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About Embedded Training

Just as the name signifies, embedded means that some thing is connected to another thing. It can be construed as a computer hardware system that is equipped with software. To put it in a nutshell, an embedded system takes the role of an electronic system and has both hardware and software.

An embedded system

  • carries out a particular task.
  • performs both automatic and semi-automatic jobs.
  • can be either independent or can be comprised in a large system.

A key point to keep in mind in an embedded system is that it generally functions a specialized operation.

The embedded system comprises an input device, microprocessor and the output device. Some of the popular examples of embedded systems are television, air conditioner, digital camera, audio player etc. Finding an embedded system course in Chennai will be the priority of the student who wants to shine in his/her career.

Interactive Training

The Training sessions in SLA are highly interactive with dedicated attention to each individual.

Online Training

Corporate Training and Customized online Training In SLA Institute for the working professionals.

Practical Training

SLA Focus on not only theory but also practicals so that the student can gain real-time knowledge

Scope of Embedded

Nowadays we use embedded systems in our day-to-day lives. Generally, C programming concepts are useful for building these systems. The Keil 8051 Development tools are structured so as to solve the complicated issues that the software developers encounter. Proteus is also another software that is used in embedded designing. While Keil is used for Embedded C coding, Proteus is applied for modelling. The embedded system syllabus will make the candidate comprehend the complex engineering systems. Those who are curious to know why C is used in Embedded, then embedded systems training can be of great use.

Interfacing is one of the essential concepts with regard to micro controller 8051, and taking up embedded training in Chennai will be one of the helpful things for those who want to carve a niche for themselves in the professional front. Working with Pic, ARM etc. in embedded systems will also be a useful learning for the students. Besides, Pin Diagram which points out the pins of an electronic connector together with its functions is an interesting concept in embedded system. Students can gain awareness of developing embedded Linux products. You may be looking for top 10 embedded training institutes in Chennai. By pursuing embedded systems training in Chennai, the candidate can get thorough knowledge of embedded system and develop one.

Significance of Embedded System Training

In its special role, the embedded systems can carry out some pre-defined programs. This is often applied in huge spectrum of mechanical or electrical system. Ranging from small MP3 players to widely complicated hybrid vehicle systems, embedded systems are good for use mainly due to its reliability and efficiency. So the need for the aspiring candidate will be to search for the Best Embedded Training Institutes in Chennai.

In the current era, embedded system has found vast usage in telecommunications, consumer electronics, IT, mobile, telecom, automotive systems, medical, vending machines, airplanes, smart home etc. With the help of embedded systems, several devices including electronic gadgets, AC, etc. can be built.

Embedded systems has been making waves in the scientific world with its upsurge in autonomous robots too. Nowadays, devices communicate in a more powerful way that we had ever thought of.

Embedded systems has traveled a long way since their advent. The future of embedded systems is determined by the development of technologies that lead to swift communications. Embedded research and development is seeing a surge nowadays.

Career opportunities

Embedded systems has a great scope for career. There is a requirement of artificial intelligence for every industry and these embedded systems can provide the same. Every electronic product nowadays is equipped with embedded system. The embedded engineers who are learning embedded systems will work on these powerful systems.

Engineers who are experts in building embedded systems have a sound comprehension of programming and electronics. Taking up an Embedded system course in Chennai from SLA equipped with strong software coding and debugging skills will lead to a fruitful career for the aspiring candidate.

Who should attend?

  • Computer professionals
  • Professionals with the electrical or electronic background
  • Those who are keen on taking their career to the next level.

Our Embedded Training Duration

TrackWeek-End ClassFast Class
Courses Duration5 Weekends5 Days
Hours3 hours a day6+ hours a day
Training ModeLive ClassroomLive Classroom

Our Embedded Training Syllabus

C ANSI Fundamentals of C

  • Datatypes and Constants
  • Simple & Formatted I/O
  • Memory Usage
  • Operators & Expressions
  • Flow Control
  • Loops


  • Role of Functions
  • Pass by value / reference
  • Returning values from Functions
  • Recursive Functions
  • Call Back Functions
  • Implications on Stack
  • Library Vs User defined function
  • Passing variable number of arguments


  • Defining, initializing and using arrays
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays
  • Arrays of Characters and Strings
  • Arrays and Pointers
  • Passing arrays to functions
  • String handling with and without library functions

Storage Classes

  • Scope and Life
  • Automatic, Static, External, Register
  • Memory(CPU / RAM)

Structures & Unions

  • What structures are for
  • Declaration, initialization
  • Accessing like objects
  • Nested Structures
  • Array of Structures
  • Passing structures through functions
  • Allocation of memory and holes
  • Structure Comparison
  • Structure bit operation
  • Typedef for portability
  • Unions
  • Overlapping members

Enumerated data types

  • Enum, Indexing, enum Vs #define

Bit Operations

  • AND ( & ), OR ( | ), XOR ( ^ )
  • Compliment ( ~ )
  • Left-Shift ( << ), Right Shift ( >> )
  • Masking, Setting, Clearing and Testing of Bit / Bits


  • The purpose of pointers
  • Defining pointers
  • The & and * operators
  • Pointer Assignment
  • Pointer Arithmetic
  • Multiple indirections
  • Advanced pointer types
  • Generic and Null Pointer
  • Function Pointers
  • Pointers to Arrays and Strings
  • Array of Pointers
  • Pointers to Structure and Union
  • Pointers to Dynamic memory
  • Far, Near and Huge Pointers
  • Pointer Type Casting

Dynamic Memory Allocation

  • Malloc(), Calloc(), Realloc(), Free()
  • Farmalloc(), Farcalloc()

File Handling Concepts

  • Concept of a FILE data type
  • Inode, FILE structure
  • File pointer
  • Character handling routines
  • Formatted Data Routines
  • Raw data Routines
  • Random Access to FILE

Command line Arguments

  • Argc, argv
  • Variable Inputs to the main

Compiler in Practical

  • Preprocessor Directives
  • Compiler, Assembler, Linker
  • Conditional Compilation
  • Multiple File Compilation
  • Code Optimization techniques
  • Volatile, #pragma

Data Structures

  • Linear & non-linear
  • Homogeneous & non-homogeneous
  • Static & Dynamic
  • Single, Double & Circular Linked Lists
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Binary Trees

Sorting and Searching Techniques

  • Insertion, Selection, Bubble, Merge, Quick, Heap

Concepts and Real-time Exposure

  • Development Tools and Environment
  • Make Utility
  • MISRA Coding Standards
  • Object / Executable File Format
  • Debugger


  • Know basic Electronics.
  • Good C programming skills
  • Comprehension of Micro-processor

Embedded systems now encompass most of the devices used nowadays. Pursuing Embedded Training in Chennai SLA Institute will lead to a fruitful career.

Why SLA for Embedded Training

Theoretical classes along with practical hands-on training will be useful to the student to develop his/her career. SLA offers wide course materials and it grooms the candidate for a satisfactory career. There is also online training facility offered to the candidates. Lab support is available for the student every time and the timing is flexible.

Embedded Training in Chennai SLA – Certification

A course completion certificate is a proof of your knowledge and would scale up your career. On completion of the Embedded Systems certification, the student will receive a course completion certificate.

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Embedded Training in Chennai

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