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    As an aspiring student, are you interested to know why Oracle database is still popular? Wish to work on this powerful database which also works on the cloud and on-premise platforms? Want to learn the best database from expert trainers? Want to gain sufficient knowledge on Oracle’s recent database, Oracle 19c? Enroll in the Best Oracle Training in Chennai and gain the needed knowledge, thereby becoming industry-ready!

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    About Oracle Training in Chennai

    At the Best Oracle Course in Chennai, we don’t believe that the real learning starts only after you work in the live scenario in an organization. We thoroughly prepare the candidates for the live scenario with sufficient practical exposure and interview preparation. We limit the batch sizes to 5 students per batch because we prefer providing individual attention to the students. In the process, the candidate will get the needed confidence to attend the interviews. We will help you in solving real-world challenges by training you in depth and making you well-equipped for the job.

    Course objective of Oracle Training in Chennai

    • The student Not only understand the basics of Oracle but also have a hands-on exposure by working in real-time projects.
    • Makes the students industry-ready with a focus on completing the task in a short frame.
    • Hone the skills of the student such that he/she gets a comprehensive knowledge of Oracle database.
    • To make the student known about the different editions of Oracle database. The most common ones include Express Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Standard Edition.
    • To impart knowledge about the features of Oracle thoroughly such that the student knows how to match them with real-time applications.
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    Enjoy Free and Lifetime Placement Assistance

    Our placement team helps you identify your right jobs through extensive industry connect

    Pre-Requisites for Oracle Training in Chennai

    Oracle is a challenging course, and with the right training the candidate can come through with flying colors. It would be an added advantage if the student has knowledge of databases before taking up this course.

    Who should attend our Oracle Training Institute in Chennai?

    Oracle is an in-demand course. The following candidates can attend the Best Oracle Training in Chennai and get benefited from it.

    • BE/B Tech/BCA/B.Sc. (IT) students/graduate.
    • Experienced professionals who want to shine in the field of database.
    • Software developers who want to get into Oracle database.

    About Oracle Online Training

    SLA Institute has been providing online training even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that students are getting inclined towards online training too besides classroom training, we ensure that they get the best experience through any type of training. For online training, the Best Oracle Training in Chennai uses audio, video, graphic, weblinks and other multimedia components. The online training is very convenient for the student, and he/she can learn at his/her own pace. It also has the ease equivalent to classroom teaching. You can also select the convenient duration according to your schedule, and SLA Institute will ensure that you gain the required knowledge. If needed, you can also get one-to-one sessions which will enable you to have better retention of the concepts. You can record the training session and can learn from it any time you want. So why are you waiting? Learn Oracle at your own pace and gain from it.

    Job Profiles of Oracle

    Oracle certifications help you to demonstrate your skills and competency using Oracle’s renowned enterprise technologies. There are several certifications available for Oracle Cloud, Oracle software/hardware, etc. The roles one can get after completed Oracle training in Chennai are Oracle database administrator and Oracle application developer.

    • Oracle database adminstrator
    • Oracle application developer

    Oracle Course Syllabus

    Oracle Certification Course in Chennai will be taken the specialized concepts like RDBMS, Schema Objects, Data Access, SQL, Transaction Management, Oracle DB Architecture, and Oracle DB Roadmap with complete hands-on experiences on real-time projects. After the course completion, one can able to have the appropriate understanding of along with the guidance through repetitive and updated Oracle DBA Questions and Answers. Our Oracle Course Syllabus covers the following comprehensive concepts in our Oracle Training Center in Chennai

    Basic DATABASE Concept and SQL

    • Basic history of database concept: DBMS, RDBMS, ORDBMS
    • Advantage of ORACLE database and version information
    • Interface tools usage: sqlplus, isqlplus, sqldeveloper, Toad
    • SQL Language overview : DQL, DML, DDL, DCL, TCL
    • What is the usage of ANSI standard.
    • SELECT Command – Column Alias Rules, String data
    • Concatenations with various data
    • Null Value handling with number and characters
    • Arithmetic Operator
    • Concatenation Operator
    • Eliminating Duplicate Rows

