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Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

  • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
  • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
  • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
  • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
  • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
  • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
  • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
  • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
  • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.
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Best JavaScript Training in Chennai

Enrolling in our JavaScript Training in Chennai helps the developers to work on both frontend and backend website development by adding features according to the client’s needs. The students will be well-versed in adding specialized behaviors like interactive entry forms, animations, and dynamic styling in web pages and online gaming applications.

We have a simplified learning path with hands-on exposure in our JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai to make you expertise in web development.

Objectives of JavaScript Course in Chennai

Our JavaScript Classes in Chennai aims to equip the students to create web pages with trending dynamic features, interactive behaviors, and animation effects. We focus to enhance your web development skills with advanced language features and client-side programming.

Our JavaScript Training in Chennai covers major concepts such as libraries, jQuery, and node.js along with regular coding tasks and periodical assignments. Following are the highlights of the JavaScript Course in Chennai.

  • Develop proficiency in the JavaScript language
  • Practice utilizing idioms and patterns of JavaScript
  • Complete understanding of commonly used dynamic language programmings such as introspection, closures, and higher-order functions
  • Familiarity in advanced JavaScript features like prototypical inheritance
  • In-depth understanding of client-side interfaces such as DOM, jQuery, and AJAX
  • Satisfying hands-on exposure on common library and tools usage for faster web development.
  • Ability to develop the complete website to solve real-world problems
  • Develop files for uploading in host servers

Learn the best JavaScript Course in Chennai to gain expertise in digital apps and website creation. Our lab and classroom infrastructure is fully equipped with recent software applications to provide industry-standard coaching for learners around the globe.

We allow the students to practice unlimited hours to enjoy a satisfying learning experience along with interview preparations.

Join us to explore what is exactly needed for web developers through our JavaScript Course in Chennai.

Prerequisites for learning JavaScript Training in Chennai

There is no prior web development knowledge required for freshers as we provide JavaScript courses in Chennai from scratch. They can learn with complete practical implementations along with project practices.

Working professionals who are having experience in software development are suggested to have the following skills to obtain complete hands-on exposure.

  • HTML and CSS basics
  • Software development lifecycle
  • Programming language C, C++, or Java
  • Basic knowledge in OOPs, Pointers, References, and Recursion

Achieve Your Goals With SLA

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Who should attend our JavaScript Training in Chennai?

JavaScript Course in Chennai is intended to equip freshers, working professionals, and college students through a customizable course syllabus. The students can learn in various training modes such as regular, weekends, fast track, or instructor-led live online modes as per their flexibility.

Our trainers will handle personalized JavaScript Training in Chennai for the following candidates who are interested to develop interactive and dynamic web pages for companies or as freelance developers.

  • Graduates or students who are having a degree background in B.Sc or M.Sc CS/IT, BCA, MCA, B.Tech IT, or B.E ECE.
  • Diploma holders or engineering graduates with the computer, electric, aeronautical, or civil degrees
  • Working professionals of IT or Non-IT fields like BPO, KPO, or supporting roles.

Job Profiles of JavaScript Domain

JavaScript is the widely used programming language to develop interactive and impressive web pages with graphical elements. Our JavaScript Training and Placement Institute in Chennai equips the learners with industry-ready JavaScript skills to perform their jobs efficiently in top companies.

We also prepare for the interviews of the following popular JavaScript profiles as we found nearly 30000+ job opportunities right now in the JavaScript domain.

  • JavaScript Developer
  • Lead Developer – JavaScript
  • Software Architecture – JavaScript
  • Program Manager – JavaScript
  • Full Stack Developer – JavaScript

JavaScript Course Syllabus

Download Syllabus

The JavaScript Course Syllabus by SLA Institute is the latest and best. It is framed by experts who have good knowledge of JavaScript. We aim to mold our students as well-matched candidates for Javascript jobs. Our trainer makes sure that the syllabus makes sense to the participants.

  • Introduction To Java Programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming With Java Classes And Objects
  • Inheritance
  • Exception Handling
  • The Object Class
  • Working With Wrapper Classes
  • Packages
  • Applets
  • Basics Of AWT And Swing
  • Threads
  • The I/O Package
  • Basic Concepts Of Networking
  • Database Connectivity
  • CRUD-Database Queries – Create/Replace/Update/Delete
  • Servlets
  • Java Server Pages
  • RMI
  • EJB
  • XML
  • Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Web Services
  • Restful Web Services – XML & JSON

Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

Project Practices on JavaScript Training

Project 1Online Quizzes

Develop a JavaScript project to conduct online quizzes on personality tests or relationship tests using AI-enabled features.

Project 2Visual Storytelling

Create a project in JS to add visual effects in existing podcasts and audiobooks using automation features for a big hit.

Project 3Navigation and Maps

Create a digital map for helping the users on their long travels with the enhanced dynamic elements with foolproof formula.

Project 4Animation in Web Design

Develop a website with animations using intuitive design elements that include DOM elements and interactive features.

