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      J2EE Course Syllabus

      J2EE Training Syllabus

      SLA Institute has the best J2EE Course Syllabus and dedicated trainers to offer the best J2EE Training in Chennai. Our J2EE Course Curriculum helps you begin your application development career with the field expertise as it contains vital concepts such as architecture, platform, database programming with JDBC, Servlets, JSP, remote method invocation, enterprise java bean, java transaction API, java naming, and directory services interface, Java mail, struts, and XML.

      Java 2 Enterprise Edition:

      • The Enterprise Today
      • J2EE Platform
      • J2EE Architecture
      • Developing J2EE Applications

      Database Programming With JDBC:

      • Java Database Connectivity
      • Database Drivers
      • JDBC Core API
      • Open Database Connectivity
      • Servlets
      • Servlet Implementation
      • More About Servlets
      • Tomcat Documentation
      JSP – Java Server Pages:
      • JSP Basics & Architecture
      • The Nuts & Bolts
      • JSP Application Design
      • Tag Libraries
      Remote Method Invocation:
      • Remote Objects
      • Stubs & Skeletons
      • Serialization Classes
      • Remote Interfaces
      Enterprise Java Bean:
      • Components Of EJB
      • Session Bean
      • Entity Bean
      • Message Driven Bean
      • Java Transaction Services
      • Transaction Manager Functionality
      • Transaction Model
      • Transaction Manager Implementation
      Java Transaction API:
      • Introduction
      • Distributed Transaction Process & Transaction Manager
      • Sample Program
      Java Naming & Directory Services Interface:
      • Naming Services Overview
      • Directory Services Overview
      • Naming Service Provider
      • Directory Service Provider
      • Implementation Of System
      • JavaMail With Weblogic
      • Sending Message With JavaMail
      • Reading Message With JavaMail
      • Introduction To Frameworks
      • Frameworks Vs Class Libraries
      • Struts Framework
      • Configuration
      • Packages In Struts
      • Role Of XML
      • XML Syntax & Parsing
      • Elements. Tags & Attributes
      • Roles & Functions Of DTD
      • XML Schema Structure
      • JAXP – Java XML API
      • XML Parsers For Java
      • Role Of SAX & DOM

      Begin your IT career in the application development field through our well-framed J2EE Course Syllabus. SLA Institute is the best learning platform for getting trained in the J2EE Course in Chennai.

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