as a stable field with several jobs posted in jobsites. Many jobs are getting created annually in India alone. Softlogic understands the importance of digital marketing and provides in-depth training on this trending concept.

Practical Sessions

We will assist you practice the aspects you learn in the class. This provides you with a real-time exposure to how things function in the real world.

100% Placement Support

We endeavor to provide the candidates with 100% placement. For Placement we Tie-ups with several companies and arrange interviews for you in those companies. We conduct mock interviews and regular technical reviews to help you prepare for a job and also Provide SMO Training and SEO Training in Chennai 

Cutting Edge Strategies

You will learn all the cutting edge strategies in digital marketing through our meticulous training. The best practices of digital marketing will be imparted to you by our efficient trainers.

Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

Project Practices on Digital Marketing Training

Project 1Crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy for a Business

Students undertake the development of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for either a real or simulated business. This project involves conducting market research, identifying target audiences, setting measurable goals, and choosing suitable digital marketing channels such as social media, email campaigns, and SEO.

Project 2Managing Social Media Campaigns

Students design and execute social media campaigns for businesses or nonprofit organizations. Tasks include creating content schedules, designing visual elements like graphics and videos, scheduling posts, monitoring engagement metrics, and optimizing campaign performance using analytics.

Project 3Performing SEO Audits and Implementations

Students conduct SEO audits on websites to evaluate current search engine ranking performance. They then propose and implement SEO strategies to enhance visibility, including keyword optimization, site structure improvements, and optimizing meta tags and descriptions.

Project 4Executing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising Campaigns

Students create and oversee PPC advertising campaigns utilizing platforms like Google Ads or Facebook Ads. This project entails keyword research, ad creation, budget management, A/B testing, and monitoring campaign performance to achieve specific conversion objectives.

The Placement Process at SLA Institute

  • To Foster the employability skills among the students
  • Making the students future-ready
  • Career counseling as and when needed
  • Provide equal chances to all students
  • Providing placement help even after completing the course

Digital Marketing Course FAQ

What metrics are essential for evaluating the success of a digital marketing campaign?

Critical metrics include traffic sources (organic, paid, direct), conversion rates, click-through rates (CTR), bounce rates, return on ad spend (ROAS), cost per acquisition (CPA), and customer lifetime value (CLV). These metrics are crucial for assessing campaign performance and refining strategies for better outcomes.

How does SEO contribute to enhancing website visibility and driving organic traffic?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boosts website visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) by optimizing keywords, refining site structure, creating high-quality content, and acquiring backlinks. Higher organic rankings attract more relevant traffic and potential customers to websites.

What are the benefits of utilizing social media advertising in digital marketing campaigns?

Social media advertising enables precise targeting based on user demographics, interests, and behaviors. It facilitates real-time engagement, provides cost-effective advertising options (e.g., CPC, CPM), enhances brand awareness, and supports various campaign objectives such as lead generation and conversions.

How can Google Analytics assist in evaluating digital marketing performance?

Google Analytics offers insights into website traffic, user behavior patterns, and campaign effectiveness. It tracks metrics like sessions, page views, average session duration, bounce rates, and conversion rates. Additionally, it provides segmentation capabilities, custom reporting features, and attribution modeling tools to measure ROI and optimize marketing strategies.

How many branches does the SLA Institute have currently?

Currently, SLA Institute has two branches – one is in OMR, Navalur and K.K.Nagar.

Does SLA Institute have EMI?

Yes, SLA Institute has EMI with 0% interest.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Digital Marketing is highly regarded for its promising career prospects, including high demand across industries, diverse career paths, continuous growth opportunities, and the blend of creativity, analytics, flexibility, and entrepreneurial possibilities it offers.

How long is the digital Marketing Course?

SLA Institute’s Digital Marketing Course is over 3 months long, where it explores all the concepts in Digital Marketing from fundamental to advanced. 

On Average Students Rated The Digital Marketing Course 4.90/5.0

Thank you SLA Institute for helping me learn all the core concepts of digital marketing. The classroom sessions are highly interactive and the trainer and placement team guided me very well.

Jaya BalanDigital Marketing

I am just amazed by the teaching approach of SLA Institute. They provided in-depth training on every concept of digital marketing and ensured that lot of assignments were given. Now I am confident to take up any digital marketing job.

BhagyarajDigital Marketing

I didn’t have any idea of digital marketing before joining SLA Institute. Now I can say with confidence that I am proficient in this demanding niche. The notes that I took for digital marketing helped me a lot.

KavithaDigital Marketing

My experience with SLA Institute is really good. I learned a lot in digital marketing which is steadily aiding me in my career objectives. The environment is also good at SLA Institute.

TamilDigital Marketing

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