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MySQL is used for many purposes such as application logging, e-commerce, and warehousing. Our MySQL Training in Chennai helps the candidates to have in-depth knowledge of database management to keep the database organized and accessible. We provide thorough hands-on practices to ensure field expertise on updated course curriculum and industry-worth certification in our MySQL Training in Chennai with 100% Placement Assistance.

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Expected Criteria for Assured Placement

The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

  • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
  • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
  • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
  • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
  • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
  • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
  • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
  • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
  • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.
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Best MySQL Training in Chennai

MySQL is another significant programming language like PHP. When there is a blend of these two, the result is amazing websites. The mixture of these two offer great outcomes compared to websites built on the foundation of only a single language. PHP developers will enjoy using MySQL to perform something special every time. So do you want to get into the fascinating world of MySQL? Then its time to take up the free demo classes in the MySQL training in Chennai as SLA and get to know the power of MySQL in web designing. At SLA we also take PHP courses so that you can know the nuances of PHP too.

Importance of MySQL

  • The flexibility that MySQL offers is unparallel and this paves way to efficient control of profoundly embedded applications.
  • MySQL lets total personalization to cater to the distinct requirements of eCommerce businesses that are not that established.
  • MySQL offers the advantage of platform flexibility to organizations who require extra features for the purpose of their database servers.
  • Companies are now applying MySQL for the purpose of building and setting up apps in a quick manner. Several industries including retail, healthcare, finance etc. are taking advantage of the affordability, efficiency and dependability of MySQL for offering perfect services.
  • MySQL has the advantage of letting several users to reach different databases.
  • Applications comprising WordPress, Joomla etc. apply the concepts of MySQL.
  • MySQL has the competence to deal with lot of data in a quick and dependable way. This happens simultaneously with the users using various databases in an effective manner.
  • This open source software has turned out to be an essential part of several businesses now.

Career Development in MySQL Course in Chennai

The learning of MySQL brings a bright career for freshers and working professionals as it is used in many popular companies for critical business operations. Companies such as Yahoo, NASA, and Alcatel are hiring skilled, passionate, and certified professionals to serve as database administrators with technical innovation and goal-reaching. Learn to develop and administrate databases with improved performance in our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement Support.

MySQL is used in fast-growing and largest organizations like Facebook,, Verizon, and Twitter are using MySQL to save time and money to increase the volume of websites and business-critical packaged systems such as data redundancy, data consistency, automatic fault detection, and resolution, and decreased failure points. We offer the Best MySQL Training in Chennai with hands-on exposure to build a career in database development and database administration.

MySQL Course in Chennai at SLA Institute equips the learner with the database administrator, information security analyst, market research analyst, and software developer. The average salary of the position for certified MySQL professionals is around $59,570 for freshers and $91,400 for experienced candidates. The students can develop their technical communication, computer infrastructure, data analytics, IT ethics, and project management skills through our job-centric MySQL Training in Chennai. Following are the fields that can be enhanced through MySQL skills.

  • Business Intelligence
  • Finance
  • Web Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Health Informatics

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Prerequisites for learning MySQL Training in Chennai

There is no prior experience or skills for freshers to learn MySQL courses in Chennai at SLA as we offer courses from scratch. We have customized MySQL Course Curriculum to provide industry-standard coaching for freshers and working professionals as per their learning requirements and career enhancement. However, working professionals are suggested to have the following skills to enjoy MySQL Course with complete hands-on exposure.

  • Basic programming knowledge with Java, Python, PHP, or .Net
  • Fundamental database management system
  • Strong knowledge in computer operations
  • Experience in various tools in application development.

Who should attend our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai?

Our MySQL Course in Chennai can be learned by any aspirants who want to know database administration and development. Freshers and working professionals with any education and experience background can get benefited from our MySQL Training. We provide MySQL Training in regular mode, weekend mode, fast track mode, and instructor-led live online mode for the benefit of local and global learners with a customized course syllabus. Following are the eligibility to learn MySQL Certification Course in Chennai at SLA Institute.

