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      Full Stack Course Syllabus

      Full Stack Training Syllabus

      Get expertise in both front and back-end web development through our job-centric Full Stack Course Syllabus. We have included basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS, NodeJS, MongoDB, and Python in our Full-Stack Course Curriculum. The students can customize the full stack course content for their personalized learning experience and we offer a Full Stack Training in Chennai in the convenient learning hours of global students.


      • Introduction to HTML
      • Browsers and HTML
      • Editor’s Offline and Online
      • Tags, Attribute and Elements
      • Doctype Element
      • Comments
      • Headings, Paragraphs, and Formatting Text
      • Lists and Links
      • Images and Tables


      • Introduction CSS
      • Applying CSS to HTML
      • Selectors, Properties and Values
      • CSS Colors and Backgrounds
      • CSS Box Model
      • CSS Margins, Padding, and Borders
      • CSS Text and Font Properties
      • CSS General Topics
      • Introduction to JavaScript
      • Applying JavaScript (internal and external)
      • Understanding JS Syntax
      • Introduction to Document and Window Object
      • Variables and Operators
      • Data Types and Num Type Conversion
      • Math and String Manipulation
      • Objects and Arrays
      • Date and Time
      • Conditional Statements
      • Switch Case
      • Looping in JS
      • Functions
      • Introduction
      • Templating using JSX
      • Components, State and Props
      • Lifecycle of Components
      • Rendering List and Portals
      • Error Handling
      • Routers
      • Redux and Redux Saga
      • Immutable.js
      • Service Side Rendering
      • Unit Testing
      • Webpack
      • Node js Overview
      • Node js – Basics and Setup
      • Node js Console
      • Node js Command Utilities
      • Node js Modules
      • Node js Concepts
      • Node js Events
      • Node js with Express js
      • Node js Database Access
      • SQL and NoSql Concepts
      • Create and Manage MongoDB
      • Migration of Data into MongoDB
      • MongoDB with PHP
      • MongoDB with NodeJS
      • Services Offered by MongoDB
      • Python Installation & Configuration
      • Developing a Python Application
      • Connect MongoDB with Python

      We have framed the Full Stack Course Syllabus based on the current industry job requirements and we update them for the students to perform efficiently from day one. Join our Full Stack Training in Chennai at SLA Institute to gain expertise through real-time project practices

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