    Restricting and Sorting Data

    • WHERE Clause – Character Strings and Dates, number
    • General Comparison Conditions = > >= < <= <>
    • Other Comparison BETWEEN , IN , LIKE , NULL
    • Logical Conditions AND OR NOT
    • ORDER BY Clause, Sorting by Column Alias , Column Position, Multiple Columns

    Single-Row Functions

    • Number Functions: ROUND, TRUNC, MOD, POWER, CEIL , FLOOR, ABS
    • Conversion Functions: Implicit Data-Type Conversion & Explicit Data-Type Conversion, TO_CHAR ,TO_NUMBER ,TO_DATE
    • General Functions: NVL , NVL2 , NULLIF, COALESCE
    • CASE Expression, DECODE
    • Nested function with real-time usage


    • INNER JOIN, JOIN … USING clause, JOIN … ON clause,
    • Multi table Joins, Complex Joins How to simplified complex joins.

    Multi-row Functions

    • Group Functions Rules, SUM, MIN, MAX, COUNT, AVG
    • Creating Groups of Data: GROUP BY Clause
    • Filtering Group Results: The HAVING Clause


    • Single-Row Subqueries- Rules, Operators : = > >= < <= <>
    • Null Values in a Subquery
    • Multi-Row Subqueries- Rules, Operators : IN, ANY , ALL

    Reporting data using interface commands

    • pagesize, linesize , column heading , column format , colsep
    • tTitle , bTitle , break on column, spool , CSV file generation, Text file generation

    DML and TCL


    Data Definition Language - DDL

    • Constrain table copy


    • Column Level Constraint, Table Level Constraint Naming constraints and usage
    • Adding a Constraint, Dropping a Constraint,
    • Disabling Constraints, Enabling Constraints
    • Validating Constraints


    • Simple Views and Complex Views , Create, Drop, Source Code
    • Rules for Performing DML Operations on a View
    • Inline Views
    • Materialized View , Create, Refresh, Drop – Usage

    Other Database Objects

    • Sequence- NEXTVAL and CURRVAL
    • Index – When to Create an Index, When Not to Create an Index.
    • Synonyms


    • Creating Users
    • Granting / Revoking Privileges
    • Creating and Granting Privileges to a Role

    Dictionary Tables

    • Tables, Views, Synonyms, Index, Sequence, Constrains, Source and other Dictionary

    SET Operators

    • UNION ,
    • UNION ALL ,
    • MINUS

    Advanced Date-time Functions

    • Group by with ROLLUP,
    • Group by with CUBE,

    Advanced GROUP BY Clause

    • Group by with ROLLUP,
    • Group by with CUBE,

    Hierarchical Retrieval

    • Walking the Tree: From the Bottom Up , From the Top Down
    • LEVEL Pseudo column,
    • Connect by prior,

    Multi-table Insert

    • Unconditional INSERT ALL
    • Conditional INSERT ALL
    • Conditional FIRST INSERT


    • SQLLDR Loading CSV file / Flat file into ORACLE table.

    Analytic Functions

    • Query_by partition_clause with sum, min, max, avg, count,
    • order_by_clause with sum, min, max, avg, count,
    • Psudo column : Rownum, Rowid, – Elimination duplicate data
    • Connect by rownum , Connect by Level Generating random numbers, random dates,
    • Quote Operator syntax and usage


    • <ul> <li> Export / Import SCHEMA </li> </ul>

    General discussion

    • What is migration?
    • Migration Estimating, Planning, Preparation Simple Scenario / Complex Scenario.

    Want to learn with a personalized course curriculum?

    customized syllabus

    Project practices on Oracle

    Project 1

    Ticket reservation system

    The objective of the project is to create a website that would aid in the reservation of online air tickets

    Project 3

    Banking system

    The objective of this project is to offer quick data access and data entry.

    Project 2

    Employee tracking system

    The objective of this project is to automate all the operations of employees and several departments.

    Project 4

    Student management system

    The objective of this project is to present several actions pertaining to student information.