  • Freshers who are graduated with degrees such as B.Sc or M.Sc CS/IT, BCA, MCA, B.Tech IT, and B.E ECE/CSE, EEE, Mechanical, Mechatronics, E&I, Automobile, Civil, Aeronautical, Oil and Gas, and Chemical Engineering.
  • Working professionals with experience in application development, BPO, KPO, technical support, and process associates.

MySQL Course Syllabus

Download Syllabus

Our MySQL Course Syllabus is framed with current job requirements of big IT companies to perform well in various profiles such as developer, administrator, and engineer. We make you an expert in complete relational database concepts, database tables, data types, and primary keys along with best practices on project development. Our MySQL Course Curriculum contains Ajax concepts to handle servers using PHP Scripts, XML requests, and server data. Learn the Best MySQL Course in Chennai from industry expert faculties to obtain complete field expertise.

MySQL Course Content
  • A Brief History Of Databases
  • Relational Database Concepts
  • Database Tables
  • MySQL Data Types
  • Introduction To P HPMyadmin
  • Creating And Checking Tables
  • Auto_increment And Primary Keys
  • Inserting Values Into Tables
Mini Project With PHP And MySQL
  • Creation Of Database And Required Tables Using PHPMyadmin.
  • Creation Of Required Templates, Pages And Managing Site Using IDEDreamweaver.
  • Keeping Structure, Style And Behavior Of Created Pages Apart.
  • Creating Login And Logout Pages For Maintaining Sessions.
  • Creating Forms To Insert Data Into Address Book-Personal Details, Image Etc.
  • Creating Page To View The Data From Address Book.
  • Adding PHPScript For Form Validation.
  • Adding Server Side Validation.
  • Adding Mouse Events Like Mouseout And Mouseover Dynamically.
  • Creating Page To Edit Or Delete The Records In The Address Book.
  • Creating Page To Enable Searching The Address Book
Introduction To Ajax
  • What Is Ajax
  • Connecting To Server Using PHPScript
  • Downloading Data Behind Scenes
  • Modifying Web Pages On The Fly
  • Creating An XMLHttpRequest Object In Different Browsers
  • Checking The XMLHttpRequest Object’s ReadyState Property
  • Checking The XMLHttpRequest Object’s Status Property
  • Getting Your Data With The XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Problems Creating An XMLHttpRequest Object
  • Fetching Text Data From The Server
  • Using The Text Data Received Through XMLHttpRequest

Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

Project Practices on MySQL Training

Project 1Host Dynamic Website

Build a project using MySQL to interact with customers based on their needs through dynamic server-side websites.

Project 2Website Building with PHP and MySQL

Build a website in PHP and MySQL for e-Commerce businesses that emphasize clients and their requirements.

Project 3Online Job Portal

Develop a job portal in Python and MySQL where jobseekers find the targeted jobs according to their skills and experience.

Project 4Blood Donation Management

Develop an application in .Net and MySQL to support required people with customized blood for a specific area.

Job Profiles for MySQL Training in Chennai

MySQL is the in-demand skill used for acquiring jobs related to data warehousing, e-commerce website development, and other application development. They will be taking care of performance, security, and availability of MySQL instances and orchestrate updates, backups, and database provisioning, Learn the Best MySQL Course in Chennai at SLA Institute to perform the following positions well in top companies.

  • MySQL Database Administrator
    They are responsible for handling all types of database installations, backup and recovery, user maintenance, performance tuning, data replication, database upgrades, and database monitoring. They should have an expert in database administration on MySQL and performance tuning and we equip the candidates in our MySQL Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.
  • Database Developer
    They should have in-depth knowledge in MySQL, PL/SQL, procedures, triggers, functions, and views to write database code efficiently with data quality, security, and privacy. They are expected to have expertise in database design principles, index management, query optimization, statistics, integrity checks, and isolation processes. Gain expertise in database development through our MySQL Course in Chennai with best practices.
  • Technical Support Engineer
    They are taking care of technical resolutions related to the MySQL database with the ability to work on cross-functional teams. They should have updated knowledge of eCW products for their enhancements. Enroll in our MySQL Training Institute in Chennai to obtain the required skills for the technical support engineer position.
  • MySQL DBA Engineer
    They are responsible for performance tuning, index tuning, and query optimization with advanced knowledge in indexes and statistics. They should also know about administrating databases in Linux-based systems. Dive deep into database administration skills in our MySQL Training and Placement Institute in Chennai.

