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    Node JS Course Syllabus

    Node Js Training Syllabus


    We have prepared the Node.JS Course Syllabus meticulously to provide the best Node.JS Training in Chennai at SLA. Our Node.JS Course Curriculum covers basic web developments, environmental setup, callbacks, node package manager (NPM) utilization, streams and buffers, express framework basics, MongoDB basics, and RestAPI creation. The students can learn with complete hands-on practice for industry-worth course completion certificate and 100% Placement Assistance.

    Node JS Syllabus Overview

    • Introduction
    • Environment Setup
    • Node Package Manager
    • Callbacks
    • Events And Event Loop
    • Streams And Buffers
    • Express Framework
    • Introduction To MongoDb
    • Connecting Node.Js To Database
    • Mongoose Module
    • Creating Rest APIs
    Passion to create interactive websites? Join us at SLA, the leading Node.JS Training Institute in Chennai as we have a comprehensive Node.JS Course Syllabus with flexible learning modes for global learners

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