    Trainers Profile

    The trainer teaches according to the pace of the students and ensures that no student lags. He also makes sure that the training is completed within the course duration. He has 7+ years of experience in handling Oracle database and has trained more than 1000+ students a year.

    The Placement Process at SLA Institute

    • To Foster the employability skills among the students
    • Making the students future-ready
    • Career counseling as and when needed
    • Provide equal chances to all students
    • Providing placement help even after completing the course

    We Tie-Up with 300+ Leading IT and MNC Companies

    All you need to know about the significance of Oracle

    Right from the 1990s, the Oracle database had undergone major upgrades and changes thereby offering outstanding services to enterprises and other customers. At present, Oracle can be considered as the leading RDBMS (relational database management system). Whether it is its cross-platform service or convenience in interacting with other services and databases or clustering, Oracle database performs well. Oracle is the primary choice for several big enterprises since it plays a vital role in the Linux platform.

    Database security is of prime importance to any organization since data is pivotal for the success of any organization. Oracle has competent database management options besides having great security options. It raises the productivity of DBAs and enhances the system performance. Oracle is also a multi-faceted database product If you work as an Oracle DBA for several years, then you can take your career to the next level. The Best Oracle Training Institute in Chennai knows this well and prepares you thoroughly.

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    Placement support from the best Oracle training in Chennai

    At the Best Oracle Training in Chennai, we ensure that we place as many candidates as possible. We assess the candidates throughout the sessions and in the process know about their core competencies. We also mentor the students in such a way that they are industry-ready. Our career development motto is one that determines our satisfaction. We help the students to plan their career such that they have a reason to be happy with their choice.

    The best Oracle training in Chennai provides the students with internship programs too so that the students can get sufficient real-time exposure. We know that lack of confidence is the major factor that hinders the career development of any student. Hence, our courses are framed such that the morale of the student is immensely boosted. We also given them sufficient information that will be useful for their career.

    Mock interviews are conducted for the development of the students; a student can take a lot of mock interviews from us. Group discussions, aptitude tests, and personality development also form an integral part of our placement support system. Last but not the least, we make the students ready with life skills.

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    I was a bit apprehensive while joining the training for Oracle in SLA Institute because I generally don’t believe in taking training. However, now I am happy that I joined this course. The trainer was brilliant and had answers to all my queries. The placement team was very supportive.
    A 1


    I have undergone Oracle training from SLA Institute. The course helped me a lot and the trainer was both knowledgeable and friendly. Should mention the guidance of placement team also. Thanks a lot for providing me this opportunity.


    SLA Institute is a good place to learn challenging technologies like Oracle. The trainer helped me a lot and even went the extra mile in making me grasp the subject. Kudos!


    SLA Institute is a good place to learn challenging technologies like Oracle. The trainer helped me a lot and even went the extra mile in making me gI really enjoyed the Oracle training at SLA Institute. They deserve thanks from my side for teaching with such expertise. Right from the academic counselors to the placement team, they helped me thoroughly. rasp the subject. Kudos!

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    Oracle Training in Chennai - FAQ's
    Does SLA Institute give individual attention to the students?
    This is the question most of the students ask, and the answer is of course we do. This is the main reason we have maintained the batch sizes to only 5 to 6 students per batch. We want every student to shine in their career.
    Are the courses affordable at SLA Institute?
    Yes, the courses are affordable at SLA Institute. For the benefit of the students, we even offer discounts and EMI options.
    What skills will I get from this Oracle training?
    The beauty of training not only lies in imparting technical knowledge but also in providing the needed life skills to the students. At SLA Institute, we focus on the overall development of the students. We also help the students in removing their anxiety of attending interviews and thereby increase their confidence.
    What is the duration of this Oracle course?
    The Oracle training at SLA Institute offers various modules with different course durations. You can contact our academic counselors for more details.
    What does an Oracle administrator do in an organization?
    A database administrator is a major employee to look after any company data. The major role of structuring the data is assigned to the database administrator. The principal guidelines of a database management system should be well-comprehended by the Oracle DBA. These are just a couple of various other important roles.
    Features of SLA Institute