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Significance of learning MySQL Training in Chennai

MySQL is a popular database platform available as an open-source for performing many business operations and it is widely used with other programming languages like PHP, Python, and .Net. It is used by developers and administrators as it is “easy to work” nature. There are many tools taking advantage of MySQL such as e-Commerce, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento. Learn the Best MySQL Training in Chennai to have the following learning benefits through MySQL database application.

  • MySQL has solid data security layers to protect confidential data
    Inexpensive that can be downloaded and implemented for startups to big organizations
  • Manage memory exceedingly well and prevents memory leaks
    Support various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Novell NetWare, and FreeBSD.
  • Faster performance than other database software like Sybase and Oracle
    Scalable data storage for handling increased needs.
  • Supports Novell Cluster services to protect data in hardware failures.

We equip the learners in our MySQL Course in Chennai for working efficiently as backend database engineer, SQL server database administrator, senior web application developer, MySQL database administrator, PHP developer, lead software engineer, and full-stack developer or engineer.

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The Placement Process at SLA Institute

  • To Foster the employability skills among the students
  • Making the students future-ready
  • Career counseling as and when needed
  • Provide equal chances to all students
  • Providing placement help even after completing the course
On Average Students Rated The MySQL Course 4.9/5.0

My experience at SLA Institute is great and memorable. The trainers are well-versed with relevant concepts and I have learned MySQL with complete hands-on practices. They help me to have enhanced skills for database administration with MySQL and I am very thankful for the training and placement support provided by SLA faculties.

Meenakshi AgarwalMySql Enginner

It was a great and nice experience studying at SLA for MySQL Course in Chennai. It helps me to have a complete learning experience with skill grooming. SLA provided me to meet different kind of people and they shared their knowledge and experience that really help me for career development. The placement team also helped me to gain knowledge and practices on interview-related skills, and they have arranged interviews for top companies.


SLA Institute provides is the best place ever I found in Chennai for MySQL Course. The faculties are fully dedicated and offer the best coaching with hands-on tasks every day. It was a wonderful experience for me at SLA and I am getting job opportunities based on my performance tracker. The placement faculty Ms.Janani has arranged interviews with complete motivation and I am very thankful to SLA.


I have trusted SLA Institute for my career development, and I am satisfied by their excellent training and placement support in database development. The course curriculum, structure of coursework, practical implementations, project guidance, and placement support are all went well at SLA and I have got a good job in a reputed company. Thanks a lot, SLA for providing the best platform.


Why Sla for MySQL Training at SLA ?

SLA is providing MySQL training in Chennai along with excellent placement opportunities. The coaching that SLA provides is par excellence and we consider the feedback of the students very important. You can take forward your career in the right direction with the help of MySQL training from a renowned MySQL training institute in Chennai as SLA. The trainers of MySQL work with the determination to impart sound knowledge to the students. We believe in offering practical knowledge rather than just limiting ourselves to theoretical knowledge. In order to provide unfaltering attention to each student, we take up small batches. Through this the results that we get become noteworthy.

Our trainers teach in such a way that the course is easy to understand. The course is also pertinent with regard to the industry standards. SLA concentrates on providing placement assistance to the students and strive to equip them with all the needed traits for getting a job. For example, we concentrate on soft skills, aptitude and attitude skills. A free demo regarding the course is conducted at the premises itself before the aspiring candidate can take up the MySQL course.

Are you still pondering over to take the next move? Well, you can call our educational counsellors and clarify your queries. Later you can enroll in the MySQL class offered by SLA and thereby realize your IT dreams.

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