Significance of learning JavaScript Course in Chennai

JavaScript creates wonderful career growth through hands-on learning and certification. JavaScript Certification Training in Chennai at SLA Institute brings tremendous careers possibilities globally for the web development domain. As JavaScript is used to create web pages with dynamic content and animations, many companies are implementing JavaScript frameworks in web development.

Importance of learning JavaScript Course in Chennai

The importance of learning JavaScript Course in Chennai is to develop web pages with client-side scripting features that expand to animations, graphics, and interactive elements. JavaScript simplifies the development of web pages with interactive capabilities to make pages more responsive and impressive. The building blocks of JavaScript are easy to learn and implement along with the reusable libraries and frameworks for faster website development.

Following are the reasons to choose JavaScript Course in Chennai for working in the web development field.

  • JavaScript has Autocomplete facilities
  • Loads new content in the page without reloading the entire page
  • Dropdown menus with rollover effects
  • Adding animation page elements like fading, relocating, or resizing easily
  • Inserting easily the playing audio and video files
  • Validating the input from web forms effectively
  • Repairing browser capability issues efficiently

Enroll in our JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai for obtaining the technical skills to work productively in the web development domain.

The Placement Process at SLA Institute

  • To Foster the employability skills among the students
  • Making the students future-ready
  • Career counseling as and when needed
  • Provide equal chances to all students
  • Providing placement help even after completing the course
On Average Students Rated The JavaScript Course 4.8/5.0

SLA has well-experienced trainers to provide web development on JavaScript courses in Chennai. They offer special care for every student and they allow only limited students for a batch. I am looking forward to having a bright future in the IT field through the help of the SLA Institute. Thank you Jayashree mam for technical training and Janani Mam for placement training. Thanks a lot, SLA.

Shruthi Monika

I have joined a web development course in SLA. It really helped me to enhance my skills in JavaScript through regular tasks. The trainers are always there to guide me to finish tasks and projects. I have learned more than I have paid for JavaScript Course. The placement trainer also encourages and motivates me to attend interviews and my big thanks to SLA Institute for fetching a job.

Gokul Dharshan

It was a wonderful experience pursuing web development with JavaScript at SLA Institute to learn new things and my trainer Ms.Jayashree Mam was very supportive and helpful. The whole training session was good and it was full of knowledge. I have enjoyed the interactive sessions and it helps me to gain a lot of field knowledge from other students as well as from Mam. Thanks, mam for your guidance.


The positive of SLA Institute is the professionalism with communication and quality delivery of Web development courses. I had completed my JavaScript course in SLA and my trainer was very talented and experienced. She is a great mentor who provides quality training on JavaScript concepts that help in developing web pages effectively. Thanks a lot, SLA for providing the best platform for learning for a career.


Importance of Javascript

JavaScript is a fun language and in recent years have grown exponentially. You would not have written logic code earlier. Here then, JavaScript is an excellent location to get started. It has a lightweight nature. If you already have some comprehension of programming concepts, and is acquainted with Java, then it wouldn’t be a problem to learn JavaScript. Having the capability to implement difficult actions on web pages, JavaScript is also flexible.

The liveliness of the website can be majorly attributed to JavaScript. This is at the time when you post a status update. Here then the web page needn’t reload. So this is one of the major benefits of Javascript. Contemplating on becoming a front-end developer by using JavaScript? Want to make web pages filled with life by means of animation? Then Javascript training institute in Chennai as SLA will be the right choice.

The Placement Process at SLA Institute

  • To Foster the employability skills among the students
  • Making the students future-ready
  • Career counseling as and when needed
  • Provide equal chances to all students
  • Providing placement help even after completing the course

Why SLA for learning JavaScript Training in Chennai?

At SLA, the students can enjoy the following learning benefits by enrolling in our JavaScript Training Institute in Chennai.

About Our JavaScript Trainers Profile

We have skilled and experienced JavaScript Trainers at SLA Institute to offer the best-in-class web development coaching with JavaScript. The trainers of our JavaScript Training Center in Chennai will explain the concepts with real-time examples and ensure the understanding of students every time.

They have 20+ years of experience in web development and they are expertise in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular.JS, Node.JS, PHP, Full-stack development, MEAN stack development, and Agile process.

Our JavaScript Trainers are proficient in the entire JavaScript concepts such as architecture, programming structure, OOPs, visual communication, cross-platform web development, graphic design, game theories, website usability, software tools and technologies, and interactive web page development.

They will handle classes professionally with good communication skills and they will be allocated as per the convenient learning hours of global students. Learn the best JavaScript Training in Chennai from industry experts to become a master in web development.

What are the Benefits of Getting Trained in a SLA institute ?

  • You would stay updated with best practices by getting trained in a software training center as SLA.
  • The learning process is boosted.
  • You would witness examples demonstrated in front of you.
  • Your resume would have an enhancement since you are progressing towards understanding the concepts and then earning a certificate.
  • You would imbibe real-world situations from both the trainers as well as other aspiring candidates.
  • You would collaborate efficiently with other students and the trainer.
  • There would be enhancement in your productivity at job since you are implementing the learned principles.

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