    Working in close association with students to help them achieve their IT job dream, SLA Institute has carve a niche as one of the best IT training institutes in Chennai. We provide a plethora of courses to make the candidates career-ready. Oracle is one such course. The best Oracle training in Chennai ensures that the candidates are well-equipped in both the fundamental and advanced concepts of Oracle. Important aspects of Oracle including building Oracle database tables, etc. are covered by our expert trainers. Our course syllabus is updated regularly, and it is frequently monitored by experts. Whether you wish to become a database administrator or system administrator, the Oracle training in Chennai will provide you with the skills that you need to have a leg up in the competition. Join today for a fulfilling career!

    The Oracle training in Chennai assists you in your journey of IT job search. We help you to gain the long-awaited job in Oracle domain through our thorough placement assistance. There is a dedicated placement team that meticulously plans for the career of the students. We have a track record of placing …….candidates till this date, and out of this count, ….. are placed in the Oracle domain. We don’t just record the sessions and ask the candidates to listen to them later; there are live sessions wherein real-time instructors teach in both online and offline modes. The trainers share the screen with the students in case of online mode. There are interactive sessions daily, and instant doubt clarification is carried out.

    The trainers at the Oracle training in Chennai are committed to help you accomplish your dream of getting an IT job. They hone your skills and assist in doing real-time projects. These projects will help you gain the coveted IT job. There are lot of chances for you to get shortlisted when you fill your resume with these projects.

    Placement support at the Oracle training in Chennai begins from the very first day of you joining the course. This includes 1 hour free aptitude tests and development of interview skills. You can also attend lot of mock interviews so that you get an idea of how the real interview will be. The Oracle training in Chennai has tie-ups with more than 350 MNCs. The interviews are scheduled with great diligence. Don’t just get a certificate; get an IT job that is close to your heart!

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    Types of Oracle Certification

    Oracle has been having a steady rise in the world of technology. It has lot of notable products. As an aspiring candidate, you would wish to become aware of these products. Gaining a related Oracle certification is the best way to do this. The Oracle Training in Chennai prepares you for these certifications and ensures that you are updated with all the information needed to shine in your job. Oracle’s certification program is classified into the following divisions:

    • Oracle Applications
    • Oracle Cloud
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Enterprise Management
    • Oracle Industries
    • Oracle Java and Middleware
    • Oracle Operating Systems
    • Oracle Systems
    • Oracle Virtualization

    The levels of Oracle certification include Foundations Associate, Associate, Specialist, Professional, Master, and Expert. You gain professional credibility once you get mentored from the Oracle training in Chennai and eventually writing the exams.

    Scope of Oracle

    Once you get an Oracle certification, your professional credibility will be enhanced. Now there is an increasing inclination towards Oracle cloud certifications. You will have to install, maintain and govern Oracle databases, manage backups, look after security and authentication, involve in database tuning etc., once you learn Oracle cloud. The Oracle training in Chennai is the perfect launchpad for getting yourself with well-equipped with the needed knowledge for Oracle certification.

    Once you complete Oracle certification, you will have enhanced credibility, and your promotion prospects will double. You will also have lot of chances to gain more employment opportunities, and your skills will reach a higher level. The certifications will also give you better comprehension of the Oracle platform. For making all these come true, you have to enroll in the Oracle training in Chennai wherein you will be prepared meticulously for the certifications.

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    The following criteria help the placement team guide the candidates to get placed immediately after the course completion through SLA Institute.

    • 80% of coursework completion helps us arrange interviews in required companies.
    • 2 or 3 projects to be done for the selected course to ace the technical round effectively.
    • Ensure attending the placement training right from the first day of the selected course.
    • Practice well with resume building, soft skill, aptitude skill, and profile strengthening.
    • Utilize the internship training program at SLA for the complete technical skills.
    • Collect the course completion certificate and update the copy to the placement team.
    • Ensure your performance indicator meets the expectation of top companies.
    • Always be ready with the updated resume that includes project details done at SLA.
    • Enjoy unlimited interview arrangements along with internal mock interviews.

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